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Why was Natalia killed? Why is the mayor so involved in the case? Is the Bonner family truly innocent? TURTLE CREEK: Enigma of the trail by Ruben Elustondo

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TURTLE CREEK: Enigma of the trail

3.6 stars – 30 reviews
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Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of “Turtle Creek” by Ruben Elustondo, by Guda LM 06 Jan 2021. Ruben Elustondo writes a thrilling and highly engaging novel that hooks the reader right from the introduction. The pages come to life through the vivid descriptions of the various sites and scenes in the book. For instance, it is easy to visualize and experience the tension of the hearings, the emotional nature of the murder, and even perceive the challenging nature of the interrogations. The author also seamlessly introduces and expertly develops the characters, making them quite real and relatable. Their voices, movements, physical traits, and personalities are all visible within the writing. Everything about the book is excellent; however, I enjoyed the book’s immersive nature the most. There is a manner in which the author ensured that I was also conducting my own parallel investigation as I was reading. Nothing is revealed upfront, and I had to gather the clues together with the investigating team. Every revelation was a shock that I did not anticipate, and I was in a constant state of suspense. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about the read, except the fact that the book ends and with one final mind-blowing tiny piece of information.
David Bonner is the only son of Governor Amanda Bonner and Dr. Douglas Bonner. They are the most distinguished family in Turtle Creek, and David is famed as a rich kid, used to getting whatever he wants at any cost. This reputation fuels his guilty verdict when his long-term girlfriend, Natalia Anderson, is brutally beaten and murdered along a popular forest trail. The high-profile nature of the case attracts massive attention from the press and the Governor’s biggest political rival, Dr. John Mitchell, the mayor of Turtle Creek. All these factors put immense pressure on Commissioner Andrews and his team to solve the girl’s murder and find the real perpetrator. The Bonner family does all they can to prove their son’s innocence and, in the process, resort to hiring a private investigator. This guides the case in an alternative direction, riddled with more suspects with new motives, love affairs, and a network of illegal covert activities. Every lead turns into more questions, more puzzles, and even Commissioner Andrews begins to suspect a leak in his team. Before long, friends seem to be enemies, and everyone seems to be working an angle with hidden motives. However, questions remain, why was Natalia killed? Why is the mayor so involved in the case? Is the Bonner family truly innocent?
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