A Valentine’s Day gift for you:
The Publicist Series – Book 1 – 4: Contemporary Romance Series PLUS a Bonus Book! by Christina George

The Publicist Series – Book 1 – 4: Contemporary Romance Series PLUS a Bonus Book!

by Christina George
4.6 stars – 62 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

Give yourself a holiday gift! Treat yourself to a fun, sexy, romantic read!

Brilliant, funny, sweet and heartbreaking. Climax is a great love story and a highly enjoyable read! George has really taken romance to a new level with this series. Her final book will give readers everything they crave and more! Cherry Adair, New York Times Bestselling Author

Kate Mitchell is an up-and-coming publicist at a large New York publishing house and is out to change the world, one book at a time. When she meets their star editor, MacDermott Ellis, she isn’t ready for his charism, how drop-dead handsome he is, or how intensely she’s drawn to him, unaware that his dark secret could tear them apart. Kate wants to do the right thing but her hormones seem to be driving her decisions.

Then there’s Nick, gorgeous, sweet, single, impossibly kind, and ready to sweep Kate off her feet. He doesn’t have Mac’s complicated past, baggage, or deep, dark secret. He’s perfect, so what’s Kate’s problem?

When Kate chooses Mac she believes that they can overcome anything in his past or whatever the future may throw at them. And that’s when everything falls apart.

Kate is dealt a life-changing hand and it forces her to question every single choice she’s made, including losing Mac.

As Kate tries to dissect her life, she finds a surprising gift that reboots her career in a new and unexpected direction. Suddenly her name becomes synonymous with one of the biggest bestsellers publishing has seen in ages and she’s welcomed back with open arms. At the height of her success, the ghosts of her past come back to remind her of the world she’d been trying to forget and the man who never let go of her heart. In a city of 8 million people, Kate manages to run into someone she never expected to see again.

Behind the book, there’s always more to the story.


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