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Can the three of us finally be the family I always dreamed we might be? Second Chance Valentine by Annie J. Rose. #1 New Release in Holiday Romance

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Second Chance Valentine

by Annie J. Rose
Second Chance Valentine
4.1 stars – 34 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
Travis King was the love of my life,
Until he broke up with me out of the blue over a text.

Now, seven years later, he’s back in our small town and there’s no way to avoid him.
Especially not when I bring a very special patient to the local ER where he’s doing his residency.
The intake woman asks for her father’s name.
I tell here there is no father, but one look at Travis, and I know he knows.
He saves my little girl’s – our little girl’s- life,
And now that the danger has passed, he wants answers.
At first, I push back, but then I remember what Amelia asked Santa for this year: a daddy.
Now that her’s is standing right in front of her, how can I keep them apart any longer?
Travis is amazing with her, and they immediately form a bond,
Can a big misunderstanding in our past be left behind where it belongs?

Can the three of us finally be the family I always dreamed we might be?
Or will all I get for this Valentine’s Day be another broken heart?

Great book about young love that turns into heartbreak and new beginnings. Travis was going down a dark path with heavy drinking and trying to get into med school and Carrie’s parents get into an argument with him Then he just leaves her and cuts off contact so he doesn’t drag her down with him. Carrie atleast gets a last gift from him in form of her daughter, but will she tell Travis if she see’s him again? Well 7 years later he comes back into town with his life turned around and as the new Pediatric doctor doing his residency. Will he talk to her about what happened and maybe try to see if there is anything left between them? A great book that’s a must read.
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