Turn up the heat with this ground-breaking human avatar crossover romance suspense series: The Ravencross Box Set Books 1-3 by E. Avalon

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The Ravencross Box Set Books 1-3

by E. Avalon
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Here’s the set-up:

When you desire a Clark man, you play with fire…

Turn up the heat with this ground-breaking human avatar crossover romance suspense series. Each Ravencross book is two love stories and a suspense thrill.

In this box set, you get the first three full-length novels. Each book can be read independently.

Begin on the hot, tense Hollywood set of the blockbuster series Forever, out in the steamy Las Vegas desert or online where everyone can live and love in EverLife…

Meet in the first three books, the three hot, dynamic eldest Clark brothers reaching across the city of Ravencross’s economically dividing rivers to find love with three beautiful spectacular independent women.

Book One – Always-follow-the-rules Police Officer Anton Clark is assigned to protect Dr. Seneca Landon from a mysterious harasser. Could a jagged edge street cop from gritty Northside win over a sophisticated out-of-his-league doctor who has just arrived in town?

Book Two – Mak Clark, the rebel bad boy who has been away for ten years, gets reacquainted with Brielle Fraser, the spoiled daughter of Ravencross’s most established family. How can he convince a woman he has known his whole life that he really is a man for the future?

Book Three – Lunen Wintermere, the college junior from the city’s richest family comes home for the summer, and meets Nik Clark a poor boy with mogul dreams operating, literally in her backyard. Can a wealthy, educated, girl from high up in Lake Heights really find common ground with a townie with a superiority complex?

The on-screen love stories are only the beginning…

Each book has a parallel romance set behind-the-scenes at the Hollywood television production of the show Forever, and digital complex for the online multi-player game, EverLife.

Don’t worry, you’ll instantly fall for these hot, steamy couples and their stories will hook you from the first line.

At the core is a dramatic love story about meeting someone you can’t have, and finding a way to force the world to change circumstances to your side.

This box set contains the first three books in the series.

*** Each book is a full-length novel and can be read independently. Grab your copy today!***

The Ravencross romantic suspense series is about the tension of secret desire, the enchantment of instant love, and the indelible power of our mediums of entertainment…

Come into the hot, steamy behind-the-scenes and on-screen romances of the cast, crew and fans of the popular daytime TV drama, Forever who become dangerously, and obsessively involved with one another through the show and the A.I. enhanced online video game, EverLife based on the show’s characters. Fabulous ground-breaking format. Each book is two romances wrapped in a suspense. HEA, no cliffhanger, no cheating.


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