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Update on the New KINDEAL: So Far At Least, Kindle Deals Are Like a License to Print Money!

I mentioned in a post on Friday that in the first 24 hours with my new Kindeal, I was up $35.

Forty-eight hours later, the tally is up to $45, because today I responded to my Kindeal’s offer of a $20 Amazon.com gift card for $10.

Here’s the only tally that counts on these Kindle deals, in my view:

  • Cost of a Kindle Wi-Fi at Time of My Kindeal Purchase: $139
  • Direct Savings with Kindeal, as of May 11, 2011: $45.00
  • Number of Times a Kindeal Ad Has Interrupted My Reading: 0

Note to Amazon: I have no plans to buy a Buick or hundreds of dollars worth of Olay products, but keep those deals coming where I get what is essentially currency for half price and I’m your guy! At this rate, the Kindeal may save me $139 and pay for itself before it is one month old!

But that doesn’t mean that the Kindeal is the best deal currently on the table for a new Kindle. It’s strictly up to you, and here are the contenders including special “Mother’s Day” Gft Card deals:

Something New for Kindle Purchases: The Amazon Kindle Gift Card!

While all the buzz right now concerns the Kindle 2.0 that will be unveiled in just 12 days by Jeff Bezos in New York’s Morgan Library and Museum, there’s another thing that is new under the sun for Kindle owners and those who want to please them to no end!

That’s Amazon’s new Kindle Gift Card, which makes it a snap to provide Kindle owners with funds for all those Kindle books (and other content) they want to read and buy on their Kindles.

The newly introduced Kindle Gift Card addresses a pet peeve of Kindle 1.0 owners and their friends and loved ones, which is that — unlike everything else on the virtual shelves of the Amazon store — there has been no smooth and easy way to make gifts of Kindle content.

To order a Kindle gift card, gift certificate, or email a gift credit in any quantity or any amount from $5 to $5,000, just click here, look for the “click to select design” link, and use the “Select” button to choose the “Amazon Kindle” gift card. Complete your purchase and you’re all set, and yes, you can even send a Kindle gift card to yourself as a way of streamlining your Kindle purchases or, perish the thought, staying on a budget!