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All I Want for Christmas Eve (Snowflake Creek)

by Olivia Noble
4.3 stars – 137 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

Santa’s Sleigh has crashed in Eve’s backyard.

To be clear, it’s a plane named Santa’s Sleigh.
She saves Adam from the wreckage, and although he’s injured, he’s not too injured to make endless jokes about how they belong together. Adam and Eve jokes. Ugh.

It would be so lame if he weren’t so sexy. And if Eve didn’t live in The Middle of Nowhere, Alaska, where the only men around are polar bears.
Could Adam be Eve’s Christmas present from Santa?
Men don’t usually fall from the sky, but when they do… might as well enjoy.
It’s snowing men. Hallelujah?

* * *

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The Marquis’ Daughters: In the Shadow of the Guillotine

by Valerie Anne Hudson
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Here’s the set-up:

Sometimes, the life you think you’ve always wanted turns out to be not at all what you expected …

Set in the late 1700s, the story takes place amidst the French Revolution. Odette is a lowly servant in the Marquis’ household, while Marie-Madeleine is the Marquis’ daughter. They are half-sisters and look alike, but one spends her days emptying bedpans and scrubbing floors, while the other needs only lift a finger for the world to be at her beck and call. With the Revolution underfoot, Marie-Madeleine disguises herself in Odette’s maid’s uniform in order to covertly meet her boyfriend. Odette takes that opportunity to try on Marie’s beautiful gowns, and as the streets of Paris are overtaken by a sudden surge of violence, the two are left living each other’s lives.

Will Marie survive in a world that doesn’t answer to her beck and call? Will she be able to return to her family, or will she perish in the streets among gangs of rioters, thieves and beggars?

Will Odette find happiness in her life as an aristocrat? Will it be everything she has dreamed of, or will she crumble under the constant threat of being arrested and executed as a royalist?

The Marquis’ Daughters is a classic coming-of-age story that thrusts the reader directly into the turbulence of the French Revolution. In the historically accurate descriptions of Paris in the 1700s, the reader will be faced with unexpected and uncanny similarities to life as it is today.

* * *

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