How does a shepherd girl find herself leading a crusade against the Fontre…
Julien E Jamar’s epic fantasy The Namarielle

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The Namarielle (Chronicles of Lashai Book 1)

by Julien E Jamar
4.9 stars – 60 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Hollis studied her face in the light of the campfire. “So, how does a shepherd girl find herself in the Forest of Fondair, heading to the Kiatri to lead a crusade against the Fontre?”

Cassai had untied her braid and was unraveling it. “Not a crusade, a war. Lashai belongs to us. We were free under the Namarielle. The land flourished, and the people had plenty. The Fontre took everything: our herds, our crops, our money, they even burned down our churches. Why would they do that?”

Her gaze lingered on the darkness between the trees, and Hollis assumed this was a rhetorical question. “So, we’re going to fight them; our small band of Keepers and anyone else we can find to join us will fight for our Lashai. And if no one else joins, I’ll fight them alone. I just can’t live as their slave. I won’t.”

“Do yourself a favor and purchase this book. Each page leaves me wanting more and I do not want to put it down. The scenes are painted so vividly, I feel as if I could paint what she describes with ease.” 5 star review

The Namarielle (Chronicles of Lashai Book 1) by [Jamar, Julien E]


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