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In the lush, forested world between the earth and sky, sometimes it takes only a little thing to disrupt your concept of reality, forever…
The Journey by E. A. Bagby

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The Journey (The Feigned Moon of Entiria Epic Serial Book 1)

by E. A. Bagby
3.8 stars – 6 reviews
Everyday Price: $2.99
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

In the lush, forested world between the earth and sky, sometimes it takes only a little thing to disrupt your concept of reality, forever. For Giels, it is an item of legend–a recorder–and the message it contains.

Giels has grown up believing he was destined for two things: One, becoming the Lead Storyteller of his tribe, and two, marrying his childhood sweetheart, Cleo. But all his carefully laid plans fall apart when their eccentric tech genius friend, Erikal, builds a miraculous new flying machine and offers them a journey beyond the ends of the known World.

Tomorrow was supposed to be Giels’s moment. Having passed the threshold to adulthood, he must prove his knowledge of the ancient stories for the shamans and secure his future in tribal leadership. But now all Cleo can talk about is this new adventure . . . and her growing affection for Erikal.

They leave before dawn. Will Giels honor his commitments and risk losing the love of his life? Or will he abandon everything he’s worked for to stay by her side, even if that means passing into lands no mortals were meant to enter–at the whims of a madman?

One thing is for certain: There are darker secrets behind those ancient stories than he ever dreamed of–and everything he thinks he knows about reality is about to change.

Part Journey to the Center of the Earth, Ringworld, Gormenghast, Lord of the Rings, and Mists of Avalon, with a splash of House of Leaves and a sprinkle of Jane Austin, this work is written in a crisp, immersive style. To Giels, his world is as real as your own, and he wants to bring you with him to strange places and new realities in this first installment of the epic serial, The Feigned Moon of Entiria.

In the tradition of Charles Dickens, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Worm, The Feigned Moon of Entiria will be distributed over time as parts (called episodes) in a serialized fashion, starting with The Journey.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 Stars! “Author E. A. Bagby has crafted the opening episode to a fascinating conceptual world and a journey that will surely build into a truly fantastical adventure…Bagby’s prose offers vivid descriptions and solid worldbuilding for both the tribal setting and the promise of the worlds beyond what is known. Overall, I would highly recommend The Journey for readers seeking to embark upon a brand new and exciting sci-fi and fantasy adventure.”–Readers’ Favorite.

What should contemporary readers do with Kennedy’s Profiles In Courage, which champions “compromisers on racial justice as exemplars of courage”?

From the New Yorker: J.F.K.’s “Profiles in Courage” Has a Racism Problem. What Should We Do About It? Support our news coverage by subscribing to our Kindle Nation Daily Digest. Joining is free!

Every so often I hear from the descendants of Adelbert Ames, a Union general during the Civil War and then the governor of Mississippi during Reconstruction, objecting to a paragraph about him in John F. Kennedy’s book “Profiles in Courage,” from 1956. “No state suffered more from carpetbag rule than Mississippi,” Kennedy wrote, about Ames’s governorship. Corruption was rampant. Taxes rose by a factor of fourteen. “Vast areas of northern Mississippi lay in ruins.” None of this is true, and the Ames family has been lobbying the Kennedy family to change the offending paragraph pretty much continuously for more than sixty years—including an in-person discussion with J.F.K., in 1963, conducted in the White House by Ames’s great-grandson George Plimpton, the writer and editor of The Paris Review. Nothing has worked. But maybe now, at this moment of a great national reconsideration of our history and our monuments, especially on racial grounds, it might be different?

I’m getting these entreaties, most recently a couple of weeks ago, because I wrote a book about the bloody overthrow of Reconstruction by white terrorists in Mississippi in 1875. Ames is a leading character, presented far more positively than he is in “Profiles in Courage.” Since what happened during the Reconstruction period has never been very firmly fixed in American memory, some explanation is probably required. What was Ames doing in “Profiles in Courage” in the first place, and why was he—a white politician elected by an overwhelmingly Black constituency—offered up by Kennedy as a villain?

“Profiles in Courage” was published when Kennedy was thirty-eight years old. He was the junior senator from Massachusetts, in the early stages of planning his campaign for President in 1960. The main body of the book is eight profiles of United States senators whom Kennedy considered to have been extraordinarily courageous, starting chronologically with John Quincy Adams, in the early nineteenth century, and ending with Robert A. Taft, in the mid-twentieth century. It’s irresistible to think about the book in the light of Kennedy’s political ambitions. Thanks to his heroic and well-publicized exploits as a Navy officer in the South Pacific during the Second World War, courage was already identified as one of Kennedy’s salient qualities, and the framing device for the book underscored that. The courageous subjects were distributed pragmatically, considering that Kennedy was a regional politician preparing to go national. Two were from the Northeast, two from the South, and four from the Midwest. Three were Republicans. They stood for a broad range of political causes.

Read full post on The New Yorker

An ordinary snapshot causes a mother’s world to unravel in #1 NYTimes bestselling author Harlan Coben’s shocking thriller: Just One Look

Just One Look

by Harlan Coben
4.5 stars – 761 reviews
Everyday Price: $9.99
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
An ordinary snapshot causes a mother’s world to unravel in this shocking thriller from the bestselling author and creator of the hit Netflix drama The Stranger.

When Grace Lawson picks up a newly developed set of family photographs, there is a picture that doesn’t belong-a photo from at least twenty years ago with a man in it who looks strikingly like her husband, Jack. And though Jack denies it’s him, he disappears that night, taking the photo with him. Now, to save her family from a fierce, silent killer who will stop at nothing to get the photo, Grace must confront the dark corners of her own tragic past….

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The Baseball: A Brief Novel

by James Flerlage
5.0 stars – 12 reviews
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Landon Myers is a retired pediatric oncologist who spends his days diagnosing the ills of his young grandchildren’s stuffed animals while scheming up new ways to spend time with the older ones. When his thirteen-year-old granddaughter Lucy discovers an old Major League Baseball while cleaning his cellar, he faces the difficult task of exposing a family secret that has lain dormant for the past forty years.

Over a long lunch with Lucy, Landon reveals that he was previously married, divorced, and had a son, Alex. Two years after his parents’ bitter divorce, sixteen-year-old Alex receives devastating news that derails the course of his life. In a captivating story about family, relationships, and reconciliation, The Baseball begs the question, “If life gave you a second chance, would you know what to do with it?”

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Sticks and Standing Stones Can Break My Bones: A Funny Romantic Paranormal Mystery (Alfie Wimple Adventure Trilogy Book 1)

by Nhys Glover
4.2 stars – 34 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
“A funny and touching paranormal cosy mystery that will leave you wanting more.”
In the peaceful and idyllic Yorkshire Dales of England a Standing Stone guards the entrance to the Underworld. When that gateway is opened, only one person is capable of closing it before something escapes. The trouble is, that person is Alfie Wimple, a penniless artist with a collection of strays and the ability to see ghosts. And she’s clueless about what exists at the bottom of her garden.
Add two gorgeous men, one a bad boy enforcer for a crime boss, the other a University professor on sabbatical; a couple of pesky ghosts; and someone determined to force Alfie out of her crumbling Stately Home, and suddenly this shy, twenty-four-year old virgin has more on her chubby hands than she can possibly manage.

* * *

Deadly Ties: A Political Thriller

by Aaron Ben-Shahar
4.8 stars – 20 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

When in troubleyou can only truly trust your family, your blood ties… but can you?

Bonnie, a prominent minister in the Israeli government finds a signed envelope inside the drawer of his recently deceased mother’s desk.

The mysterious envelope, addressed to him personally, contains shocking details about his biological father which his mother had kept secret for over forty years.

When Bonnie decides to get to the bottom of this enigma, he finds himself at the crux of a complex international conflict in the boiling Middle East, from where there is no return.

He must think twice about who is with him and who is against him.

If he wants to save himself, he must trust only those closest to him. But what if those very people turned out also to be his greatest enemies?

Beyond being fast-paced and suspenseful, this story raises tough questions about morality, loyalty and integrity.

* * *

Royal Wager

by Renna Peak, Ember Casey
4.8 stars – 7 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

He’ll win the title he’s always wanted…if only he can resist his carnal desires.

Benedict has a life most men would kill for—money, leisure, and any women he wants.

Cousins of the royal family of Montovia, Benedict and his two older brothers are well-known for their wild antics, playboy escapades, and fierce brotherly competitions.

There’s only one thing Benedict doesn’t have: a claim to a title of his own.

Until now.

Benedict and his brothers are about to enter the fiercest competition of their lives.

The prize? A prestigious estate and a title to match.

The game? Whoever can hold out on sex the longest wins.

Benedict is certain he has what it takes to win—until he meets Quinn Hartley, the American tourist who just might become his greatest weakness…

This book is part one of a three-part series and ends with a cliffhanger.

* * *

Unscrambled Eggs

by Nadia Brown
4.0 stars – 47 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Profound and riveting, this is a 60 poem book collection with poetry that enlightens, speaks the way of life and the world. The poems from Unscrambled Eggs has a universal appeal, and is true to life in form. Unscrambled Eggs was written over a five year period and is an honest and thought-provoking book that deals with everyday life issues. It is a stirring compilation of poems about living your dream and finding one’s purpose.

* * *

Inspire your kids to exercise their imagination, expand their creativity, and have an awesome childhood!
131 Boredom Busters and Creativity Builders For Kids by Jed Jurchenko

131 Boredom Busters and Creativity Builders For Kids

by Jed Jurchenko
3.9 stars – 72 reviews
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Bust boredom, build creativity, and inspire awesomeness in your kids. This imaginative play book will guide you on the journey! Imaginative Play for KidsToday’s kids are busier than ever. These kids play activities can be done alone, with siblings, or together as a family. This makes them perfect for rainy days, family nights, and any time your children require a creativity boost. In home Activities for KidsThis is not a book of costly, highly sophisticated projects, which require an advanced degree in parenting. Instead, this imaginative play book is filled with in home activities for children that require little planning. Best of all, they encourage your kids to make the most of the supplies they already have at home.Some kids play activities are especially engaging. Others encourage increased responsibility. While the third category stretches the imagination. Parents will gain new insights into the healing power of play, learn to let go of parenting guilt, and discover why free time is a secret ingredient to an awesome childhood. Children will simply have a blast as they bust boredom and expand their imaginations along the way!Creative Play for ChildrenDon’t let your kids fall victim to boredom. Build their creativity, responsibility, and joy instead. These in home activities for children will guide you on the journey!

Today’s Family Kindle Deal is sponsored by this week’s Family eBook of The Week:

Spirit Runner

by Richard Ferguson
4.7 stars – 67 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:


The one book to read during the time of coronavirus! Entertaining. Inspiring. Strengthening. Equally enjoyable for adults and children.

As they grow up, Ron, Dovey, and Emil face great danger in a thrilling tale of grit, pluck, love, and glory to get Ron to his distance running, Olympic marathon dream.

Amazon Review: “If you’ve seen the movie “Rocky”, you’ll remember the scene where Rocky runs through the city with all the neighborhood’s kids cheering and running with him. That’s how you feel when reading this novel, like those kids cheering for the champion, in this case Ronnie, an underdog who struggles and finds his place in the world in a very personal and heartwarming way.”

The world contrives against a boy named Ron Campbell. His legs are mangled in a wreck and paralyzed. The people he loves die. His remaining relatives hate him.

Only his indomitable spirit sustains him – he will attempt every obstacle, face every danger, and answer every challenge to pursue his impossible dream of Olympic marathon champion. But nothing can prepare him for what awaits.

An epic journey of endurance lays ahead where he will learn that a true friend, whether animal or human, is the real prize of the world, and the mystical power of the spirit can work miracles.

The award-winning novel from Richard Ferguson is a new addition to the great tales of courage against all odds by Philip Pullman, Brandon Sanderson, and J.K. Rowling

“A high-octane thriller, combining insurance scams and drug cartels, chock-full of well-planned sequences, evasive actions, and near misses.”
Asesina by Craig Keffeler

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by Craig Keffeler
4.4 stars – 16 reviews
Everyday Price: $5.99
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“A high-octane thriller, combining insurance scams and drug cartels, chock-full of well-planned sequences, evasive actions, and near misses.” –Sublime Book Review

Meet Angel—smart, willful, a lover of animals. She is also one of the Cartel del Noreste’s most lethal hitters, but this time she has met her match. His name is Dr. Ernest L. Girard and he’s a man who has everything—upbringing, looks, gifted surgical skills. He is also an admitted drug user, gambler, and the prime suspect in the largest medical malpractice scam ever investigated in California.

Girard is about to get lucky, and rich. His practice, Hurston Neurological Institute, is being bought out by a German medical conglomerate led by a profit-hungry CEO with neo-Nazi tendencies. But when a fellow party-hound is busted for cocaine possession and turns state’s evidence against Girard, Angel is hired to get rid of the good doctor. That is until her best-laid plans spin crazily out of control and our huntress becomes the hunted.

Love blooms in the New Hampshire town of Red Maple Falls in this utterly romantic collection! Red Maple Falls Series Bundle: Books 1-3 by Theresa Paolo

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Red Maple Falls Series Bundle: Books 1-3

by Theresa Paolo
4.4 stars – 24 reviews
Everyday Price: $7.99
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Love blooms in the New Hampshire town of Red Maple Falls in this utterly romantic collection of small-town love stories! Join the Hayes siblings as they each find love in the most unexpected of ways.

Book #1: Matt and Shay

A hot cop and a sweet baker get a second chance at love in this small-town romance.

Seventeen years after Shay Michaels said goodbye to summers in Red Maple Falls and the only boy she ever truly loved, she’s back and the proud owner of Sweet Dreams Bakery. Life is good until someone breaks into her shop, making her question if the life she left behind in New York followed her.

As the local sheriff, Matt is keeping a close eye on the place and an even closer eye on the beautiful owner who refuses to take the break in seriously. Two conflicting personalities that burn bright on their own become down right explosive when thrown together. But in order to move toward a future together, they will have to let go of their past and accept the mistakes they made.

Book #2 Kate and Caleb:

It was love at first sight until he opened his mouth.

Born and raised in the small town of Red Maple Falls, it’s impossible for Kate Hayes to meet a guy she hasn’t known since first grade. When she is approached by a ridiculously attractive, unfamiliar face during one of her glass blowing demonstrations, she can’t help but get her hopes up. Until he opens his mouth.

Caleb James established his bike shop in the middle of nowhere to escape his past. When the owner of the adjoining business blocks his parking spots to put on her “arts and crafts hour” he has no choice but to shut her down. What he doesn’t expect is the fresh-faced beauty who refuses to accommodate his requests. Nor does he expect for the small town to be filled with big personalities who feel the need to force their way into his life, refusing to leave him alone.

While Caleb continues to fight Kate, and tries to keep his distance, holding on to a vow he made to himself to never trust again, she tears down every wall he’s ever built. Will the promise of a future with Kate be enough to break the promise of his past?

Book #3: Mason and Cassie

“Love was the enemy. But when she looked at Mason, she didn’t feel threatened, she felt hopeful.”

Barely hanging on after narrowly escaping an abusive relationship, Cassie Alan is running dangerously low on funds. After her job hunt comes up empty, she wishes for a miracle, only for the skies to turn black and dump on her. That pretty much sums up her life. But then he shows up. With the promise of a warm truck and a list of people who would vouch he’s not a serial killer, Cassie accepts the ride. What she doesn’t expect is for her entire life to change when she steps into the old truck.

New business owner Mason Hayes has a very strict rule: Do not mix business and pleasure. Until he hires the beautiful rain-soaked girl he rescued on the side of the road and finds it impossible to resist her. With each innocent touch and passion fueled gaze, his desires only grow. Afraid to scare her away and determined to gain Cassie’s trust, Mason gives Cassie complete control over the pace of their budding relationship.

As Cassie slowly opens up, revealing her dark past and shameful secrets, Mason sees beyond the scars to the strong fighter she really is. But when the past she ran away from threatens their happily ever after, will Cassie find the strength Mason sees in her to fight back?

“Small town setting with fantastic chemistry and a cute romance- I absolutely adored this book!!” ★★★★★ -Mandy

“Mad About Matt was a read well worth the time.” ★★★★★ -Terri

“I love this book so 5 stars is not enough but that’s the max!” ★★★★★ -Patty