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A new and daring colonization mission, a wormhole to traverse… Getting there is the least of the problems! It’s been done before – what can go wrong? Moraturi Lost: Paradisi Chronicles by Marti Ward

Today only, don’t miss this beloved, classic story of a mentally disabled man and his experimental quest for intelligence: Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

Doctors go to medical school to save lives… right? James B. Cohoon’s award-winning, medical thriller Do No Harm

Eight brand new, side-splitting rom-coms! Come get your HEA! Cute But Crazy 2: Ditzy Dudes by Jacquie Biggar, Susan Jean Ricci, Mimi Barbour, and more

She may have lost her leg. She may have lost her job. She did NOT lose her sexual cravings… Kiwi Rules by Rosalind James

Readers have been waiting almost 2 years for this release! Will Nick finally go rogue and murder the assassin? A Touch of Torment (A Nick Bracco Thriller Book 7) by Gary Ponzo

Long haired, tattooed and tall as an Irish giant. He was more than just handsome, he was drop dead gorgeous… Irish Kiss by Sienna Blake

A story that needs to be told… What Did You Do In The War, Sister?: Catholic Sisters in the WWII Nazi Resistance by Dennis J. Turner

Are we headed for a second Civil War? FREE Today: a cerebral political-thriller for a divided modern America…. Blood Republic by James Duncan

To protect her daughter, Nicolette makes an unthinkable decision: hide the body, and ensure her daughter is kept out of the ensuing scandal… Anything For You by Marissa Finch

The luck of the Irish means you win BIG with this friends-to-lovers romance: The Irish Lottery by Sienna Blake

Parents! Learn how to stay sane, stay calm and stay connected to your kids during the pandemic and beyond…. The Mindful Parent by Shirley Pastiroff

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Today’s Free Book Sponsor:

Fearless: A Rapunzel Retelling (Lost in a Fairy Tale Book 2)

by Jaclyn Weist
4.6 stars – 20 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Jenny and Genevieve have finally gotten used to their new lives, and have even started making plans for the future. When Maurelle shows up to curse them yet again, they’re thrown back into a time they never thought they’d see again.

While it’s great to be back and see the changes that have been made with friends and family, both girls know that they don’t belong. They must now do the impossible and find another way home, or time itself could unravel.

Enjoy this fun, adventurous retelling of Rapunzel today!

**Fearless was once The Princess and the Sorceress, and while the title has changed, the characters and story are all the same.**

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* * *

Horns of the Devil: A Jeff Trask Legal Thriller (Jeff Trask crime drama series Book 2)

by Marc Rainer
4.5 stars – 309 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The Evil Of MS-13

The beheaded body of the Salvadoran ambassador’s son is dumped on the curb in front of his father’s embassy just blocks from the White House. Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask and an FBI task force are called upon to solve the murder. Their search for the killers leads to the MS-13, a hyper-violent gang from El Salvador.

˃˃˃ A String Of Brutal Killings

Trask and his team soon learn that someone else is also tracking their suspects, and with deadly efficiency. When Trask himself becomes a target, he realizes that he is caught in a cross-fire between two of the most ruthless organizations in the western hemisphere.

Author Marc Rainer brings more than three decades of investigative and prosecutorial experience to this follow-up to his hit police procedural Capital Kill. Horns of the Devil provides a view into one of the most deadly organized crime threats facing the United States today and takes the reader on a gripping ride through murder investigations complicated by Washington politics and international intrigue.

* * *

The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Book 1)

by Noah Michael
4.6 stars – 29 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

In a future ravaged by war, a new hope rises from the ashes. One girl, with the key to ending it all.

A fierce, cunning warlord, fighting to save his family.

A beautiful, lonely telepath, struggling to discover the mysteries of her past.

And an ordinary man, seeking justice for his father.

Three separate lives, bound by tragedy, fate, and a common enemy—Jimmy Roko.

Raiden, Alia, and Yuran race Roko to obtain the ultimate weapon, the key to surviving the perils of the ancient Nexus Mirror and ending the war—ten-year-old Sarah.

Experience a futuristic Earth raging with mystical beasts and terrible demons, super-powered heroes and deadly battle-drones, ancient portals and daring new worlds. Explore the hidden tribes of the Enlai, each with their unique abilities and cultures. Battle against Jimmy Roko’s endless army of killer robots…or die trying.

* * *

The Bride of Doctor Franklin Stein

by Genevieve St-Yves
4.6 stars – 27 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Love is hard when you’re green

Doctor Franklin Stein’s love life has been in a rut ever since he fell into a vat of the experimental dye he created. Now he’s green from head to toe. Unable to go out in public without causing a stir, Franklin spends his days and nights working in his lab to reverse his condition. After all, what woman would want a green husband? But when the reclusive scientist receives an invitation to a Halloween party, it’s a chance to go out on the town and be treated like a normal man.

Becky Jensen became an internet sensation after a video of her being left at the altar went viral and holds little hope of ever finding Mr. Right. Socially awkward and more than a little afraid of being recognized as the infamous Crying Bride, Becky finds herself drawn to the man in the Jolly Green Giant costume. She strikes up a conversation hoping to hit it off with a fellow wallflower. With a few corny puns and a flaming pumpkin, Franklin charms Becky. But when two people are keeping secrets from each other, can the bond between them survive beyond one magical Halloween night? Or does Becky have what it takes to accept Franklin, green skin and all, and become the Bride of Doctor Franklin Stein?

A sweet contemporary Halloween novella that’s more treats than tricks.

* * *

Hairless Harassment (Pet Whisperer P.I. Book 3)

by Molly Fitz
4.6 stars – 136 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

I never signed up to be a private investigator with a snarky, talking cat for a partner, but there’s no backing down now. Especially considering a prominent politician was murdered pretty much right in my backyard.

The only witnesses were the senator’s two hairless cats, Jacques and Jillianne. Normally pets want to help us solve their owner’s murders, but this time it seems the two devious felines might actually be the ones who committed it…

Surprisingly enough, my own partner in crime, Octo-Cat, actually wants to help this time, but he can barely understand our two prime suspects because of their strange Sphynx accents. And I thought speaking tabby was hard!

So, there you have it, even with two successful cases behind me, I really don’t know how I’m going to solve this one. Is it too late to go back and pick another career?

* * *

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