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The Three Christmases of William Spencer

by Derek Blount
4.7 stars – 68 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“When it comes to holiday tales that share the true meaning of Christmas, The Three Christmases of William Spencer is one of the best books around.”– An Island Life

The Three Christmases of William Spencer is a wonderful gift book for sharing the joy of the season and the meaning of life.”– Susan Heim, parenting author and Chicken Soup for the Soul editor.

Christmas is always special, but even more so if your birthday falls on the same day. As William Spencer celebrates his birthday each year on December 25–first as a child in rural America in the 1930s, and then as a World War II veteran, husband, and father–he learns that, no matter what his circumstances, happiness is an attitude, not a condition. But as a solitary old man living in a one-bedroom apartment, William Spencer expects this Christmas birthday to be his last. His holiday is one of solitude and reflection, dominated by the echoes of the past and by a single, simple wish. When an unexpected turn of events reminds William of a lesson learned many years ago, he’s faced with a choice. Can he find the strength to imagine a new future?

Hailed as a “truly beautiful book”, you will want to revisit The Three Christmases of William Spencer every holiday season.

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* * *

The Forgotten Painting: A Historical Mystery Novella

by Gabriel Farago
4.4 stars – 160 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

***Gold Medal Winner at Readers’ Favorite 2018 International Book Awards Contest in Fiction Short Story/Novella Category***
***Outstanding Novella 2018 IAN Book of the Year Awards***
When celebrated author Jack Rogan stumbles upon a hidden diary, he can’t resist investigating. Honouring the last wish of a dying friend, he is irresistibly drawn into a web of intriguing clues, hinting at a long forgotten treasure.

Joining forces with Cecilia Crawford, a glamorous New York journalist, and Tristan, a remarkable boy with psychic powers, Jack soon finds himself on a precarious journey of discovery, exposing dark secrets from a distant, violent time, when life was cheap and cruelty ruled without mercy.

Will Rogan succeed? Can he find the forgotten treasure he has been searching for, or will it be lost forever, depriving the world of a masterpiece that belongs to all mankind

* * *

Tempting A Marquess (A Steamy Regency Romance Book 4)

by Georgette Brown
4.1 stars – 101 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

How far will this Regency miss go to tempt a marquess?

On the surface, Mildred Abbott is a proper Regency miss. But secretly compromised, she longs to explore the pleasures of the flesh. Engaged to an uninspiring sycophant, she asks the influential nephew of her patroness in debauchery to interfere and break her engagement. When her appeals to him fail, she decides to take a singular opportunity—a visit to the Château Debauchery—to experience one night of pleasure before she submits herself to a life of wedded dullness.

The Marquess of Alastair concerns himself with no one, but to appease his aunt on her birthday, he agrees to select one person whose interests he will look after. It was not his intention to choose the plain and simple Miss Abbott, but when she unexpectedly shows up at the Château Debauchery, his hand is forced. Knowing his aunt to be partial to the miss, he grudgingly decides to act the part of a gentleman and preserve Miss Abbott’s honor by removing her from the Château.

But Mildred refuses to go until she has had her night of debauchery…

If you enjoy stories with headstrong heroines, devilish rakes, and plenty of heat, grab a fan (to cool you down) and a copy of Tempting A Marquess.

* * *

Track Down Wyoming (A Brad Jacobs Thriller Book 7)

by Scott Conrad
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Harlan Taggart is one of the most dangerous and despicable men to ever walk the planet.

The former Recon Marine who was dishonorably discharged from the Corps for sadistic behavior and treason has moved ‘off the grid’ with a team of escaped convicts to avoid prosecution.

When a self-made billionaire tech wizard on a hunting trip to Wyoming’s Wind River Range is targeted for kidnapping by Taggart, he finds himself running for his life.

His only hope seems to be three retired Marines who are on a week-long fishing trip in the area. But when the guys get quickly in over their heads, this suicide mission may be the final round for Brad Jacobs and Team Dallas.

* * *


by Derrik Woodbury
4.3 stars – 5 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
“I never meant to be complicit in the death of my only real friend in Patagonia. I certainly didn’t want the possible father of my child to suffer untold agonies by torturous nerve toxin poisoning. After all, I’m a physician, a healer.”
So begins Derrik Woodbury’s new novel, Pawns of the Wall which tells the story of a love triangle fractured by a mysterious murder. The pastoral border town of Patagonia, Arizona is already in turmoil from the new U.S. Government immigration policies. This murder connects many threads in a tapestry of intrigue and betrayal. Could the highest office of the U.S. Government sanction a pseudo-terrorist attack at the border to strengthen its base and secure continual political power? Would Russia aid the U.S. in a cover-up?
Dr. Robert Harper has left New England for a sabbatical as chief physician at the Indian Clinic in Patagonia. Harper soon falls in love with the clinic’s beautiful nurse, Mary Durant, and befriends Dylan Kermer, an enigmatic government security consultant who is young, passionate and dangerous. Durant falls under Kermer’s spell and is torn between very different lovers. Violence is in the air. The people are rocked and divided by the decisions in Washington, D.C. This world is suffused with history, tradition, violence, drugs, guns, ignorance, fear, beauty and love.

* * *

Die Noon (Goodnight Mysteries Book 1)

by Elise Sax
4.2 stars – 176 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Matilda Dare can’t sleep. Her insomnia is one more reason to move to the quirky small town of Goodnight, New Mexico after she inherits a house, a small newspaper, and two old dogs there. But despite the Goodnight name, Matilda still spends hers wide awake, and she has good reason after a reporter is murdered. With a mystery to solve, she begins to investigate the town and uncovers more suspects than she knows what to do with. Meanwhile, the hottie cowboy sheriff is doing his own investigation into Matilda, and the mysterious, handsome stranger, who just happens to live with her, is showing up in all the wrong places. As her investigation continues, danger increases, and it might end up spelling lights out for Matilda.

* * *

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