Kindling the Googlezon Future

1.5 million books in your pocket Most people on the outside of Google, Apple, and Amazon see them as competitors, and of course they are. But their status as partners — constantly connecting the dots of hardware, content, and network to maximize usefulness as well as revenue — is far more important, and it is […]

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On the Kindle 2.0 - Just to summarize....

On the Kindle 2.0 – Just to summarize….

Two days before Amazon’s big Kindle press conference on Monday in New York, and here is a quick summary to put things in perspective: * If you have already placed an order for the Kindle, you will be at the head of the line for the updated version that will ship in February. If you […]

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ET, Phone the Kindle Store

Yesterday Amazon let slip news that — for authors, publishers, and people who like to read on their cellphones — may potentially be every bit as big as anything the company will announce about the Kindle 2, 3, or 4 on February 9. As suggested in my book last summer and in this January 30 […]

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Kindle Nation – Volume 1, Number 1

Good morning Kindlers! So much has been going in the world of the Amazon Kindle that I have decided to begin trying to condense news and developments that I want to share with you in a weekly “Kindle Nation” email newsletter. You will receive this if you have signed up in the past for my […]

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Yes, the Kindle is sold out for a few days....

Yes, the Kindle is sold out for a few days….

… but don’t doubt that Amazon will catch up soon with the production capacity necessary to get hundreds of thousands of new Kindles into the hands of eager readers this holiday season.If you or your friends, colleagues, or loved ones are on the fence about whether to get a Kindle or to give one as […]

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