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An interactive read-aloud for reluctant readers: The Worst Book Ever by Beth Bacon

Kids’ eBook of The Day

The Worst Book Ever: An interactive read-aloud for reluctant readers

by Beth Bacon
4.6 stars – 236 reviews
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Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
2018 Finalist in Digital Book World Awards, Children’s CategoryMost bad books look forward to hanging out at rummage sales. Not this bad book. Its goal is to be featured in the library’s Banned Books List. Problem is, no one seems to notice… until the book teams up with its boisterous readers. Together, the book and its readers shout, wiggle, and sing to get the attention of a local librarian. Will this book see its cover on the library wall… or will it end up in the recycling bin? Full of bold, colorful graphics and laugh-out-loud humor, The Worst Book Ever is another colorful, graphical, high-lo book for reluctant readers by Beth Bacon. The meta-storytelling and interactive prompts get reluctant readers laughing, dancing, shouting—and reading. Ideal for read-alouds and story time, as well as independent reading for beginning to intermediate readers. Like Beth Bacon’s other books, I Hate Reading, The Book No One Wants To Read, and Blank Space, this book helps make reading fun.

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Dance from the Heart (Dancing With Horses Book 3)

by Toni Mari
4.4 stars – 64 reviews
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

My father’s arms were crossed, his face stern. “You are not taking a whole week off from school for another ribbon. I said this was your last show and I meant it.”

The first time Jane’s father said that she had to stop riding and showing because she was a college student now, Jane didn’t think he meant it. But this time, the look in his eyes told a different story. He might as well have said he forbade her to breathe. Jane lived to ride. Hadn’t she mastered her flighty and powerful partner, Windsong, to win the junior championship? Hadn’t she proved her commitment by spending a summer riding and training, instead of hanging out with her friends? Didn’t he see that she was good at riding? More shocking was the fact that the love of her life, Cory Banks, agreed with her father. Cory supported her riding since he was a competitive western reining champion himself. Cory had stood by her side as she progressed in her training with the difficult but talented Windsong. And now he decides to side with her father.

Will Jane find a way to continue her quest to be the best dressage rider in the nation, keep her horse and get a college degree without blatantly defying her father and losing her boyfriend along the way? Jane’s journey continues in this last book of the trilogy, but don’t worry, you won’t be lost if you haven’t read the first and second books. Dance From the Heart will have you on the edge of your seat as Jane navigates the trials of growing up and competing in the exciting world of equestrian sports.What readers are saying about Dance From the Heart;

  • I actually got teary in this book on multiple occasions.
  • I love to ride dressage and enjoy reading light romance as well so it was a lovely combination of both and then some!
  • Well all I want to say is purchase this book and the rest of the trilogy and you won’t be disappointed. I was so enthralled I was awake till 3.30am finishing the book like a teenager.
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