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The tale of humanities first encounter with an alien species: M.J. Caan’s daring sci-fi Earth’s First

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Earth’s First

by M.J. Caan
4.5 stars – 15 reviews
Everyday Price: $2.99
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“A daring science fiction” 5 star Amazon review

In a remote section of Maine, humanity makes its first contact with alien life. An immensely powerful alien literally falls out of the sky with no memory of who and what he is. Those around him with whom he comes into close contact are forever changed. Incredible physical and mental abilities, or accelerations, began to emerge in certain individuals. Maura Riley is one of those individuals. She suddenly finds herself gifted with incredible strength and abilities. Abilities that attract the attention of a shadow arm of the government who want to use her as a living weapon against enemies both domestic and abroad. But little could anyone know just how far abroad those enemies would travel. The vicious, star-faring race of aliens known as the Anisari have come to Earth to reclaim their lost property: the mighty alien who fell to Earth and has decided to adopt this world as his new home. known simply as The First, this incredible being must decide if he wants to flee his adopted world, or stand and fight alongside his newfound allies against a race of beings that have branded him a traitor and defector. Maura must decide who she can trust in the battle against enemies from within and without as she learns that there are those within the government and the private sector that will stop at nothing to discover what has made her and her friends so powerful. With only her courage and strength, a government handler, a teenage teleporter and her empathic brother, and a turncoat alien rebel, she must find a way to defeat alien invaders and keep her world from destruction.
Earth’s First is the first novel in a completed trilogy of action, adventure, and the unconquerable power of the human heart.
Pick up books two and three to complete this amazing story.

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