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A personal story of survival, hope, and spiritual awakening in the face of unspeakable tragedy…
Out of The Silence: After the Crash by Eduardo Strauch

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Out of the Silence: After the Crash

by Eduardo Strauch
4.4 stars – 53 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

A personal story of survival, hope, and spiritual awakening in the face of unspeakable tragedy.

It’s the unfathomable modern legend that has become a testament to the resilience of the human spirit: the 1972 Andes plane crash and the Uruguayan rugby teammates who suffered seventy-two days among the dead and dying. It was a harrowing test of endurance on a snowbound cordillera that ended in a miraculous rescue. Now comes the unflinching and emotional true story by one of the men who found his way home.

Four decades after the tragedy, a climber discovered survivor Eduardo Strauch’s wallet near the memorialized crash site and returned it to him. It was a gesture that compelled Strauch to finally “break the silence of the mountains.”

In this revelatory and rewarding memoir, Strauch withholds nothing as he reveals the truth behind the life-changing events that challenged him physically and tested him spiritually, but would never destroy him. In revisiting the horror story we thought we knew, Strauch shares the lessons gleaned from far outside the realm of rational learning: how surviving on the mountain, in the face of its fierce, unforgiving power and desolate beauty, forever altered his perception of love, friendship, death, fear, loss, and hope.

Flora always dreamed of the day she’d become a mother. But some dreams turn into nightmares…
Jane Renshaw’s psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist WATCH OVER ME

Watch Over Me: A psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist

by Jane Renshaw
4.0 stars – 2 reviews
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Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Flora always dreamed of the day she’d become a mother. But some dreams turn into nightmares.

Flora and Neil are happily married, but they can’t have children so decide to adopt. And when Flora  meets little Beckie it’s love at first sight. Deep in her heart, she knows they’re meant for each other, destined to be mother and daughter.

When Flora officially becomes Beckie’s mum, it’s like a part of her that’s always been missing is finally in place. She is complete, every day filled with purpose and joy.

There’s only one problem. Beckie was taken from her birth family, the Johnsons, because they have a history of violence and criminal behaviour and so are judged to be unfit to care for a child.

But the Johnsons don’t agree. As far as they’re concerned, Flora has stolen their little girl and they are determined to get her back. They’re very smart, utterly ruthless – and they have a plan. One that will turn Flora’s life into a living hell and push her to the very edge of insanity.

This stunning psychological thriller is perfect for fans of K.L. Slater, Mark Edwards, and Teresa Driscoll.

What readers are saying about Watch Over Me:

Fantastic, absolutely brilliant! I loved all the twists and turns…every time I thought I had worked it out another twist appeared.” -NetGalley Reviewer

“I was hooked on this story…from the moment I picked my Kindle up until the moment I put the Kindle back down, I was completely under this book’s spell. ” -Gingerbookgeek

“I can promise you Watch Over Me will be making my top books of 2020 list in December! There’s some great twists in here as well. The ending was perfect. This is a strong 5/5 and I’m very happy I got to read Watch Over Me. I can highly recommend this book.” -NetGalley Reviewer

“There were many times I forgot to breathe, I was that engaged and absolutely loved the ending. Great psychological thriller…I highly recommend!” -Goodreads Reviewer

“There are lots of twists and secrets revealed with the ending being incredibly gripping and surprising. I had many ideas about what was going on but was proven wrong, which I always enjoy.” -Over The Rainbow Book Blog

“The shocks were plentiful, and that made reading enthralling.” -Shalani’s Books and Reviews

“The book was very exciting. Right from the word go I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down. It was fast paced. Fantastic twists and plot. A real winner.” -NetGalley Reviewer

“An excellent page turning read and had me hooked right to the end.” -NetGalley Reviewer

“Jane Renshaw plays mind games with you in this tension-filled psychological thriller that will leave you gasping in shock.” -Book Review Hub

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First Citizen: A Thriller

by Rick Bosworth
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:


It’s January 2021. A cataclysmic domestic terrorism attack has obliterated the federal government, and FBI agent George Moore and General Alexander Marius Taylor step into the void to prevent chaos. But both men have a dark secret that propels them on a collision course with history, and each other.

In the wake of the attack, General Taylor declares martial law, and a captivated public embraces him as their “American Caesar”. Moore is handpicked to investigate the case, which appears to be a slam dunk. But he uncovers startling information that pits him against his bosses and threatens to shatter his FBI career. Moore then learns of his link to a top-secret government project that forces him to question everything about himself and his country. What Moore discovers makes him the “Indispensable Man” destined to lead the opposition force against General Taylor, who has no intentions of surrendering power. This final epic confrontation will determine the fate of the United States.

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* * *

The Vanishing Spy (A Virginia Holmes Cozy Mystery)

by Zelda White
4.6 stars – 15 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

A murdered French butler. A missing skeleton key. For retired detective Virginia Holmes, this case should be no problem. But when Holmes and her assistant travel to France to investigate, the sleuths find themselves embroiled in a far deeper mystery that leads all the way back to the French Resistance of World War II. Spies. Nazis. Deception.

And a town that may hold a terrible secret.

* * *

Dangerous Currents

by Kathryn Knight
4.2 stars – 35 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

When a costly mistake ends Malorie Montgomery’s career, she returns to Cape Cod in search of a fresh start. But her plans for a new—and quiet—life are quickly derailed when she makes a grisly discovery in the woods, and her screams bring the one person from her past she’d hoped to avoid. Dean Slater, the ex-boyfriend who broke her heart in high school, now lives in the beachfront community that was supposed to be her haven…and he’s just as hot as he was six years ago.

With his rough background, Dean always knew he wasn’t good enough for the kind, intelligent beauty who claimed his heart, but somehow he’d believed their love was strong enough to survive anything—until the tragic night she turned her back on him when he needed her trust the most. Despite their painful history, Dean can’t resist the instinct to protect her, especially when it becomes apparent there’s a killer in their town.

Their former chemistry soon reignites, but Malorie has long accepted that her dark family secret has destined her to a life alone. And when she uncovers evidence that makes her the killer’s target, a deadly confrontation threatens to destroy any possibility of a second chance.

A new novel of romantic suspense from #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Kathryn Knight

* * *

CRACK THE CODE: 10 Proven Secrets that Motivate Healthy Behavior and Inspire Fulfillment in Men Over 50

by Louis Bezich
4.6 stars – 22 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Crack The Code presents an unconventional, motivation-based approach to health for men 50 and over. Ten strategies for creating and maintaining inspiration for a healthy lifestyle are advanced from a platform of survey research, interviews and the author’s personal experiences. Primary audiences for the book are men over 50 and the people that love them; their wives, partners, children and grandchildren. Additional audiences include health care providers, insurers, policy makers, men of all ages who want to find motivation for healthy behavior and anyone who has struggled with their health.

Asserting that without motivation no diet, exercise program, technology or other strategy will produce sustained results, Crack The Code describes how healthy-living men, one of the most health-challenged segments of the American population, exhibit a strong cognitive association between their life’s priorities and their behaviors; a catalytic awareness in which men often integrate their valued relationships into their health behaviors (they take walks with their wife). What the author terms Male Cognitive Behavioral Alignment.

The secret sauce of male motivation outlined in the book is derived from a nationwide survey of 1,000 healthy-living men. Crack The Code translates the findings into strategies and tactics with actionable exercises. Personal stories from interviews and focus groups add practical insights and emotion that engages readers. A discussion of relevant theories from psychology, management science and the fields of decision making and behavior change anchor the model in a context of well-established thinking. Crack The Code concludes with a call to action for a new culture of men’s health, outlining a confluence of social, economic and political factors in the US and beyond that represent a tipping point where healthy behavior among 50 plus men will become the new norm.

Crack The Code’s focus on motivation and the psycho-social underpinnings of behavior fills a gap in a market dominated by publications on traditional diet and exercise. By digging deeper and using everyday men as a source, Crack The Code breaks new ground for a burgeoning segment of the baby-boomer population that is in desperate need of help. The potential to influence men of other ages as well as health care providers, insurers and policy makers, creates a tremendously valuable read.

* * *

The Light to My Darkness

by Ivy Smoak
4.7 stars – 226 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

From international bestselling author Ivy Smoak comes a romantic suspense that will leave your heart racing.

I fell in love with the handsome stranger the first time I ever saw him. A chance encounter on a rainy fall day. And I know he felt the same way. Until suddenly…he didn’t.

In the blink of an eye, I lost everything. He stays out late. Hides phone calls. But what hurts the most? He looks at me differently. Like I’m no longer the most important person in his life.

I’m determined to get to the bottom of it. Because it’s not just me I have to protect anymore. And it’s because of him that we’re in danger…

* * *

Adam (Farraday Country Book 1)

by Chris Keniston
4.7 stars – 1,633 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“Chris Keniston gives us a world you’ll never want to leave.” Emily March, New York Times Bestselling Author of Eternity Springs series.

“Chris Keniston never disappoints!” RaeAnne Thayne New York Times Bestselling Author

Welcome to Farraday Country, a twist on the favorite 7 Brides for 7 Brothers theme set in cattle-ranching west Texas, with all the friends, family and fun that fans have come to expect from USA TODAY Bestselling author Chris Keniston.

On a barren road in the pre-dawn hours, Adam Farraday, the oldest of seven siblings, happens upon a disabled sports car and an angel in white searching for a disappearing dog. What is it about this secretive redheaded beauty that intrigues him as no woman has before?

After learning her fiancé’s true nature minutes before her wedding, Meg O’Brien drives as fast and as far away from her world as she can. Stranded with no money, and nowhere to go, the city girl must learn to fit in to small town life and all its quirky trappings. Too bad falling in love with her handsome rescuer is not an option.

* * *

MAMA: Erotic Suspense (Ken Ross Romantic/Erotic Suspense Series Book 4)

by Ken Ross
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Jerry and his gals, Patsy and Erica, return to Crickenville with not too fond memories of the grim Ohio town. This time they’re in for a different kind of surprise as they meet Mama, who turns out to be more than an attractive forty-something woman. Mama has a host of secrets, and her secrets aren’t too pleasant. She’s a liar even though she’s another fine body to have fun with. Hey, and she can introduce them to a couple of interesting strangers if Jerry and the gals have the wherewithal to conduct a daring rescue. As usual, it’s non-stop sex for the adventurous threesome, and they soon learn that three bodies could very easily become six bodies. Wow! A scorching read in the style of WASTED PAIN, PROTECTION, BODIES & BROKEN SISTERS with a tear-jerking ending saved for the last lines.

* * *

Frank is gobsmacked when his second wife, who died three years prior, shows up as a ghost to be his dating coach…
If You Tame Me by Kathie Giorgio

❤️ Kindle Nation Daily Romance of the Day ❤️

If You Tame Me

by Kathie Giorgio
4.1 stars – 38 reviews
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“Giorgio’s love of language shines in this poignant and thoughtful examination of the nature of relationships, the universal need for companionship, and the meaning of feminism in today’s world.” –Sublime Book Review

On the morning of her 55th birthday, Audrey takes stock of her life and finds it lacking. While she’s done well, she’s missing something important – a mate. She is also rocked by the 2016 election and wonders if it’s possible to be a feminist in the current political environment. In a fit of desperation, she ponders adopting a cat…but comes home with an iguana named Newt instead. Newt is destined to change Audrey’s life.

Next door, Frank, a widow, lives with his six parakeets. He develops a crush on Audrey, but is at a loss as to how to approach her. He’s shocked when his first wife, who he divorced, shows up on his doorstep to offer help, but he’s gobsmacked when his second wife, who died three years prior, shows up as a ghost to be his dating coach.

Birds, a lizard, a man, a woman…what happens is magic.

If they don’t understand what’s happened in the past, there will be no future…
A post-apocalyptic tale of chilling survival set in the Canadian wilderness: Savage Dawn by Inge Moore

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Savage Dawn

by Inge Moore
3.8 stars – 69 reviews
Everyday price: $2.99
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

It began with a camping weekend to Dease Lake Caves.

No one realized that nearby Mount Edziza was boiling and about to erupt.

The volcano ravaged all they’d known, leaving a treacherous new world.

Joining forces with others who sought shelter at the caves, Karen and her group of battered survivors fight to live on under almost impossible circumstances.  Not only has Edziza erupted, but so has a string of other volcanoes around the world, resulting in a devastating volcanic winter.

Violent human conflict, ecological disaster, and shifting alliances abound.  Now the group’s future rests in their own hands.  They must discover what events have brought about the apocalypse.  Because if they don’t understand what’s happened in the past, there will be no future.

Savage Dawn is a post-apocalyptic tale of chilling survival and sizzling romance, set in the Canadian wilderness.

Savage Dawn by [Moore, Inge]

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Runway Dreams: A Black & White Affair

by T.K. Ambers
4.0 stars – 22 reviews
Everyday price: $3.99
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“We’re smitten by this exceptionally fresh, high-watt glam murder mystery.” –Best Thrillers

Bernadette has almost everything a twenty-six-year-old model could desire. She has a great home, beautiful clothing, and a wonderful family. Yet, all she really desires is a decent man to share her life with.

Against her sister’s wishes, Bernadette, joins the world of online dating. She can hardly believe her luck upon finding the profile of Martin Day, a handsome, successful businessman, who is moving to her hometown.

The couple clicks instantly and their relationship is on the fast track to marital bliss, when suddenly a stranger brings unsettling news about Martin’s past. Despite the warnings, Bernadette continues seeing him, and quickly finds out that some relationship mistakes cannot be easily fixed.

As her situation grows increasingly out of control, she realizes that it has come down to life or death and that she must put a stop to Martin’s reign of terror, at any cost.