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A Perfect Confluence

by Peter Bridgford
5.0 stars – 1 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“Crime caper meets riverine adventure in this whimsical yet riveting tale.” –US Review of Books

Noah has finally gotten himself under control; he’s clean and sober, and carving out a new life. But when he gets involved with a woman from a local crime family, he lets his demons run amok again. He has no other option than to flee in his canoe onto the river. Along the way, he meets Becca, a mysterious pregnant woman with a burdened a past. As they continue together and through the trials and tribulations of river life, their pursuers continue to nip at their heels. In spite of this, Noah and Becca fall in love. If they’re to have a future together, Noah needs to decide whether Becca is a heaven-sent agent of goodness or the author of his demise. And, whether he knows it or not, he’s part of a plan that’s been unfurling since the two of them first met.

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The Edge of Revolt (The David Chronicles Book 3)

by Uvi Poznansky
4.8 stars – 51 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The last thing David expects is that his beloved son will topple him from the throne. The betrayal threatens not only his life but also his legacy. Coming back to power will put Absalom in danger. Is David ready to counter his next move?

For now, he remains silent, even as Amnon rapes Tamar, even as Absalom lures Amnon to his death. In families other than his, such crimes may be concealed. But when they occur in the king’s family, they affect matters of the state and force him to escape. Will he finds a way to quell the revolt and come back to the City of David?

This is a standalone novel as well as volume III of the trilogy The David Chronicles, told candidly by the king himself. David uses modern language, indicating that this is no fairytale. Rather, it is a story that is happening here and now. If you like ancient historical fiction about court intrigue, this king David novel has a modern twist like no book you have read before.

* * *

A Perfect Forever: Christmas 2019 New Releases (Leap of Love Series Book 1)

by Paige Powers
4.0 stars – 69 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Is this their once-in-a-lifetime chance at happiness?
Or will it cost them everything?

Beautiful, wealthy Amelia Smith had a life to envy…
Old-money father.
Notorious brothel-owning mother.
Then her life fell apart…
Now, her only hope is Ben Abbott.
Only wild, untamed Ben is no average Pinkerton agent.
Soon, hearts collide…
Setting their two worlds against each other.
And when a stranger arrives, who claims to be Amelia’s
long-lost relative…
The question is asked…
With the whole world against them… can they survive?
Or will they sacrifice it all?

* * *

Fade Away: A Paranormal Romance (Faded Paranormal Romance Series Book 2)

by M. L. Ray
5.0 stars – 3 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

To win her love…

he must save her life…

Despite his best efforts, Dr. Asa Thorn’s lover, Gaia Sullivan, has been brutally murdered by his immortal enemy and yet, to his astonishment and joy, Gaia returns to life.

But this Gaia isn’t the woman she was—the circumstances of her murder have left her in a half-life, an agonizing purgatory where she is tormented by both physical and mental pain.

Condemned to a wraith-like state, Gaia struggles to hold onto her humanity and to those she loves.

When her beloved sister and nephew are threatened by the serial-killer vampire stalking Seattle, Gaia has to decide whether to reveal her status to her sister, Lana, in order to protect them.

Meanwhile, Asa is determined to stop Kabir, the vampire who ordered Gaia’s murder, once and for all, but when the virulent virus which has been decimating the world’s vampires strikes close to home, he has to overcome much more than a centuries old conflict…

* * *

California Dreams: Christmas Holiday Romance 2019 (Second Chances Series Book 2)

by Morris Fenris
4.6 stars – 73 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

What happens when you have two widows, two men, one precocious four-year old, and a life-threatening disease? Dreams come true.

After Jane’s husband was killed in action, she let her dreams of becoming a famous chef, living by the ocean and having a family of her own, die with him. Now that she’s been given a second chance, will she realize all of her dreams, or play it safe?

When Grace’s husband was killed in action, she got the surprise of her life – a baby girl, Daniella. With her daughter’s life hanging in the balance, will she take a leap of faith and realize the resurrection of her dreams, or play it safe?

Follow Jane and Grace as they realize that true love can come around twice, you just have to be willing to take a chance on your lost dreams.

* * *

A Gift of Poison (The Kingmakers’ War Book 1)

by Kate Avery Ellison
4.2 stars – 120 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“…[O]riginal … astute worldbuilding … fantasy fans should be pleased.” –Kirkus Reviews

Bestselling Amazon author of THE FROST CHRONICLES, Kate Avery Ellison, delivers a fantasy novel packed with clever betrayals, surprising twists, and many moments of delicious vindication for its scrappy heroine. This is a must-read for fans of Sarah J. Maas’s THRONE OF GLASS, Maria V. Snyder’s POISON STUDY, Megan Whalen Turner’s THE THIEF, and Sabaa Tahir’s AN EMBER IN THE ASHES.

Briand just wants to survive.

Oh, she’s clever. She’s quick with knives and even quicker with cards. She can scramble up a castle wall. She can ride a bad-tempered stallion with her arms tied behind her back.

But her odd, unseemly skills have never been enough to protect her, for she’s an orphan, no better than a guttersnipe in her uncle’s eyes. Because the lord of the manor despises her, everyone else feels free to as well. The guards, her cousin’s tutor… Even Kael, the handsome, enigmatic young steward who has protected her from her uncle’s wrath too many times already, sees her as nothing but trouble with a sassy tongue and pretty green eyes.

But when Briand unexpectedly–and accidentally–gains the power to control dragons, she becomes the weapon to winning the kingdom’s bitter civil war.

Terrifying magic users called Seekers are now hunting her as Briand plunges into a world of danger, betrayal, and secrets, with only a motley band of rebel fighters to protect her. Or have they kidnapped her? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

Briand’s going to need all her cleverness to survive.

* * *

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