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Black Bear Outlaws Box Set: Books 1-3: Mating Fever

by Deanna Chase
4.7 stars – 18 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Meet the Doucets in the Black Bear Outlaws Trilogy:


He’s loved her since they were kids…
Cyrus Doucet used to be the bad boy, the one all the girls wanted…all of them except one, the girl next door.

He’s everything she says she doesn’t want…
Claire Erickson’s always been the good girl…until now. She’s in trouble and the only person she can turn to is her outlaw neighbor, Cyrus Doucet.


She’s exactly what he’s looking for…
Chase Doucet knows what he wants. He’s a man who lives his life on the edge, and as far as he can see, so does Katrina Craig. One way or another, he’s determined to have her.

He’s her match in every way but one…
Katrina Craig has finally found the man and adventure she’s been looking for. But when life throws her a curve ball, suddenly she’s got a secret that could ruin everything.


He’s a man in danger of losing his self-control…
Cole Doucet has a job to do. Protect the starlet at any cost. But who’s going to protect her from him?

She’s a woman in danger of losing her heart…
After a crazed stalker forces Amberly Matthews to leave Hollywood and her life in the public eye, she counts down the days until she can be back on the set. But when trouble follows her to Bayou Basin, she’s once again thrust into danger—and the arms of Cole Doucet.

*Formerly published under the pen name Kenzie Cox*

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* * *

PARTIAL ABSOLUTION: Erotic Suspense (Rosa’s Confessions Book 2)

by Ken Ross
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Rosa’s confessions continue as she returns from exile to her home city. There are old relationships to mend and new ones to be discovered. She’s desperate to be loved and on the lookout for sexual adventures – but who wants a tart who had to flee from her neighbourhood? Her former partner Marty or her lover Tracey Cummings are her primary targets. It’s not going to be easy for Rosa, the hapless protagonist from SUPERFLUOUS. Sex or love – does she find either?

* * *

The Angel’s Covenant (The Covenant Series Book 1)

by Lynn Landes
3.8 stars – 29 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Are You Shadow?
Elina will never forget the dark angel who slaughtered her family. She’s longing for a chance to avenge them. Chosen as the Keeper of Humanity, she is racing the Fallen who will stop at nothing to destroy her. Malach is chosen to protect and train her, she should not have feelings for him; she fights it every day. In the quiet moments, they hear the whispered question “Are you Shadow or Are you Light?” Each stolen glance and soft touch brings them closer to breaking the Angel’s Covenant.Are You Light?
Malach is an Archangel chosen as the guardian of hope. His promise was to protect and guide her. He never understood why his brother chose to fall until he looked into her blue eyes. Trouble is brewing amongst the angels. Some feel that humanity is the problem, but Malach knows the truth. Elina is the only hope they have against the dark angel, for he is building an army bent on ruling Heaven and Earth.

* * *

The Frontline: Season 1 – Episode 1: A Small Town Detective Story (The Kole County Series)

by Michael Santino
4.6 stars – 50 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“…an intricately woven portrait of small-town intrigue where deadly secrets unravel…The stakes are high, the pacing perfect, and the action relentless.” -Prairies Book Review 

An act of domestic terrorism or an elaborate murder plot?

This uniquely styled crime serial gets off to an explosive start as a grizzled state police investigator, Brett Bonner, and an idealistic FBI agent, Christopher Odacio, are forced to partner up to investigate an explosion that rocked their small town.

Unsure of whether they’re fighting a monster or creating one, they’re forced to decide how far they’ll go when a bright line is crossed.

In a nation deeply divided, Kole County is The Frontline.

* * *

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