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It’s Freebie time! Five Sunday free titles, all just for you. Starting with Center Stage: Magnolia Steele Mystery #1 by Denise Grover Swank

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Center Stage: Magnolia Steele Mystery #1

by Denise Grover Swank
4.7 stars – 319 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

First book in the four book USA Today bestselling Magnolia Steele Mystery series by the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Denise Grover Swank.

Ten years ago, Magnolia Steele fled Franklin, Tennessee after an incident that left her with hazy memories and a horror of the place where she had been born and bred. Though her abrupt departure destroyed most of her treasured relationships, she vowed never to return . . . until she has no choice. When Magnolia’s breakout acting role in a Broadway musical ends in disgrace, there’s only one place she can go. She finds herself on her momma’s porch, suitcase in hand.

Drama follows Magnolia around like a long lost friend. She reluctantly agrees to help her momma’s catering company at a party for a country music star, only to find herself face-to-face with a sleazy music agent from her past. After a very public spat, Magnolia not only finds him dead but herself center stage in the police’s investigation. Now she must scramble to prove her innocence, relying on the help of acquaintances old and new.

But the longer Magnolia stays in Franklin, the more she remembers about the big bad incident that chased her away. The past might not be finished with her yet, and what she doesn’t remember could be her biggest danger.

Four book series:
Center Stage
Act Two
Call Back
Curtain Call (Fall 2017)


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Submitting to the Baron: A Romantic Historical Erotica (Chateau Debauchery Book 7)

by Em Brown
4.3 stars – 19 reviews
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Reader Advisory: This erotic Regency-set historical contains dubious consent.

How hard can it be to seduce one’s own wife?

Leopold Spencer is shocked to learn his shy and awkward wife is secretly headed to Chateau Follet, where the most wicked, wanton forms of debauchery take place.

Though he has not touched Trudie in over a year—not since their disastrous wedding night—he is not willing to be made a cuckold. Furious, he heads to Chateau Follet to retrieve her before she is in over her head.

But shortly after arriving, he discovers a unique—and provocative—opportunity to test the fidelity of his wife. Under guise, he decides what he wants to do is seduce his wife.

Commanding her submission, however, is not as easy as he expects…

* * *

Hammers of Time

by Rick Johnson
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Here’s the set-up:

What if something you had been awaiting for more than five hundred years happened—and you completely missed it?

When a ragtag band of servants decides “enough is enough” and rises up to overthrow the oppressive Hammers of Time, things don’t go exactly as planned. Defeating deadly Murdertooths and passing out of a realm where time runs backward are only the beginning of the struggle. Bringing to justice the most powerful Time-Hammer of all will require a journey into the forbidden underground realm of the Night Tollers. Is it necessary to destroy what the Tollers hold most dear in order for hate to be defeated, and to bring the Time-Hammers to a final end? The battle must be joined and all must stand and face the enemy they fear most, even if it is within.

The stakes are truly high, and this collection of lunatics, rebels, and power-players, makes the battle hard fought and the outcome unpredictable. The uncommon heroes and villains—as unusual as the landscapes they inhabit—make this a truly memorable tale. Action-packed and filled with gripping suspense, the balance of deadly serious with the delightfully ridiculous creates a fable for our times.

* * *

Forever Rome

by Brittney Sahin
4.5 stars – 28 reviews
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

A sexy Italian soccer player. A football-fanatic sports columnist. When in Rome . . .

Maggie Lane, a sports columnist and diehard football fan, is not exactly enthused when her editor-in-chief sends her to Rome, Italy, to write a feature story on Italian soccer star Marco Valenti. The last thing she wants to do is spend three weeks covering soccer right before the American football season begins. But Maggie’s job becomes a lot more appealing after meeting a sexy Italian man on her first night there.

One hot kiss and she is done for . . . but once Maggie discovers her mysterious Italian is Marco Valenti, she’s not sure if she’ll be able to write her story objectively, or if she’ll even have to. Marco stuns the world when he announces his retirement, and without an explanation as to why, rumors fly and the tension mounts. Despite Maggie’s protests, she is forced to stay, but with each passing day, she becomes enchanted with the beautiful city, as well as finds herself breaking her cardinal rule—never fall for a player.

As Maggie learns the truth about Marco, she has to make a decision: protect him or keep her job. Will Marco be able to trust her with his secrets? Can she trust him with her heart?

* * *

Herbal Remedies – Tulsi: Holistic natural home solutions medicinal plants antibiotics doctor practitioner green loose leaf chai extract benefits for allergies amongst the top list

by Mallika Dhingra
4.3 stars – 21 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Welcome to my short guide: Medicinal Herbs: Natural Home and Herbal Remedies for Good Health Care! – Tulsi (Holy Basil) TULASI – Mother nature’s herbal prescription for your optimum health. A natural alternative medicine using homeopathy and naturopathy for home remedies and natural cures. In this home remedy book you will get astonishing herbal remedies and not just for women but also for men and children, too. This herbal medication is mystical in every way. Its health and healing supremacy stretches from a simple culinary in your cooking to many more of mother nature’s natural antidotes and cures.

* * *