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Hot Pursuit (A Hostile Operations Team Novel – Book 1)

by Lynn Raye Harris
4.4 stars – 849 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Matt Girard used to be her best friend.
But he’s a filthy liar. A ruthless heartbreaker.
And a badass military warrior with the kind of lethal skills she so desperately needs…

Evie Baker hasn’t seen Matt in ten years. Not since the night she lost her virginity to him. Now he’s back in town and looking to make things right. Too bad she doesn’t believe a word he says. But then her sister goes missing and Evie’s suddenly a suspect in a murder–and Matt’s the only man she can trust to keep her safe.

Matt knew Evie wanted forever ten years ago, but all he wanted was escape. He’s older and wiser now, and he knows what matters. He’ll do whatever it takes–break any rules necessary–to protect Evie and find her sister.

And then he’ll do everything he can to win his best friend’s heart and make her his forever.

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* * *

Devil’s Kiss Series Collection: A Dark Billionaire Romance

by Gemma James
5.0 stars – 1 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

USA Today bestselling author Gemma James brings you four darkly seductive books in one COMPLETE series collection. Over 800 pages of unapologetic dark romance that busts through conventional romance boundaries. Reader discretion is advised.

Broke and desperate, Kayla siphons thousands from her employer to pay for her daughter’s treatment, but when CEO Gage Channing discovers her theft, she learns her sadistic boss has no intention of turning her over to the police. Instead, he issues an ultimatum—submit to him in the bedroom, or go to jail.

Backed into a corner by a man with no shame, Kayla must find the strength to travel down the path of pleasure and pain. But what started as a means of revenge turns into so much more when the past returns, testing the chains that bind their hearts together.

* * *

Fire and Sword (Sword and Sorcery Book 1)

by Dylan Doose
4.4 stars – 103 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“Gritty, fast-paced and compelling!” “An epic tale…” Honorable mention in Library Journal’s 2016 Indie Ebook Awards and a Shelf Unbound Magazine Notable 100!

A broken nation in need of a savior—ravaged by plague, decimated by dark magic, infiltrated by a foreign evil seeking to dominate from within. Three will rise to save the beleaguered land. But will they be enough? Condemned to hang for their crimes, they’ll march instead to perish as heroes or live as free men.

Dark fantasy adventure for fans of Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence, and Scott Lynch!

Three men condemned to die: Aldous Weaver is a heretic monk turned sorcerer, imprisoned for accidentally incinerating the leader of his order. Kendrick the Cold, an infamous crusader turned fugitive, is a villain who knows he can never be a hero. Theron Ward, an aristocrat with a penchant for slaughtering monsters, is a legend in his own mind.

When the kingdom of Brynth is threatened by a far greater evil, the unlikely trio must make a choice — seek to escape this land that cries for their execution or find the true heroes within themselves. And then, armed with fire and sword, march together against the forces of darkness. But can three such disparate warriors ever prevail?

* * *

Beneath all this Beauty – Poems and Photographs

by Danny Newman
4.4 stars – 10 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The book “Beneath all this beauty” combines poetry with photographs, written media and visual media. Poetry that comes out gushing, crying and kicking, laughing and hitting, while touching different issues.

Photographs were chosen that envelope the poems, adding a visual component that enriches the reading experience, and offers the reader an additional experiential dimension.

* * *


by Holly Curtis
4.3 stars – 4 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Jimmy Clifford is a thirty-year-old movie addict and film memorabilia shop owner. He is also very fed up. He is fed up with his best friend Oswald’s stupid, made-up card games, his drug dealer Pluto’s novelty drugs are losing their novelty and his anti-depressants don’t appear to be working anymore.

But when he discovers that the Crypt – a local, independent cinema that he regards as his ‘spiritual home’ – is to be demolished, he feels compelled to act. Getting together with his friends and a fellow shop owner they decide upon an idea – there will be a ‘Save the Crypt’ cabaret night (featuring local performers) to highlight the situation and raise money in the process.

All Jimmy has to do for his part is get out and find seven acts in two months – not so easy when you’re an agoraphobic and you’re up against giant egos and a psychotic property developer.

* * *

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