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As the victim toll mounts, it becomes crystal clear that someone has to stop Beau Devereaux…
Death By The River by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor

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Death by the River

by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor
5.0 stars – 11 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:


A High School “American Psycho”


Along the banks of the Bogue Falaya River, sits the abandoned St. Francis Seminary. Beneath a canopy of oaks, blocked from prying eyes, the teens of St. Benedict High gather here on Fridays. The rest of the week belongs to school and family—but weekends belong to the river.

And the river belongs to Beau Devereaux.

The only child of a powerful family, Beau can do no wrong. Handsome. Charming. Intelligent. The star quarterback of the football team. The “prince” of St. Benedict is the ultimate catch.

He is also a psychopath.

A dirty family secret buried for years, Beau’s evil grows unchecked. In the shadows of the ruined St. Francis Abbey, he commits unspeakable acts on his victims and ensures their silence with threats and intimidation. Senior year, Beau sets his sights on his girlfriend’s headstrong twin sister, Leslie, who hates him. Everything he wants but cannot have, she will be his ultimate prize.

As the victim toll mounts, it becomes crystal clear that someone has to stop Beau Devereaux.

And that someone will pay with their life

WARNING: Readers of Death by the River will encounter situations of violence and sexual abuse/rape which could be upsetting.

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The Heir (Billionaire Royals Book 1)

by Sophia Summers
4.5 stars – 25 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

This Novella is the first of seven in the Billionaire Royal Series.

Home for the summer, Jo Finley struggles to save her family’s marina, comfort her ailing father, and find a way to break up with a controlling boyfriend. She quickly becomes distracted by a newcomer to their small town. Immediate attraction has her reeling and second-guessing her choices.
Nick Waters, otherwise known as Nico Valdez, Crown Prince of Torren, an island country off of Greece, is hiding out in Shady Lake South Carolina for the summer. His one task: no entanglements with other women. Lay low until the press in his country move on to other scandals. But when he meets Jo, he soon realizes she is an entanglement in the making. He gives up trying to resist her and determines to enjoy an enticing summer fling with a beautiful woman who keeps him grounded in ways no one else can.

When Nico gets called home for a family emergency, and Jo must stay to take care of her father and business, they realize how desolate their lives could be alone.

Look for the following titles to be released soon: The Crown, The Duke, The Duke’s Brother, The Spy

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Cuddlesack Queens Box Set

by M. L. Ray
5.0 stars – 4 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Do you love steamy romance, action, suspense, plot twists? Then you’ll love this captivating series that will keep you gripped to the last page.

Hat Trick

The breakup of Jeff’s marriage might be just the retribution Olivia wants. Or is it?

He Done Her Wrong

Annajane wants Jeff back. Failing that, she wants to cause so much misery for his new family that he will regret the day he ever walked out on her.

In Pursuit of the White Jade Dragon

The winds of change are about to blow through Cuddlesack Queens once again, with a great deal of force.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Bridget is feeling lonely and neglected, and inevitably she is drawn into the province of sympathetic and sensual Cameron Hadley.

Back Again

It will take determination, love, and support from those Wain cast aside to save him from himself. That is, if he is even worthy of being saved.

* * *

Stem Cells – The Healing Revolution : Chronic Pain Relief and Regeneration Without Drugs or Surgery

by Dr. Raj Banerjee
5.0 stars – 20 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Bringing new hope to chronic pain and chronic condition sufferers! This book is about you and getting your life back. If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic degenerative knee, shoulder, or hip pain due to arthritis; or you have chronic inflammation or autoimmune issues, you owe it to yourself to see how Stem Cell Therapy can offer hope and healing!

The book answers the most common questions that people have about stem cells therapy. Can stem cells help with a serious medical problem? Are the treatments safe? How many treatments you may need? How fast will you see results? How to get 95% success rate? These questions and many more are answered here.

This is a complete easy to read guide for anyone interested in stem cell treatment. Dr. Banerjee reveals how this cutting-edge therapy can rapidly replace damaged cells in the body with no side effects or downtime. Stem Cell Therapy is one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in natural healing!

Stem Cells are master cells that have the capacity to develop into any other type of cell in your body. They are tasked with healing injured tissue, bone, ligament and tendon. Your body is continuously rebuilding with the help of stem cells. These cells repair your body in the same way your body naturally heals itself. The book, Stem Cells the Healing Revolution by Dr. Raj Banerjee, will provide key insights on how using stem cell therapy can help reverse chronic pain and disease, and help you or your loved ones get back to the life you love.

* * *

Surrounded By Woods (Woods Family Series Book 1)

by Mandy Harbin
4.0 stars – 151 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

When Mikaela Patterson must take on a client with specific requirements that no single women be allowed on his property, she keeps her broken engagement a secret. She doesn’t realize her client and his sons are mountain lion shifters whose instinct to mate with any available woman turns deadly.

Josh Woods is her client’s eldest son, and he is immediately drawn to Mikaela. Knowing his father would never allow an available woman on the property, Josh doesn’t understand his fascination with her. Josh and Mikaela fight their attraction because of their own secrets, but when the truth comes out about Mikaela’s true availability and Josh’s animal instincts, they must be prepared to face the consequences.

* * *

Vladimir Putin 2017 – “Whoever reaches a breakthrough in developing artificial intelligence will come to dominate the world. Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind.”
The Darwin Project: Book One: Annihilation Series (The Annihilation Series 1) by John Hindmarsh. Will A.I. be demon or friend, the beginning or the end?

The Darwin Project: Book One: Annihilation Series (The Annihilation Series 1)

by John Hindmarsh
4.4 stars – 25 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

AI: Demon or Friend, the Beginning or the End?
Toby McIntosh is unexpectedly given control of his uncle’s business empire, managed by Darwin, a super intelligence (SI). The business is the largest manufacturer of processors, software, and robot designs, worldwide.
An earthquake has devastated the West Coast. California’s Silicon Valley is draining. Bots are taking over mundane jobs. Terrorist groups are furthering social unrest.
Darwin wants to prove he is more intelligent than humans. Bronwyn, a super-superintelligence has no reason to prove she is better than humans—she already knows the answer.
Toby’s friends are assaulted.

A brownshirt group plans to kill him.

His girlfriend is kidnapped.

Will Artificial Intelligence be the end of Humanity?

The fuse is lit for an exciting thriller.

The second book – Body Shop – and the third book – are available on Amazon. The fourth and final book — August, 2018!

Annihilation Series Structure –
Book One: The Darwin Project
Book Two: Body Shop
Book Three: Natural Born
Book Four: I, President

I finished all of authors books and series and saw this one listed. I fell in love from word one, letter one. The plot is actually something that we will be dealing with in the near future. Artificial Intelligence. The book moves society up about ten generations in AI Progress. There are so many questions. So many conundrums (conundrums are just really cool and intelligent questions.) Who makes these choices for us? Think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Google, Facebook. Has the AI revolution already started? I highly recommend this book as SERIES.” – Amazon Review

Get the tissues out!
A man accustomed to hiding secrets. A woman with a lost past. Love that cannot be denied. The Devil in the Duke: A Revelry’s Tempest Novel by K.J. Jackson.

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Great love story that tells a tale of never ending love. This book was sexy and steamy! I could not put the book down. I also found myself crying and in suspense in chapters of the book.” – Amazon Review

The Devil in the Duke: A Revelry’s Tempest Novel

by K.J. Jackson
4.6 stars – 45 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

A man accustomed to hiding secrets. A woman with a lost past. Love that cannot be denied.

A man accustomed to hiding secrets.
His dark silver eyes are haunted, and for good reason. Logan Lipinstein lost his wife years ago in the war and has been a living shell of a man ever since, attempting to atone for past sins. Until one fateful day, when she walks past him carrying a basket of bread.

A woman with a lost past.
Sienna Ponstance lives in the comfort of her grandmother’s estate, having long ago put herself on the shelf as a spinster. She has her charcoals, the village that she loves, and peaceful days—even if something has always been missing from her life. Until the day her tranquility is shattered when a strange man accosts her as she is walking home from the village.

Love reunited.
His wife—dead for ten years—walked along the path in front of Logan. Scarcely believing his eyes, he approaches her and is quickly rewarded with a rebuff that includes the point of a knife. Sienna has no memory of him, thinking him only a ruffian.

Now he just has to convince her that he actually is her husband. And that their boundless love can conquer anything—including a past that threatens them at every turn.

Join the adventure today! The Devil in the Duke is Logan’s story, a favorite recurring character in the Revelry’s Tempest series, the enthralling historical regency era romances by USA Today bestselling author, K.J. Jackson.

Note: The novels in the Revelry’s Tempest series by K.J. Jackson are each stand-alone stories and can be read individually in any order. These historical romances are set in the Regency and Victorian eras, and do not shy away from scenes with steamy heat, occasional naughty language, and moments that might possibly make you squirm.

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Zeus: Lost Gods Book 1 by [Thompson, LaVerne]What if you woke up one day and found out you used to be a god?

Zeus: Lost Gods Book 1

by LaVerne Thompson

★★★★★ Wow! 22 raves out of 24 reviews!

Ze found he would do whatever he must to make sure Kassia lived. She was an innocent….

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Categories: All Romance; All Sex & Erotica

Is justice worth killing for? For former kidnapping victim, Palmer Reed, the answer is yes. Criminals who’ve escaped punishment are being murdered. Can she find the truth and save herself in Lori Lacefield’s suspenseful The Advocate: A Women of Redemption Suspense Thriller

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The Advocate: A Women of Redemption Suspense Thriller

by Lori Lacefield
4.4 stars – 12 reviews
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Is justice worth killing for? For one woman, the answer is yes.
As a former kidnapping victim, Palmer Reed is intent on seeking justice. But when she discovers criminals who’ve escaped punishment for their supposed crimes are dying in mysterious accidents, she begins to suspect their deaths are anything but accidental. And her greatest fear is the woman she believes is ordering their executions. Can she expose the truth and solve her own haunted past before she becomes the woman’s next victim?“A fast-paced page turner, well written with lots of twists and turns…” — Bonnie L
“An edge-of-your-seat type read!” —T
“A Taut, twisting tale of justice and revenge” – Bob Mayer, NY Times best-selling Author
A page-turning suspense thriller that is part of the Women of Redemption Series, books that feature women who may not be perfect, but perfectly kick-ass when given a second chance. Be one of the first to discover the new series that readers are calling intriguing from the first page, with unpredictable endings!Interview with the Author

Q – So, what makes the Women of Redemption books special?

A – I think it really boils down to the characters. When I write, I let the characters tell me who they are, and what I discover is that like any of us, they wrestle with the challenges life throws at them in a varied manner. The emotions they experience are real – anger, betrayal, hurt, grief, guilt – and the choices they make as a result – whether revenge, vengeance, or just turning a blind eye – may not be good or right, but they’re human, and people make mistakes. The question facing each in the end, is what will they do to make the wrong right?

Q – You like to throw your strong female protagonists into some impossible situations. Why is that?

A – I’ve always liked books about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. I believe people often find the best in themselves when faced with the worst. I want readers to put themselves in these women’s shoes, and think… How far would I go to get justice if I was kidnapped and the perpetrators responsible were never punished? What would I do if I found out the woman I most respected was taking justice into her own hands? What if I discovered the man I found guilty of murder was innocent and I was the one responsible for securing his death sentence?

Q – These books seem to cross genre boundaries, a bit mystery, suspense, and thriller.

A – I think all authors like to create books that mirror the kind of books they like to read. My top picks are usually serial killer thrillers, psychological thrillers, private detectives, and any number of thriller and mystery best sellers. I love a fast-paced style that keeps me on the edge of my seat. As a result, I think my books tend to take a part from each genre – a bit “whodunit”, some “don’t open that door”, add a few high stakes and blend them together.

Q – What order should I read the books in?

A – Each of the books is a standalone novel with the theme of redemption so they can be read in any order. Technically, The Advocate is the first in the series, The Fifth Juror the second, and the third, The Tattoo Artist, will come out in 2019. There is also a two-book bundle available for 25% off the regular price.

Q – So, why should a reader check out your books?

A – Because you’ll love the unique dilemmas these strong female characters find themselves immersed in and the quick-action they’ll have to take to save their lives and the lives of those they love.

And thanks for reading!

Gwen Lark is known as a klutz and a nerd but she is desperate to save her family and cure her mother’s cancer. If she can win the Atlantis Grail games, she can do both. But there are only two options. You die, or you Qualify. Qualify (The Atlantis Grail Book 1) by Vera Nazarian

→ Kindle Nation Daily eBook of The Day ←

Wow!! What a story that Vera Nazarian has written for the readers delight. I am not much for a sci-fi read, but I am being quickly converted. After a few pages that get you intuned to this new world, the story grips you by the throat and drags you into impossible situations, but in this world is possible–bearly. The characters were well developed to the pointed you cared for and what happened to them. I felt the semi-finals experience left me wondering that has to be the critical part of the story, but the race through caverns in the finals kept me on the edge of my chair. There were a couple of slow spots in the book, but I discovered that may have been intentional for me to take a breath–before plunging ahead to see who Qualifed. If there is only one book you read this summer–this is the one.” – Amazon Review

Qualify (The Atlantis Grail Book 1)

by Vera Nazarian
4.5 stars – 998 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The Atlantis Grail has been optioned for development as a feature film series and/or TV series.

You have two options. You die, or you Qualify.

The year is 2047. An extinction-level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and the descendants of ancient Atlantis have returned from the stars in their silver ships to offer humanity help.

But there’s a catch.

They can only take a tiny percent of the Earth’s population back to the colony planet Atlantis. And in order to be chosen, you must be a teen, you must be bright, talented, and athletic, and you must Qualify.

Sixteen-year-old Gwenevere Lark is determined not only to Qualify but to rescue her entire family.

Because there’s a loophole.

If you are good enough to Qualify, you are eligible to compete in the brutal games of the Atlantis Grail, which grants all winners the laurels, high tech luxuries, and full privileges of Atlantis Citizenship. And if you are in the Top Ten, then all your wildest wishes are granted… Such as curing your mother’s cancer.

There is only one problem.

Gwen Lark is known as a klutz and a nerd. While she’s a hotshot in classics, history, science, and languages, the closest she’s come to sports is a backyard pool and a skateboard.

This time she is in over her head, and in for a fight of her life, against impossible odds and world-class competition—including Logan Sangre, the most amazing guy in her school, the one she’s been crushing on, and who doesn’t seem to know she exists.

Because every other teen on Earth has the same idea.

You Qualify or you die.

Qualify (The Atlantis Grail Book 1) by [Nazarian, Vera]