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Would We Be Better Off Without "Industry Standard" Epub Format?

Here’s an interesting post by Paul Biba, editor of the Teleread blog. He says, among other things:

The Nook can’t read Sony DRM and Sony can’t read Nook DRM and, of course, the Kindle can’t read either and “either” can’t read Kindle DRM and now Apple is saying it will have its own DRM that Kindle and Sony and Nook can’t read. I’m sure it’s all very clear to you now, especially since they are, almost, all using the new “industry standard” Epub.

Of course everybody, except Amazon, is practically lying through their teeth by telling consumers that they are using the so-called “standard” Epub format and how this is a great benefit to everybody. Hogwash! No matter how much you dislike Amazon’s DRM at least you know where you stand with it.

I’m beginning to think that we’d be better off without Epub. 

The issues involved in Digital Rights Management are important and multi-faceted, and Paul is right in suggesting that merely sticking a misleading “Epub” sticker on the front cover of an ebook accomplishes nothing. 

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A must-read piece on independent publishing

About ten years ago Michael Pastore wrote this thoughtful, detailed piece which was published widely around the country under the title, Publish Your Book Yourself: Some Simple and Sensible Advice. He has published it again over at ePublishers Weekly and, although there are some obvious things that have changed, it remains well worth reading.

As for the changes, they are in many ways for the better. But the most dramatic of these is that it is no longer necessary to lay out $3,000 to $5,000 up front for short-run offset printing. The speed and pricing offered independent publishers by a quality POD printer such as Amazon’s CreateSpace now make it possible for indie publishers — even those who anticipate sales of over 5,000 copies — to handle all their printing needs without ever laying out more than a few dollars in advance. This, of course, changes everything, and allows for indie authors and publishers to make smart plans that accomodate both print and electronic publishing.

Michael Pastore is author and publisher of 50 Benefits of Ebooks, available in ePub format for just a dollar.