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Do you ever feel powerless, as though the world has it in for you, or that nothing ever goes your way? Learn how to change everything with Magic Words and How to Use Them by Genevieve Davis

Kindle Nation Daily eBook of The Day

Magic Words and How to Use Them

by Genevieve Davis
4.8 stars – 47 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Have you ever wished magic was real? Do you ever feel powerless, as though the world has it in for you, or that nothing ever goes your way? Have you wished there were a magic word you could utter that would change everything?

If so, I have good news for you.

Magic is real. And you can use mere words to affect the people, events, objects and relationships of your life in exciting and beautiful ways.

This book will teach you the technique of using Magic Words. It’s the most spectacularly effective method for creating change in just about any area you can think of.

Magic Words is devastatingly simple to master. It takes no preparation, costs nothing, anyone can do it, and you can start using it immediately. If you are consistent with the practice, you may well see a change within just a few days.

Magic Words is the technique consistently reported by my coaching clients as the most effective, and more people report success with this practice than any other. I personally use it every single day of my life.

My promise is this: use Magic Words consistently and as described, and you’ll see massive changes too.

“You can look at this book, and this process, through a filter of spirituality and metaphysics, or one of basic psychology – either way it works. The words we use shape what we focus on (Google research on the Reticular Activating System), and what we focus on defines what we see, how we see it, and how we react to it. In any case, it works – this short book produces results. Magic? You make the call ;->” – Amazon Review

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