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Raptor: Urban Fantasy Noir

by B.A. Bostick
4.8 stars – 11 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

A novel of Urban Fantasy Noir

Demons only tell the truth when it will cause more trouble than lying.

21st century. For years now, ambitious demons have been taking on the guise of humans and insinuating themselves into positions of power and wealth. They have become CEOs of large corporations, politicians, lawyers, police chiefs, mayors, governors, dictators and, some say, even a president.

Humans are unaware this is happening. Only an ancient and secret society of Guardians stands between the human race and demon ambition. For centuries, Guardians have placed assassins called Raptors in every major population area around the world. Raptors, under orders from the Guardians, fight to maintain the balance between demonic attempts to achieve dominion and the safety of human race.

Frank Bishop was a vice cop for six years. Now he’s a private investigator who’s been hired to find a missing child. Bishop thought he’d seen everything the underbelly of the city had to offer until a demon slayer named Ariel saves him from being killed by one of her targets.

Bishop’s world is turned upside down when Ariel proves to him that demons and other supernatural creatures are real. With the aid of a young hacker, Ariel and Bishop form an uneasy alliance to find out who abducted six-year-old Suzee Elizabeth Morgan. Their search takes Bishop into a subculture of supernatural beings, good and evil biotech geniuses and demons who have insinuated themselves into positions of power and wealth by appearing to be human.

The battle for humanity begins.


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* * *

The Immortal: Box Set

by Caitlin Winter
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The entire first season of the ground-breaking The Immortal series.

The Immortal: Nightmare, tells the incredible story of Ashling, the Swedish vampire, from her bloody beginnings in the early 1700’s to her battle to the death with another, extremely powerful – and insane – immortal in modern day Romania.

Part vampire romance. Part modern vampires of the city. Part bloody history of Ashling and her friends.

The first season of The Immortal is surprising, funny and sometimes confronting. It tells of vampire love, loyalty and courage in the face of true death.

It includes Ashling’s exclusive Origin story and compels the reader from the spectacular, first cover question:

If you were immortal…
Who would you kill?

And the first words of Episode 1:

Some people say that I am crazy.
Of course, most of those people are dead now.

This is a unique vampire romance story. Unlike any you have read.

Forget Twilight.

You will never forget The Immortal.

* * *

The Dreadful Tango in Paris: Islamic terror strikes the Colonialists, Crusaders and Communists (Techno thriller, Mystery & Suspense Book 5)

by Charles Z David
4.6 stars – 24 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

What happens when a leading professor teams up with the forces of evil?

Le Docteur is a French professor who establishes ties with Al Qaeda and ISIS. He seeks to establish a new Islamist world order by causing chaos on the planet. Out of his fierce hatred of the West, he establishes NEMESIS, a terrorist organization that acts against communists, colonialists, Christians, and Jews. Le Docteur leads conventional and non-conventional terrorist activities throughout Europe, intending to cause international alarm.

A series of bizarre terrorist attacks creates general panic.

A mysterious crash of a Russian passenger plane occurred for unexplained reasons. A sinister substance in Madrid turns nonviolent bacteria into pathogenic form, causing injuries and death. People are afraid to fly or even to go out and have a good time, dampening the economy, culture, and political activity and strengthening the extremest right wing. Then enriched uranium from the reactor of an icebreaker ship disappears from Russia and arrives in Britain prior to a planned meeting between the Israeli and British Prime Ministers.

Can the Mossad and the French Foreign Service stop the terrorists and save the day?

David Avivi, a senior Mossad official is called in to assist Claire Barthez, a senior French Foreign Service officer in pursuit of the terrorist ring. But can Le Docteur and his associates be found and stopped before they go underground or flee?

* * *

The Middle Road (Spineward Sectors: Middleton’s Pride Book 7)

by Caleb Wachter
4.7 stars – 25 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

With a patchwork fleet under his command, Supreme Commander Middleton now faces the daunting task of dealing with an Imperial Fleet’s seemingly unstoppable advance into the Gorgon Sectors.

But the first order of business for any military commander in Middleton’s position is to gather intelligence. So before they rush off to engage the enemy in a battle for the fate of the Gorgon Sectors, Middleton and his people must learn more about the mysterious nature of the Gorgon Conflict–and as each piece of the puzzle falls into place, a cloud of darkness appears at the edge of the galaxy which threatens to swallow the Gorgon Sectors whole.

A mysterious figure known only as ‘The Crafter’ seems to only add to the increasingly murky picture in which MIddleton and his people find themselves, but it may be this same engimatic character who proves instrumental in the Alliance Gorgonus’ ultimate victory in the escalating war with the Empire of Man.

* * *

Six John Jordan Mysteries (John Jordan Mysteries Collections)

by Michael Lister
4.3 stars – 122 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Six novels in the critically acclaimed John Jordan series from award winning author and New York Times and USA Today best seller Michael Lister.

Includes a Special Introduction by Michael Connelly

* * *


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