No one realized that nearby Mount Edziza was boiling and about to erupt, ravaging all they’d known…
Savage Dawn by Inge Moore

Savage Dawn

by Inge Moore
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Here’s the set-up:

It began with a camping weekend to Dease Lake Caves.

No one realized that nearby Mount Edziza was boiling and about to erupt.

The volcano ravaged all they’d known, leaving a treacherous new world.

Joining forces with others who sought shelter at the caves, Karen and her group of battered survivors fight to live on under almost impossible circumstances.  Not only has Edziza erupted, but so has a string of other volcanoes around the world, resulting in a devastating volcanic winter.

Violent human conflict, ecological disaster, and shifting alliances abound.  Now the group’s future rests in their own hands.  They must discover what events have brought about the apocalypse.  Because if they don’t understand what’s happened in the past, there will be no future.

Savage Dawn is a post-apocalyptic tale of chilling survival and sizzling romance, set in the Canadian wilderness.


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