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As a child, she survived a savage massacre. Now she is wanted by the FBI for brutal crimes of her own as she gets revenge! Blood Moon (The Huntress/FBI Thrillers Book 2) by Alexandra Sokoloff. Get the entire award-nominated series while it is on sale!

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This is a most excellent series with top of the mark writing, excellent character development and fine and convoluted mysteries. The psychological drama in the series is first rate and compelling. A hint of adult sexual presence but only a hint… which I find refreshing after some of the hot and heavy sex scenes of other series.
this is a series for those who truly love mysteries… not only who dunnit, but WHY it was done and how and where and should the cops really go after this killer??? The killer in question is actually doing society a favor by taking out monsters the law has to treat with kid gloves… so ya can’t be mad at her…yeah… HER!!!” – Amazon Review

Blood Moon (The Huntress/FBI Thrillers Book 2)

by Alexandra Sokoloff
4.6 stars – 751 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

Book Two in the Thriller Award–nominated Huntress/FBI series

Twenty-five years have passed since a savage killer terrorized California, massacring three ordinary families before disappearing without a trace. The only surviving victim of his rampage was a child…who is now wanted by the FBI for brutal crimes of her own.

Special Agent Matthew Roarke is on an interstate manhunt to track her down, despite feeling torn between his dedication to duty and his sympathy for her horrific history and motives. But when Roarke’s search unearths evidence of new family slayings, the dangerous woman he seeks—and secretly wants—may be his only hope of preventing another bloodbath. He just has to find her first.

The pulse-pounding sequel to Huntress Moon is sure to leave readers on the edges of their seats.

Revised edition: This edition of Blood Moon includes editorial revisions.

Blood Moon (The Huntress/FBI Thrillers Book 2) by [Sokoloff, Alexandra]

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