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What began as a series of bedtime stories for his son is now a classic for all to share! The Wind in The Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Family Book of The Day

The Wind in the Willows

by Kenneth Grahame
4.6 stars – 5,115 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
As spring begins to bloom across the countryside, so too does Mole’s desire to leave his underground home and venture into the wilds above. His journey delivers him to the banks of a river—the first Mole has ever seen—and to the blue-and-white boat captained by Rat. Their camaraderie sparked, Mole and Rat continue into the Wild Wood, meeting up with the cantankerous Badger and the impulsive Toad. No stranger to calamity, Toad and his reckless habits—including a tendency toward spectacular car crashes—will get the four friends into heaps of trouble, but their steadfast loyalty to one another always sees them through.

Today’s Book of The Day is sponsored by this week’s Kids’ eBook of The Week:

Let Them Be Kids: Adventure, Boredom, Innocence, and Other Gifts Children Need

by Jessica Smartt
4.8 stars – 252 reviews
Everyday price: $12.99
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Here’s the set-up:

As parents we want to safeguard our children from the pressures and influences of the world, but also prepare them for age-appropriate realities. How do we find that balance? Jessica Smartt shares ways to be more aware, proactive, and protective, but also adventurous with our kids.

A former English teacher and homeschooling mother of three, Jessica Smartt felt the weight of helping prepare her kids for life, seeking to raise her children with a sense of adventure, self-confidence, manners, faith, and the ability to use technology wisely.

Let Them Be Kids is Jessica’s offering of grace and confidence to moms, providing practical ideas to meet the challenge of raising children. Part story, part guidebook, every chapter includes doable parenting strategies and encouragement for the journey, equipping moms with ways to provide a safe, healthy, Christ-centered upbringing for our children. Her well-researched, tested methods, woven together with her personal stories and witty humor, deliver wisdom on tough topics, such as:

  • Managing technology and fostering creative playtime
  • Balancing family time versus sports and extracurriculars
  • How and why to let your kids be awkward
  • Protecting innocence and purity
  • Showing grace when kids disobey

If you want to conquer fear and find the truth that transforms entire families, Let Them Be Kids will show you that it’s not only possible but essential to enjoy every special moment of building family values together. And it serves as a gentle reminder that, someday, you’ll be very glad you did.

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