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Feast of Dreams (Four Feasts Till Darkness Book 2)

by Christian A. Brown
4.6 stars – 34 reviews
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

As two queens plot each other’s destruction, a small band of adventurers continues its quest for the knowledge needed to defeat the mad King Brutus and his unearthly parasite, the Black Queen. Their search brings Morigan and the Wolf to the perilous forests of Alabion, where they and their companions will face the darkness of their pasts–and discover equally dark destinies.

Meanwhile, far from Alabion, the queens of the East and West continue their deadly dance. One seeks a relic of great power, while the other puts her faith in a mix of military and technomagikal force. Both are aware they have a slim window of opportunity to settle their power struggle–after all, Mad Brutus’s recent defeat is at best a setback. The mad king is already amassing a new army of soulless husks in the wastelands of Mor’Khul. Unknown to the great powers struggling for control, a father and son wander those same wastelands, scavenging what they can as they weather Brutus’s gathering storm. They too have a role to play in Geadhain’s fate–a role which may just provide a last remnant of hope.

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Mail Order Bride: Westward winds: A Clean Historical Cowboy Romance (Montana Mail Order Brides Book 1)

by Linda Bridey
4.2 stars – 927 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Bored socialite Tessa craves adventure, and finds it when she becomes a mail order bride to Montana rancher and widowed father Dean Samuels. Can this pair — as different as night and day — find love?

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If the Moon Had Willow Trees (Detroit Eight Series Book 1)

by Kathleen Hall
4.6 stars – 21 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Award-winning author of The Otherness Factor takes us to Detroit during the turbulence of the Sixties.

Detroit,––July 25, 1967, two days after Detroit cops raid a blind pig (speakeasy) inciting the biggest race riot in American history. Maggie Soulier wakes to a deejay’s cry for ‘anyone left in the city’ to hustle pop to police sweltering at highway checkpoints leading into the firestorm.

Maggie’s not a hippie chick looking for a cause, she’s the daughter of notorious French Canadian secessionist radicals who disappeared without a trace. A grad student on a visa, Maggie covers absences at a pizzeria to support her stateside civil rights work. Delivering soft drinks to keep armed men from having a meltdown sounded simple. That was before she met Sam Tervo on the wrong side of a gun––before she offered him a Coke, before shared laughter ricocheted against shrieking sirens and a darkening sky.

Sam, a fierce human rights advocate, thinks he’s being targeted by mafia types who want something; the question is what. More and more he relies on his friend Clyde Webster, a black civil rights leader and Maggie’s co-worker, to guide him through this underworld. Cold sober in the ash, soot and rubble, Clyde pulls together The Eights: eight working-poor, part-time activists, to curb white flight and integrate the burbs. Maggie and Sam, the token whites.

With the intrigue, corruption, brutality and bigotry, Maggie, Sam, Clyde and The Eights experience the love, laughter, irony and self-reflection of blacks and whites redefining friendship and transforming the world with pocket change.

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