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The Apocalypse Crusade War of the Undead Day One: A Zombie Tale by Peter Meredith

by Peter Meredith
4.3 stars – 351 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
In an apocalypse there is definitely a beginning where mistakes are made and the seeds of evil are allowed to sprout and take shape. However, an end is not so certain. Once an Apocalypse occurs not even death is certain. Sometimes death is only the beginning.
At first light that morning, Dr Lee steps into the Walton facility on the initial day of human trials; she can barely contain her excitement. The labs are brand spanking new and everything is sharp and clean. They’ve been built to her specifications and are, without a doubt, a scientist’s dream. Yet even better than the gleaming instruments is the fact that Walton is where cancer is going to be cured once and for all. It’s where Dr. Lee is going to become world famous…only she doesn’t realize what she’s going to be famous for.
By midnight of that first day, Walton is a place of fire, of blood and of death, a death that, like the Apocalypse, is seemingly never ending.
What readers say about The Apocalypse Crusades:
“DO NOT pick this up until you are ready to commit to an all-night sleep-defying read!”
“…full of suspense and intrigue, love, both innocent and romantic, hate, both blinding and unnatural, non-stop action, and a very real gripping and palpable fear.”

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by Panayotis Cacoyannis
4.0 stars – 104 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
After ten years together, including some difficult times, Adam and Eva are still as in love as they were when they told each other every day that they loved each other every day more.

All-round adorable Adam – adopted, mixed-race, with a deep social conscience that he shares with his wife – claims to have no issues other than having no issues. Raised by remarkable parents, he has grown up happy and grounded, uninterested in his “other parents” or in why they might have had to give him up.

Having lost her father at fifteen, and still suffering a terrible relationship with “mother”, Eva has more issues than she cares to admit, and it falls to an unexpected visit by two policemen to uncover a secret she has kept from her husband since the first day they met.

With the past at last explained, and the worst of it now apparently behind them, today has been a day of good news, which Eva is looking forward to sharing with the friends who have invited them to dinner. But their hosts seem to have very different plans for the evening, and the air is thick with tension as gradually the reason for their invitation begins to come out…

Its satirical humor sometimes black and irreverent, POLK, HARPER & WHO is a contemporary tale of complex family relationships, of lifelong friendships being put to the test, and ultimately of the triumph of imperfect London love within imperfect London lives.

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A Heart Left Behind: A gripping story of love, espionage, and sacrifice in WW2 Europe

by David Canford
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Here’s the set-up:

Caught up in a web of secret love, blackmail, and espionage in the build-up to World War II, a mother faces a terrible dilemma. Visiting Nazi Germany, New Yorker, Orla von Hertzberg, sees a country which appears to reflect the claims of her German relatives. Back home, she finds herself hiding a secret which threatens to destroy her happiness if it is ever revealed, and so she is relieved when her husband is posted to Berlin. Finally discovering the harsh reality of Hitler’s regime, Orla wants to leave. However, her compromised past will force her to undertake a life-threatening task to try and save not just herself but also her son.

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by D. R. Bell
5.0 stars – 9 reviews
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
The discovery of a valise of old letters written to his Armenian grandfather from an Auschwitz survivor starts Avi Arutiyan on an odyssey to uncover the mystery surrounding his grandfather’s unsolved death. From the killing fields of Anatolia to the trial of Adolf Eichmann, Avi’s quest opens a door into intersecting paths and dark secrets of three families, stretching back to 1915.

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Desolation (The Keystone Bone Trilogy Book 1)

by Jesper Schmidt
4.1 stars – 39 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Eons have shrouded the giant dragon in legend. Ancient myths soon become terrifyingly real…

Aea is an outsider. At age six the clan executed her father and when her mother and sister disappeared, Aea’s life spiraled into chaos.

Suddenly staggering out of the woods, broken by the deadly disease the Field Blight, her mother lays a desperate choice on Aea. To leave the protective forest realm and save her sister from mortal danger.

In a race against time, Aea puts the noose of the Field Blight around not only her own neck, but also that of her unborn child.

Before long, Aea discovers that the world of Erisdün is nothing like she imagined. Surviving the Field Blight might be the least of her concerns, as the great dragon dispatches his army to retrieve the Keystone Bone.

The bone of a God is the only component that will prevent the Arch Demon from breaking free. Powers as old as time itself are about to set the world on fire.

Desolation is an epic fantasy.

If you like a fast-paced read with dragons and demons, then you will love Desolation.

Delve into the exciting adventure today.

This is the first book in the Keystone Bone trilogy.
(Must be read in order)

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War Boat (River Sunday Romance Mysteries Book 9)

by Thomas Hollyday
5.0 stars – 3 reviews
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Back in 1941, Nazi U-Boats infiltrated the Chesapeake Bay. Local lives were lost defending their town of River Sunday – but was a traitor involved? Now grandson John Thornton risks his life to uncover the secret Nazi plan that could have changed America forever.

Months before the United States entered World War Two, a desperate Chesapeake harbor town named River Sunday constructed a sub chaser it named the “war boat” to attack a marauding German U-boat. The Nazi submarine, however, was warned by a local traitor. It ambushed and destroyed the war boat and its crew. The treacherous informer was never caught.
Decades later, a wealthy businessman named Thornton arrived in the area to sell his family’s shipyard. His grandfather had been killed on the war boat while serving as its captain. The grandson growing up in Maine had promised his own father to bring the traitor to justice.
The town was now run by powerful businessmen who had no interest in the past. He worked hard to find the traitor but without much success. Then, an attempt was made on his life. Now he knew he was getting near to the truth. However, Thornton needed to find another clue and soon. Next time the murderer would not miss.
It’s a mystery told within the shadows of World War Two and the hunts for hidden war criminals. Add the natural beauty of the Eastern Shore of Maryland to its traditions and legends of good and evil. Thomas Hollyday has had much critical success with his Chesapeake fiction and non-fiction. Enjoy War Boat, his new and fascinating page turner for your reading pleasure.

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Hell’s Highway (The Devil’s Daughter Book 3)

by G.A. Chase
4.7 stars – 20 reviews
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

For an immortal, learning what it means to be human can be an emotional wild ride.

Having put down the latest batch of escaped doppelgängers, Sere Mal-Laurette felt she’d earned a little time off from demon hunting. She was wrong.

Her inattention has allowed a new batch of hellions to rise from the swamp and abduct Rampart Thibodaux. With the hot ex-Navy SEAL’s blood and soul infecting her, Sere has no choice but to jump back on her motorcycle to rescue him. Her quest will cost her dearly but also bring her closer to being human than she could have imagined.

Sere’s emotional roller-coaster ride of human experiences, however, is overshadowed by the rise of a new devil—one who isn’t satisfied with simply claiming hell as his only domain.

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