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Wolf’s Bane (Moon Marked Book 1)

by Aimee Easterling
4.2 stars – 328 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Secrets are my specialty.I’m Mai Fairchild — fox shifter, sister’s keeper, and bane of the local werewolf pack. In a world where different is dangerous, my sister and I must pretend to be human at all costs. Too bad I just lost the job that lets me live under the radar while putting food on my sister’s plate.Enter an enticing werewolf who offers enough cash to upgrade our diets from ramen noodles to salami if I join him on a magical hunt. But can I afford to accept the opportunity when the risk of working closely with every fox shifter’s sworn enemy is so great?This first book in USA Today bestselling author Aimee Easterling’s newest series dives into a world of magic, danger, and romance.

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* * *

The Granite Key (Arkana Archaeology Mystery Thriller Series Book 1)

by N. S. Wikarski
4.2 stars – 141 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
College freshman Cassie Forsythe wakes from a disturbing nightmare after seeing her sister being murdered by a man in a cowboy hat who demands something called the key. Her dream morphs into frightening reality when her sister is found dead, exactly as her vision foretold.Cassie’s life takes an even more bizarre turn once she learns that her dead sister, an antique dealer, has discovered the location of a cache of priceless Minoan artifacts. A secret society called the Arkana and a fanatical religious cult known as the Blessed Nephilim are each determined to claim the prize.

Caught squarely between these rival factions is Cassie herself after she stumbles across the only known map to the treasure. The girl allies herself with the Arkana in hopes of staying alive. With Nephilim assassins on her trail, that’s easier said than done.

Volume 1 – The Granite Key
In THE GRANITE KEY, an antique dealer is murdered for a mysterious cipher stone that reveals the location of a collection of ancient artifacts. The victim’s sister Cassie is stunned when she learns about her sibling’s double life as an Arkana agent. She’s even more stunned to discover the role she’s about to play in helping the Arkana recover the trove.

Along with two field agents, she travels to Crete to hunt for clues, unaware that ruthless Nephilim operatives are only steps behind. Will Cassie and her new team find what they seek before a Minoan crypt buries them along with their quest? THE GRANITE KEY holds all the answers.

* * *

Swallow Me Whole: A Friends To Lovers Romance

by Gemma James
4.4 stars – 448 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Sadie Sawyer wants to learn how to blow a guy.

She’s my sister’s best friend.
The girl I’ve known since grade school.
The girl I’ve always considered off-limits.

She’s the girl that crawled under a table in a bar one night and changed everything between us. Now the brain in my pants is more than willing to step up. The rules are simple.

No kissing.
No screwing.
No falling in love.

But the more I let her use my body in the name of experimentation, the more I know being friends isn’t enough. Is it too much to want it all with her?

The taste of her lips.
The sweetness of her innocence.
The chance to earn her love.

I might have a real shot with her…if her douchebag ex and my past don’t ruin everything.

* * *

The Junkyard Dog (Jimmy Flannery Mysteries Book 1)

by Robert Campbell
3.9 stars – 75 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
***Edgar Award Winner*** – The Junkyard Dog — Chicago is Jimmy Flannery’s kind of town. A tough Irishman with street smarts, he’s part of a political machine that runs on favors and friendships. Flannery’s particular piece of the patronage is the 27th Ward, and anything that happens there is his business. Even murder.So when an antiabortion demonstration ends with a bomb blast that kills a pretty young girl and an old woman, Flannery takes it personally. But someone’s stonewalling the investigation, and Flannery’s starting to wonder if the bombing was political, or as a cover-up for murder. Something smells rotten — from the Gold Coast to the South Side. And when the killer goes after Flannery’s lady love, Flannery doesn’t just get mad — he gets as mean as a junkyard dog — on the scent of the dirty politics mixed with passion and revenge, a very deadly combination . . .

* * *

Beneath Our Skin: A Romantic Suspense Novel

by Daniel Shahar Szichman
4.7 stars – 21 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

When boundaries are broken, love is put to the test…Ronny, the owner of a large cosmetics company and student in a course on art, is swept into a serious adventure, when an ordinary tour around Switzerland leads him and another student named Ariella into a global conspiracy that could shatter his world and project of a lifetime to pieces.

While Ronny is far away from home, his wife, Suzy, who misses him terribly, finds herself in a troublesome situation with Shuki, an agent in the cosmetics industry.

Shuki covets Suzy and envies the couple’s success and is willing to go to any lengths to get her. When he realizes his efforts are about to fail, he decides to step up his obsessive pursuit of her by breaking all the limits.

When Ronny returns to Suzy’s arms, himself having gone through a shaking experience with Ariella, it dawns on him things have changed and he must make a difficult decision—is his love for Suzy strong enough to keep them together or perhaps it is time to part and go on new and separate paths?

* * *

Royal Disaster

by Renna Peak, Ember Casey
3.9 stars – 41 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Sophia is the youngest daughter of the royal family of Montovia. While her older brothers have found themselves in scandal after scandal over the years, she’s mostly stayed out of trouble.

Until now.

Pax Donovan is a rock god. His band is about to release the riskiest album of their career, and he won’t let anything distract him from taking over the music world.

Until he meets her.

From the moment Sophia and Pax meet, sparks fly. They both know this is a bad idea, but it doesn’t matter.

He’s trouble for her.

She’s trouble for him.

This might end in disaster—but there are some things you just can’t deny.

This is Part One of a six-part contemporary romance serial by bestselling authors Renna Peak and Ember Casey. This episode ends with a cliffhanger.

* * *

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