A sexy single father not looking for romance. A pamper princess trying to prove she can do it on her own. All About You (All Series Book 6) by Natalie Ann

All About You (All Series Book 6)

by Natalie Ann
4.6 stars – 43 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

All books can be read as a stand alone or in order of the series.

A sexy single father not looking for romance. A pamper princess trying to prove she can do it on her own.

Finn Abraham was only burned once, but once was enough. Now he’s living his life his way. A single father, a fireman and a carpenter, he’s juggling his time the best he can and putting his son first—the way it should be. The last thing he has time for is a woman or a relationship.

Olivia Hartman was raised in wealth…not that it really mattered to her. All she wanted was someone to love her, someone to pay attention to her, or someone to even care. Instead, she spent most of her time in boarding school. Now as an adult, she is sick of looking for love in all the wrong places and being misjudged and labeled. She’s taking charge of her life and deciding it’s time she does it on her own. On her terms…regardless of how scared she is.

Mature content intended for over 18 years of age.

What a delightful story! I love stories that make me feel warm and fuzzy, and this one sure did. Born into massive wealth, Olivia moves away from it all in order to reinvent herself. She wants to be independent and take care of herself, without her father’s money. Finn is a single father, determined to raise his son, Trey, without help from anyone. Both Olivia and Finn have a stubborn streak in trying to prove they can make it without outside help. But they can’t fight the attraction they have for each other. Great story. I’ve read a couple of Natalie Ann’s books and I find them all just delightful reads.” – Amazon Review

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