4-in-1 BOXED SET ALERT! Medical Examiner Investigator Julie Madigan is on the case!
A Julie Madigan Thriller Series (Books 1-4) by Val Conrad

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A Julie Madigan Thriller Series (Books 1-4) Box Set

by Val Conrad
4.8 stars – 32 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

“Novelist Val Conrad’s stripped down style works well in this otherwise complex medical thriller series.” –Best Thrillers

All four books of the Julie Madigan Thriller series are now available for one low price! Includes Blood of Like Souls, Tears of Like Souls, Promises of Like Souls, and Secrets of Like Souls (Books 1-4). Book #5, Dreams of Like Souls releases October 2020.

Blood of Like Souls

Julie Madigan’s career with the New Mexico State Police ended in a puddle of her own blood after having her throat cut, barely able to lift her gun to shoot and kill the man who almost ended her life. But survival led to a year of recovery and left her desperate to hide the scars and to escape her past. She moved to Michigan, away from friends and coworkers who knew her secrets.

Now a Medical Examiner Investigator, Julie Madigan loves her job and her team, but when a killer sends her clues and evidence about two of his victims, taunting her with his unusual methods of murder, she is pulled into a twisted game that eventually targets those she cares about. The killer’s goal – to prove that not only will Julie kill again, but that she will enjoy it as much as he does. While trying to identify him, Julie discovers that this monster has been much closer to her than she ever imagined, leaving her in a race to save the victims he has selected, forcing her to choose who lives and who dies.

Tears of Like Souls
Medical Examiner Investigator Julie Madigan might have survived her half-brother’s brutal crime spree, but the emotional wounds left by Anthony Bock’s evil run deep. She begins a walk down the path to healing with the one man who’s always loved her – Zach Samualson, who works for the Drug Enforcement Agency. They begin to establish a new life together in Washington – until he reveals a secret of his own. Julie’s torn between trusting him and running from her inner demons and the one question that’s haunted her since she was sixteen -did Bock make her kill her father?

Promises of Like Souls
After a small wedding to Zach in Albuquerque, Julie Madigan, now Julie Samualson, goes back to Michigan to pack and say goodbye to her friends and coworkers before moving to the log cabin Zach had built for them prior to Julie’s yes to marriage. But her arrival in paradise was without her groom, who had stayed behind in New Mexico to finish an assignment with his DEA unit while awaiting a transfer. Zach, however, faces a startling surprise that will change both their lives completely – that he is the father of a teenage daughter, whose mother was kidnapped by one of Zach’s ex-partners who had turned against the agency and his partners. By a man with a single goal – to destroy Zach and all he holds precious.

Secrets of Like Souls
On her way down the stairs, Julie Samualson falls and injures her ankle, disrupting more than her family. She limps on to a Portland hospital to begin an investigation into the burns suffered by the sister of one of the sheriff’s dispatchers – burns that don’t appear to have been sustained in a fall. Then the wife of a fellow deputy goes missing, and the van found near the Columbia River. On crutches, Julie can only help process evidence. Meanwhile, Amber, her stepdaughter, asks if they can continue searching for clues about the bag they found on a trail ride – the contents include an old library card and piece of tattooed human skin made into leather. But when the three different cases begin to connect and threats get closer to her loved ones, Julie’s world begins to unravel.


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