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Dragon Racer 1 (Dragon Racers)

Hovering in the Otherworld is a place where humans, dwarves, and all the creatures of fae gather once a year to wager fortunes and celebrate the spirit of competition. The place is called Sky Island, for the dragons race around it. It is no small thing…
Dragon Racer 1 by M. R. Mathias

Dragon Racer 1 (Dragon Racers) by M. R. Mathias 4.6 stars – 10 reviews Kindle Price: 99 cents Everyday Price: $3.99 FREE with – Learn More Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled See more titles by M. R. Mathias Here’s the set-up: Dragon Racer 1 is the first book of a new “All Ages,” Gaslamp, fairy tale […]

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