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This self-help is a gold mine of thought provoking lessons on life.
Purpose-Volume I: Meditation on Love, Relationship, Fear, Death, Intuition, and Power-Uncovering Our Resistance to Life by Noura Books

Purpose-Volume I: Meditation on Love, Relationship, Fear, Death, Intuition, and Power-Uncovering Our Resistance to Life.

by Noura Books
4.3 stars – 18 reviews
Everyday Price: $3.99
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Purpose – Volume I: A self-help guide on finding our purpose, removing self-doubt and fear while improving happiness, positive thoughts, love, relationships, and intuition.

Is it possible to have clarity about ourselves that enables us to understand ourselves totally so we never have to rely on any belief? If we can look and see clearly for ourselves, are beliefs necessary?

Some of the topics this book explores include but aren’t limited to the following:

“Using meditation as a tool for self-inquiry and observation
“Mastering the mind through the mastery of love, which doesn’t oppose
“Empowering ourselves through mastery of the mind
“Love as our natural state, which can be hidden or denied but never destroyed
“Darkness as the false in us to be undone through total understanding of ourselves
“Unity of purpose as the foundation of our thinking versus the belief in separation as the foundation of our thinking
“The strength of unity in relation to mental strength
“How fear and violence arise in our thinking
“Uncovering our resistance to life and freeing ourselves from that resistance
“Relationships, death, intuition, intelligence, greed, joy, forgiveness, and integrity
“Respecting the power of belief
“Boundaries versus defenses
“Duality versus nonduality
“The mastery of love versus the mastery of darkness

“A first volume for a promising, refreshing, and inspiring series, Purpose – Volume I is a ground-breaking self-help book that is both insightful and intelligently crafted, a book for readers who want to generously embrace life and find the peace and serenity that come with living with a purpose. This is a book that offers readers a powerful path to use meditation as a tool to transform their lives.” Readers’ Favorite – Christian Sia

“Noura’s style of writing is very insightful, polished, and flawlessly worded to enable the reader to join her on her journey to unravel the roots of the many different problems that happen in our lives. What question should we ask ourselves? This is where meditating on these issues will bring about solutions. I feel that parents would do well to have this articulate work in their home libraries.” Readers’ Favorite – Stephen Fisher

“Well presented and well written, in this book the author points out that a reader will put their own meaning to the words. Noura presents Purpose – Volume I in a user-friendly and unassuming style, making it accessible to novices to the topic, or those who have studied and already possess some insight.” Readers’ Favorite – K.J. Simmill

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