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Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon (The Brazilians Book 1)

by Carmen Falcone
4.3 stars – 90 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Addison Reed lost her fiancé, but she’ll do whatever it takes to protect his legacy. When the gorgeous and arrogant landowner, Brazilian millionaire Bruno Duarte, who is thwarting her at every turn, refuses to meet with her, she puts her plan into action. He will listen to her.

Bruno’s plan was simple: return to Brazil and marry to fulfill his father’s dying wish. But when his engagement crumbles, and he’s stranded with an idealistic woman hell-bent on saving a tribe of people on his land, he sees the perfect solution. If his feisty and passionate abductor agrees to a bogus marriage, he’ll relocate the tribe.

With the Brazilian heat rivaling the growing heat of their desire, Bruno and Addison must choose between abandoning their respective plans and give in to each other, or part their ways for good.

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* * *

The Blue Rose: Mystery Crime Drama

by Terry Toler
4.3 stars – 139 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Best-selling author, Terry Toler, brings you this exciting novel about Wanda Rose, the greatest female jazz singer of her day. How did her husband of twelve years never hear her sing?

Cathy Tolliver, an insurance claims adjuster is processing a simple Christmas tree fire claim. When a hundred thousand dollar necklace shows up missing a week later from Wanda Rose’s townhome, Cathy is suspicious. When two people are dead, she wonders if she will be next.

What Others are Saying about The Blue Rose

“Wow! That’s all I can say.”
“I didn’t see the ending coming!”
“I should know better than to try and figure out a Terry Toler plotline.”
“So, the character takes the plunge and goes on the journey and what a journey it was!”

* * *

Don’t Let Go: A Dark Romance Novel (Dark Nights Book 2)

by Skye Warren
4.4 stars – 72 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“Don’t Let Go by Skye Warren has blown me away. Skye’s ability to make me feel like I am part of this dramatic, dark, and twisted story is so fucking fantastic I can only sit here and beg for more.” – Fictional Candy

Junior FBI Agent Samantha Holmes is assigned the case of a lifetime–and an enigmatic new partner, Ian Hennessy.

She’s determined to prove herself to the bureau legend, but late nights and stolen moments lead to more than respect. They lead to desire, and soon she’s fallen for the one man forbidden.

Together they hunt for the FBI’s most wanted man. A criminal. A psychopath. But when they get close, Samantha may end up prey instead. She must face her dark past to stay alive—and to protect the man she loves.


“My mind is completely blown! Who knew I could feel this way about Carlos? I love this author even more for what she was able to accomplish.” – Sweet Spot Book Blog

“Skye Warren, I hope you can hear me loud and clear when I say: “BRAVO!” Thanks for your wonderful dark erotica series, I’ll never forget the whole twisted, thrilling and intense story and its amazing characters.” – Darkest Sins

“Perfectly dark, gritty, emotionally, fulfilling, amount in each word till the end.” – Amber’s Reading Room

* * *

Sins of the Heart (The Sins Series Book 1)

by Eve Silver
4.3 stars – 244 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“Dark, seductive, and sexy as sin.”—Library Journal

Dagan Krayl, the Underworld’s most powerful soul reaper, is the demigod son of the evil god Sutekh. He’s on a mission to find his murdered brother’s remains and resurrect him, but resurrection means that the secrets carried into death would be released and, with them, a war that could end gods and mankind alike.

Roxy Tam is searching for the same thing, but for completely different reasons. She means to make certain that the remains don’t fall into Sutekh’s hands, and that the soul reapers do not reanimate their fallen comrade. As a Daughter of Aset, Roxy is tasked with the protection of the human race, and if that means thwarting an all-powerful soul reaper and making certain his dead brother stays dead, so be it. But when Roxy sees Dagan face-to-face, she realizes that she has met him once before—a meeting that changed her life forever.

Neither Dagan nor Roxy expects to join forces for the sake of mankind. Or to have their loyalties tested as they struggle against treachery, betrayal and the potent desire that threatens to consume them both.

Praise for Sins of the Heart:

“Darkly delicious, savagely beautiful, fiercely seductive—SINS OF THE HEART sets the new gold standard in paranormal romance. This story will ravish you. Simply put, Eve Silver owns me.”—New York Times bestselling author, Ann Aguirre

“I love this book. It is wicked and wild, with a romance so hot you’ll feel it in your bones. Read it, love it, and get swept away.”
—New York Times bestselling author, Marjorie M. Liu

For fans of J R Ward, Kresley Cole, and Lara Adrian!

The books in the Sins Series are mature, gritty, dark, sexy and straddle the line between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.

Sins of the Heart
Sin’s Daughter (Novella that can be read at any point in the series)
Sins of the Soul
Sins of the Flesh
Body of Sin

* * *

Parenting: A Comedy of Errors Filled With Good Intentions

by Ifat Matzner Herooti
5.0 stars – 43 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

We love our children and want to be the best parents we can be, but despite our intentions – and maybe because of them – we often lose our patience. This book will empower you with the tools to tackle the greatest challenge of your life, raising children.

No father wakes up in the morning and decides that today he will yell at his children, and no mother enjoys threatening or punishing. We love our children and want to be the best parents possible. Although we feel strongly about being understanding and kind, we often lose our patience and then regret our behavior later.

What happens in the space between our good intentions and reality, and more importantly – what can we do to alter our reactions?

Dr. Matzner-Herooti’s clear methods will help you understand yourself better and generate a change in self-awareness that will open up opportunities to connect with your children. It is written for parents with children of all ages and offers practical tools for facing burning questions, such as:

  • How to handle temper tantrums?
  • How to resolve sibling rivalry without making it worse?
  • How to prevent morning routines from becoming morning melt downs?
  • Do threats and punishments actually work, or do they do more harm than good?

Dr. Ifat Matzner-Herooti, a parenting coach and lecturer, shares her expertise by introducing an approach to help you raise children with confidence, emotional intelligence and empathy. This book will help you discover that every parenting challenge is an opportunity for you to learn and grow. The concepts she outlines are simultaneously profound and practical, serious and amusing, just like life.

* * *

Sinking City (The Skilled Book 1)

by Megan Walker, Janci Patterson
4.8 stars – 8 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Enter a Venice filled with bright magic, dark secrets, and a romance for the ages.

On the streets of Venice, magic burns and wars wage, while powerful illusions and mind-bending magic keep the world of The Skilled hidden from ordinary people—or typics. The powerful Mardova Family rules Venice with an iron fist, keeping their powers secret and their eyes on their enemies.

Zan Mardova would rather use his magical Skills to do tricks on his motorcycle or fly over buildings than involve himself in Family politics, but when he discovers a rival Family has brainwashed a beautiful typic girl named Ellie, he begins to unravel a web of dangerous secrets with Ellie at the center. Zan’s loyalty has always been to the Mardovas and the fate of Venice, but as Zan’s feelings for Ellie grow, he can no longer ignore his suspicions about members of his own Family.

Zan fears there’s a traitor among the Mardovas—and it might be him.

“Sinking City is an imaginative, fast-paced paranormal romance. Do yourself a favor and move this one to the top of your list.” -Brandon Sanderson, Author of Skyward

“A secret history that both unique and compellingly vivid. Part romance, part thriller, part coming-of-age story, Sinking City is a book you won’t want to miss.” –Nancy Fulda, author of Dead Men Don’t Cry

“Spellbinding, suspenseful . . . Sinking City is the paranormal romance you’ve been waiting for.” –Chris Husberg, author of the Chaos Queen Quintet

“The perfect blend of romance, intrigue, and wonder. Sinking City is proof that you can, in fact, have it all in a book.” –Gregory D. Little, author of the Unwilling Souls series

* * *

TWO HEARTS UNDER FIRE (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 8)

by Tamara Ferguson
4.6 stars – 86 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Three years ago, members of Airman Russ Quinlan’s team were targeted and captured during transport in Iraq. When Russ discovers the only other survivor was left for dead after a brutal assault by insurgents, he realizes his covert mission had resulted in deadly consequences, and someone was trying to frame him.

When Russ decides to enlist help from AFOSI Agent Brand Reardon, he finds Claire Ellis instead. A close friend of Brand’s fiancé Sarah, Claire’s staying at Brand’s Quantico apartment temporarily, hiding out from an abusive ex-husband who she’s sure is trying to kill her.

When an assassin attempts to gun them both down, Russ is able to avert the attack, turning the weapon on the killer.

But who was the intended target? Russ figures their only option is to run, heading to Crystal Rock, Wisconsin, to enlist Brand and Sarah’s help.

While on the run, something crazy happens along the way. Can two wounded hearts under fire survive love?

* * *

The Superpower of Online Networking

by Dennis Koutoudis
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Since the origins of business transactions, the most important key for professional growth has been the extent of one’s social interactions. The roster of business associations directly influences the volume and, therefore, the performance of one’s operation.

Though we live in an ever-changing world, this rule remains constant, adapted in accordance with the trends of the various historical periods.

And speaking of global change…. Now, enter 2020.

The already prevailing dominance of the Internet over the last decades has been dramatically bolstered during the course of the last year. The imposition of the pandemic lockdown has brought about the ultimate triumph and omnipresence of the Internet.

In less than a year, social distancing has totally transformed our daily lives and our working environments, seeing us avoid our workplaces while working remotely from home, a trend which we predict will be very hard to reverse once we return to normality.

In fact, despite—or rather because of those limitations to physical social gatherings, the gradually yet steadily increasing online community has expanded during the months of the pandemic quarantine at a frenetic pace. As of October 2020, 4.66 billion people are Internet active, which is fifty-nine percent of the world’s population.

Such staggering, unprecedented figures make the transportation of one’s traditional social interactions onto the plane of social networking an act of paramount importance for any professional development, lest we run the risk of being left behind.

During these challenging times—in which people feel isolated, deprived of human contact—let’s use online networking to the maximum. Let’s create solid synergies that satisfy these cravings for connection and elevate our online business and career prospects.

* * *

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Today’s Sponsored Book:

Christmas Candy: A Sweet to Steamy Christmas Story Collection

by K.L. Brady, Ann Omasta, Carmen Falcone, Michele De Winton, Victoria Pinder
4.3 stars – 8 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Hot men? Holiday heart? Happy ever after? It’s all here in this must read Holiday reads collection: Filled with sexy alpha males, and smart heroines, you’re guaranteed to swoon with Christmas delight with this romance anthology from five USA Today bestselling authors!
Snow warms the heart of the most arrogant of men.
The scent of pine tinges the air with the possibly happily-ever-afters.⁣
Hot chocolate makes every kiss taste sweeter.⁣

This holiday season, enjoy alphas ranging from sweet to sensual with a dash of smart humour in an anthology you wont want to put down.

Christmas Candy is a collection of stories related to best-selling novels, including: ⁣

A Christmas in the Cards by USA Today Bestselling Author K.L. Brady
Coconutty Christmas by USA Today Bestselling Author Ann Omasta
Bad Girl under the Mistletoe by USA Today Bestselling Author Carmen Falcone
A Secret for Christmas by USA Today Bestselling Author Michele De Winton
Scottish New Year by USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Pinder

All stories offer toe-curling HEAs and no cliffhangers. One-click now and start reading TODAY!

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A Little White Casket: Accepting the Grief and Loss of the Present, Confronting the Truth of the Past, and Reframing Towards the Future

by Gary Howell
5.0 stars – 2 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Everyone experiences grief, pains and loss on this journey of life. For some it serves as a catalyst for growth and for others it becomes an impassable obstacle. This book not only shares my personal experience with grief and loss but also contains case studies of several types of pain and loss. When we acknowledge that we have been affected in many ways by the painful experiences, we then must become intentional Amit seeking hope and healing. This book will share some possibilities on implementing your own hope and healing strategies, as well as supply some tools to take control of how you thing and respond to future grief, pain and loss.

* * *

The Upstream Model: Hidden Secrets to Building a Massive Referral Business While Crushing Big Tech Competitors

by Justin Stoddart
5.0 stars – 11 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Your future as a well-paid professional within a service-based industry is in serious jeopardy. Whether it be real estate, mortgage, insurance, wealth
management, or similar, it is time to pay attention to what is happening. Little by little, your customers are warming up to the easy, safe, convenient and non-committal benefits of your complete or partial replacement by ever-advancing technology offerings.

An unwillingness or inability to grow and adapt accordingly will lead to one of the following undesirable outcomes:
1. You own an unprofitable business that pays you subsistence wages to work around the clock while you wear out your health and your relationships.
2. You become a lower-paid functionary/sales and service representative of one of these disruptive technology companies.
3. You are forced out of your industry altogether.

While traditional cold-market and warm-market methods are failing us, I introduce to you a new, or alternative method, The Upstream Model, which allows you to leverage the pros of cold-market (scalability) with the pros of warm-market (relationships).

The Upstream Model allows you to create endless streams of warm referrals. Rather than focusing on large databases of the wrong people to eek out a few sales or referrals a year, this model allows you to get more business from fewer relationships by focusing your value proposition on professionals in different industries that know that a transaction is coming in your industry before these future customers talk to anyone in your industry.

* * *

Improve your Sexual Performance: A New Proven Exercise System to Transform any Man’s Sex Life Using Functional Pelvic Contraction

by Ofer Sela, Eli Gabay
4.6 stars – 13 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The complete guide to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and improving your sex life

You don’t really remember when exactly it happened, but you know that your sexual prowess has been waning and sometimes even disappearing completely. As the years go by, your body grows older and weaker. Your quality of life becomes impaired by your worsening sexual performance. But rest assured – you are not alone in this struggle. Every year many men join the circle of people who suffer from sexual dysfunction, yet very few seek help because they are ashamed.

Improve Your Sexual Performance is the ultimate solution for you. This book introduces a new training method whose purpose is to strengthen the function of the pelvic floor muscles, a key component in a person’s sexual health.

The method presents for the first time a way in which every man can reach his full sexual potential, weather healthy or suffering from diseases that may be affecting his sexual ability, through training the muscle groups active during sexual intercourse in real conditions.

    The training program consists of three parts that will give you your stormy sex life back:

  • Working on the muscles involved in lying on your back. The exercises will help you with the cowgirl position in its various versions.
  • Strengthening the muscles involved in lying propped up by your elbows or hands. The exercises will help you master the missionary position in its various versions.
  • Toning the muscles involved in kneeling on one or both knees. These exercises will help control the doggy-style position in its various versions.

Ofer Sela and Eli Gabay are both physiotherapists with extensive therapeutic experience in the area of male sexuality. Sela has developed the unique method in the book Functional Pelvic Contraction, and specializes in rehabilitation of the elderly as well as in water rehabilitation treatments. Gabay specializes in pelvic floor therapy for men and is also a veteran lecturer in the field.

* * *

Third Daughter (The Royals of Dharia, Book One)

by Susan Kaye Quinn
4.3 stars – 700 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Sneaking out of the palace wasn’t one of Aniri’s best ideas. But she’s the Third Daughter of the Queen of Dharia—zero responsibilities and zero royal duties. She’s just the backup daughter, in case her older sisters’ arranged marriages—to take the crown or broker an alliance—don’t quite work out. But once Aniri reaches her 18th birthday, she’ll be truly free… and then she can marry the charming fencing instructor she meets for fevered kisses in the forest.

But then the impossible happens—a marriage proposal. From a barbarian prince in the north, no less. And if Aniri refuses, the threat of their new flying weapon might bring war.

So she agrees to the young prince’s proposal, but only as a subterfuge to spy on him, find the weapon, and hopefully avoid both war and an arranged marriage to a man she doesn’t love. But once she arrives in the sweeping mountains of the north, she discovers the prince has his own secrets… and saving her country may end up breaking her heart.

This Bollywood-style royal romance takes you to an alternate East Indian world filled with skyships, saber duels, and lots of royal intrigue.

THIRD DAUGHTER is the first book in the Royals of Dharia trilogy.

* * *

Grab your cowboy boots and stomp into Carmen Falcone’s new Western Romance: The Cowboy’s Socialite

❤️ Kindle Nation Daily Romance of the Day ❤️

The Cowboy’s Socialite

by Carmen Falcone
4.6 stars – 60 reviews
Everyday Price: $3.99
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Winning the bet should be easy. Keeping their hands off each other is a lot harder…

After losing everything, socialite Lola St. James moves to Texas to convert her only possession, Red Oak Ranch, into a luxury bed and breakfast. After all it can’t be that hard to trade in a pair of stilettos for cowboy boots.

Jack Canyon, her estranged husband and co-owner of the ranch, vows to stop her from turning his home into Barbie’s country hotel. He knows her promises are meaningless, and he needs the land’s mineral rights to expand his business. He bets everything she won’t last a week as a cowgirl. She agrees—if he’ll turn over his half of the land. No problem.

Except now they’re forced to live together. New flames reignite until Lola and Jack can’t deny the red hot sexual tension between them. But when old betrayals resurrect, Lola must choose between running away or staying in Jack’s arms…

“Grab your cowboy boots and stomp into Carmen Falcone’s new Western Romance. Funny, heartwarming and sexy, Falcone blazes into the western romance world with a sure hit.” ~ NYT Bestselling Author Cynthia D’Alba 

Their sexual chemistry is spiraling into a dangerous fire zone… They shouldn’t give in to desires, they are in-laws!
Forbidden In-Law by the master of sexy stories, Carmen Falcone

“Carmen Falcone is a master at these sexy short stories, nobody does it better.” ~ Rhonda @ Goodreads

Forbidden In-Law

by Carmen Falcone
4.7 stars – 12 reviews
Everyday Price: $1.99
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Baker Natalie Brooks needs to fix her home before it falls apart, but her late husband’s alcohol addiction left her broke. When her sexy father-in-law shows up at her house and offers his help to compensate for failing his son before he died, she accepts though she doesn’t know him that well. However, there’s no denying the instant heat sizzling between them. She shouldn’t want him, but she doesn’t know how to stop the need building inside her.

Contractor Vincent Brooks needs closure to ease his guilt about not being there for his son when he was alive. When he learns about his daughter-in-law’s financial crisis, he returns his hometown in Texas to volunteer his services and pay off her debt. What he doesn’t count on is his attraction to his son’s intriguing, gorgeous widow. And, if he’s reading the signals right, the electricity sparking between them is mutual. Acting on it would be wrong, so he’s determined to fight the desire drawing them together.

Everything’s going according to plan until the AC breaks. Vincent suggests they go to the nearest motel to keep from melting during a scorching summer night, but there’s only one room available which tests their self-control. They can’t fight the sizzling heat flaring between them and their sexual chemistry spirals into a dangerous fire zone…

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Losing his heart wasn’t part of the plan… Hopefully losing his shirt is.
Brazilian Revenge by Carmen Falcone is featured in Kindle Cyber Week Deals!

Today’s Kindle Daily Deals!

brought to you by:

Brazilian Revenge (The Brazilians Book 1)

by Carmen Falcone
4.7 stars – 53 reviews
Everyday Price: $2.99
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Human rights lawyer Leonardo Duarte wants to destroy Satyanna Darling, the woman who disappeared after a weekend of earth shattering sex…along with his priceless sculpture. But when he finds her in a Brazilian prison a year later he realizes she didn’t act alone and blackmails her into helping him find the man behind the theft.

Satyanna wants to return to the US and stay out of prison, but she knows Leonardo won’t let her, unless she takes him to the man who really stole from him. As they embark on a cat and mouse game to find the man with all the answers, dodging their attraction to each other becomes even more difficult. But even while things heat up between them, secrets and mistrust threaten everything.

Each book in the Brazilians series is STANDALONE.
* Brazilian Revenge
* Brazilian Capture

“This book starts with a tasty, naughty bang, right at the beginning.” – Mommy Reads Too Much

“Hot, dramatic, suspenseful and filled with twists and turns that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading.” – The Rambling Book Junkie

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Alice needs her job as a nanny — so when her boss catches her skinny-dipping, she’s terrified she’ll be fired. Instead, he proposes a fake engagement, and the two can’t resist some steamy misbehavior along the way…
A Weekend Of Misbehaving by Carmen Falcone

❤️ Kindle Nation Daily Romance of the Day ❤️

A Weekend of Misbehaving

by Carmen Falcone
4.4 stars – 78 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

When fantasy becomes reality…

The last thing nanny Alice Sommers needs is to be caught skinny-dipping by her sexy, cranky-pants boss—in his pool. Her sister owes a crap-load of money to a slimy loan shark and Alice really needs this job if she has any hope of saving her family. Fortunately, her boss is richer than sin and needs her just as much.

Art dealer Lorenzo Baldi will lose his prestigious career if his anarchist father’s paintings are revealed to the art world. He’s determined to persuade the paintings’ eccentric owner to sell them to him, even if to pull it off, he’ll have to blackmail his daughter’s nanny—a woman with the sexy curves of a Botticelli masterpiece—into being his fake fiancé.

The gorgeous island of Capri inspires some major misbehaving. But even as the loan shark breathes down Alice’s neck and the paintings move closer to the art scene, Lorenzo drops one more bomb that will change everything.


“Carmen Falcone brings her trademark wit and sizzle to this utterly charming story. Another winner for sure.” – USA TODAY bestselling author Amy Andrews

“Carmen Falcone has a wonderful talent for pulling you right into the story. Passion, heat, and sweet love is all wrapped up in this book. An addicting, fresh, and fun read.” – Chris @ Netgalley

“Wowzer!!! Ms. Falcone’s writing is clear, distinct, and well-executed. With well-developed and likeable characters, the author’s storyline is brought to life in amazing detail. I adored this story and so will you!” – Katrina @ NetGalley

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Cool breezes and leaves changing mean it’s time to fall back in love… with this 12-in-1 boxed set!
Heartbreakers And Heroes by your favorite contemporary authors

Today’s Kindle Daily Deals!

brought to you by:

Heartbreakers and Heroes

by Virginia Nelson, Jennie Marts, Michelle Major, Sharla Lovelace, Carmen Falcone, Codi Gary, Christine Glover, Veronica Forand, T.J. Kline, Jodi Linton
4.9 stars – 29 reviews
On Sale! Everyday price: $2.99
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Heartbreakers and Heroes Anthology now .99 cents!

Fall in love with 12 all new romances from USA Today Bestsellers and your favorite contemporary authors. This set will no longer be available in September so grab it now!!

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