When Lucy’s heroin-addict mother died, she came into her true inheritance – strange powers, stranger friends, and some very dangerous enemies…
The Girl And The Raven by Pauline Gruber

The Girl and the Raven

by Pauline Gruber
4.5 stars – 42 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Good versus evil just got complicated.

Sixteen-year-old Lucy Walker just wants a normal life, until she learns she is half-witch, half-demon. Now she’s got other problems, like keeping her demon dad from killing her boyfriend, keeping the witches in her life from killing her demon dad, and keeping her non-supernatural friends safe from both sides. All the while she’s desperately searching for the family raven that carries her magical legacy. She’s walking a tightrope between good and evil, drawn to both, uncertain which she will ultimately choose.


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