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Our Kindle eBook of the Day: Bradley Convissar’s DOGS OF WAR – 4.7 Stars and just 99 cents on Kindle – Here’s a free sample!

Here’s the set-up for Bradley Convissar’s Dogs Of War, just 99 Cents on Kindle:

After divorcing his wife of two years, Gary Lettner thinks he has found the perfect house for himself and Molly, his eight-year-old daschund.

But when the throats of the dead begin to cry out in a voice that only Molly can hear, and when evidence of past atrocities committed in his new home begin to surface, Gary finds himself an unlikely participant in a brutal quest for vengeance.
Dogs of War is a brutal, heart-wrenching ghost story that explores a world that thrives in the darkness.

From the reviewers:

If you enjoy ghost stories and have the need to be frightened by written word then here is your chance. This is a well thought out story and has a scare at every turn. Was truly impressed and can not wait to read more by this author. — Albert Robbins III

…a literal paranormal dog story, with chilling and sometimes gruesome details, and very poignant characterization of Molly the wiener dog.–Penumbra Publishing

All in all, DOGS OF WAR is a well-written ghost story that drags the reader into a feeling of comfort before stabbing him or her in the heart with horror. –Benjamine X. Writland

I grew up in NJ, spent four years in New Orleans earning my degree in evolutionary biology, then returned to NJ for dental school. I currently live in NJ with my wife, two children, and diabetic Daschund who has developed premature cataracts (a temperamental, partly blind dog and two children don’t mix very well).–Bradley Convissar

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J.M. Cornwell’s Among Women: Today’s Kindle eBook of the Day is an epic 5-star read, just $2.99 on Kindle, and here’s a free sample!

Here’s the set-up: for J.M. Cornwell’s Among Women, just $2.99 on Kindle:

Trust is always the first thing to go, and the hardest thing to find.

Abandoned in New Orleans and left with $50 and the clothes on her back, after six weeks, Pearl believes she’s found a way to reclaim her life.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Arrested and jailed in the Orleans Parish Women’s Correctional Center without any way to reach the outside world, Pearl retreats into her own frantic thoughts.  Slowly, the voices of her fellow prisoners reach past her fear.

No longer alone, Pearl begins to listen to their stories—stories that must be told. Through their tales Pearl finds her own voice, a source of strength and a way out.

From the reviewers:

“Excellent use of language makes this quite vivid and so easy to place oneself in the middle of what’s happening. Poor Pearl being hauled out of the car into that teeming circus of sideshow freaks.” –Zan McD

“The psychic tension you present gives the story both weight and momentum. [T]he characters come off as very believable and haunting.”  –Christian Piatt, Pulling the Goalie

“Bloody hell. It’s off like a rocket! I like the notion of P being dumped with but 50 slaps. I thought of George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and how middle class folk love to read about slumming it.” –~R. J. Askew, Watching Swifts

“This is an epic piece, woven skilfully and laid out on a tapestry where setting and subject have been crafted wonderfully into an addictive read with colloquial and background descriptions. Well done!” –Andrew Williams, Dark Disciple

J. M. Cornwell is a frequent contributor to the Chicken Soup and Cup of Comfort anthologies.  Her novel, Past Imperfect, debuted July 2009. She writes about family foibles, relationships, writing, books and flights of fancy, and may be emailed at fixnwrtr@gmail.com.

Author J M Cornwell has written for  Columbus Alive!, Ohio, The Times-Picayune, and The Wall Street Journal.

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Our Kindle eBook of the Day, Kelly Harmon’s Blood Soup, is a Sinister High Fantasy of Secrets and Lust for Power. Here’s a Free Sample!

Kelly A. Harmon’s novella of murder, betrayal and comeuppance, filled with fantasy, witchcraft and magic. Blood Soup – 4.3 stars from 10 reviewers and just $3.95 on Kindle!

Here’s the set-up for Kelly A. Harmon’s Blood Soup, just $3.95 on Kindle:

A tale of murder, betrayal and comeuppance.

King Theodicar of Borgund needed an heir. When his wife, Queen Piacenza, became pregnant, he’d hoped for a boy. His wife, along with her nurse, Salvagia, had other plans. With each cast of the runes, Salvagia’s trusted divination tools yielded the same message: “A girl child must rule or the kingdom will fall to ruin.” As such, the women were convinced that the child would be a girl.

When the queen finally gives birth, the nurse and the king are equally surprised. The king is faced with a terrible choice, and his decision will determine the fate of his kingdom. Will he choose wisely, or will he doom Borgund to ruin?

From the reviewers:
An absorbing novella of sinister high fantasy,
An atmospheric tale of secrets and power lust
Best Soup You’ll Ever Read
Great for a quick fantasy fix
Couldn’t put it down

Kelly A. Harmon is an award-winning journalist who used to write stories about authors and thespians, senators and statesman, and movie stars and murderers. Now she writes lies, which is an infinitely more satisfying job, but lacks the convenience of doorstop delivery, especially important on rainy days.

She found reporting to be by turns exciting (for example, covering a murder trial) and excruciatingly boring (for example, covering itty-bitty town council meetings). Most other stories managed to fall in between those extremes on a sliding scale of interesting.

Eventually, she moved away from full-time reporting and editing owing to extreme boredom of the routine. Stories were still interesting, but the rote mechanics of the job became anathema.

Nonetheless, she still writes non-fiction…because she can’t seem to leave it alone.

When not crazed with the need to freelance, she writes fantasy and dark fantasy with the occasional science fiction piece. Her story, “Lies,” was short-listed for the 2008 Aeon Award.

Her other short fiction can be found in several anthologies: Black Dragon, White Dragon, Triangulation: Dark Glass and Bad @ss Fairies 3: In all Their Glory.

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Kindle eBook of the Day: Passion, terror, poetry and the fierce urgency of a people held down too long … it all comes alive in DL Rose’s Shepherds of Terror: A Novel – 7 straight 5-star reviews and just $2.99 on Kindle!

With narrative clarity and character development reminiscent of John LeCarre, novelist DL Rose weaves an intricate tale of love, politics and prejudice amidst the backdrop of terrorist revolutionary activity in Shepherds of Terror: A Novel.

Here’s the set-up for D.L. Rose’s Shepherds Of Terror, 7 straight 5-star reviews and just $2.99 on Kindle!:

Shepherds Of Terror takes place in the homeland of the Basque people of Spain. It follows the lives and actions of Basque terrorist ETA members and innocent folks who are affected by the daily barrage of violence.

More than just a story of terrorist acts, Shepherds Of Terror is also a character study of the people fighting for their Basque autonomy from the Spanish government and, also, the Basque people as a whole.

From the novel:

“La Guardia, who seemed less formidable with sweat saturating their once-starched shirts, piled boxes, guns, ammunition, and grenades in the yard. The butt of a machine gun slammed between Luís’ shoulder blades and he stumbled down the porch steps, trying to keep from falling. As soon as he was steady, the butt hit him again, pushing him forward across the yard. Luís would have willingly gone to wherever they wanted but he couldn’t tell which truck to head for.

Over and over, he was hit in the exact same place until the last slam to his back bent him over the front of a jeep and Luís screamed as the side of his face sizzled on the sun-scorched, engine-heated hood….”

From the reviewers:

Passion, terror, poetry and the fierce urgency of a people held down too long … it all comes alive in this stirring first novel by DL Rose. The Basque cause comes vividly to life on page after page, and each character is drawn with love and vitality. Kudos for an impressive debut by an active citizen of Kindle Nation and occasional contributor to Kindle Nation Daily: The inside scoop on all things Kindle. –Stephen Windwalker

In her first novel
Shepherds Of Terror , D. L. Rose weaves a intriquing tale about a small band of terrorists within the Basque separatist movement in 1970s Spain. With its perfect mix of mystery, romance and excitement, this highly enjoyable novel is guaranteed to keep you entertained from beginning to end.

Shepherds of Terror by DL Rose is an exciting examination of love and prejudice amidst the backdrop of terrorist revolutionary activity.

Reviewer R.D. Simonson adds:   With John Le Carre-like clarity and character development, DL Rose weaves an intricate tale of love and politics in her first book. Set during the 1970s in both London and the Basque region of Northern Spain, Rose takes the reader on a journey with a small group of young ETA terrorists seeking their identity both personally and as a group during and after the time of Franco’s brutal rule of Basque country. Interwoven with this is a poignant but shocking romance that will engross readers – a love that was even more taboo, challenging and dangerous in the 70s than today. You’ll smell the dust of the fields and the aromas of the markets in this engaging fast-paced read.

From the Author:

The writing of this novel happened spontaneously from being in northern Spain and seeing first-hand, daily, the open and in-your-face activities of ETA. If one is out and about, especially in the city of Bilbao, you experience their annoying pranks, watch them paste posters everywhere, and see their ETA propaganda.

One can’t help asking what it’s all about.  The Basque people in every northern Spanish town are more than willing to sit down on a park bench or in a bar and tell you what it’s like to be Basque today, while the older folks relate horrific tales of life during Franco’s long reign. When you visit schools, teachers will discuss the difficulty of dealing with today’s rebellious Basque teenagers and young adults.

I spoke with people every day, gathered notes, memorabilia, news articles, and personal memories. It’s amazing how these special people crave to tell their personal stories. They  motivated me to write about it.

After returning to the states, I began researching the Basque problem from an historical point of view and found that the Basque fight for autonomy has been going on for centuries…a time-period too long to tackle in a story.

On a more personal note, today I enjoy a quiet life in Montana…working, visiting family, staying connected to the world electronically, reading on my Kindle, rafting the majestic rivers, and taking an occasional vacation to somewhere with an ocean. -DLR 

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:


KND Kindle Free Book Alert, May 13: Over 30 New Additions to Our Listing of Over 500 Free Kindle Books! plus … Jeff Sherratt’s 5-Star Classic LA Noir Novel Detour to Murder (The Jimmy O’Brien Film Noir Mystery Series) – Just $3.99 on Kindle!(Today’s Sponsor)

We know that many Kindle Nation citizens have very eclectic reading tastes, so we are especially pleased at the wide selection represented over 30 new titles that we’ve added to our list of over 500 Kindle Free Books this morning!

But first, a word from … Today’s Sponsor

A woman is found dead in a two-bit Hollywood motel, and the 5-star murder mystery that unfolds is an LA Noir classic of stolen identity, political corruption, and tragic romance.

Jeff Sherratt’s Detour to Murder (The Jimmy O’Brien Film Noir Mystery Series)Just $3.99 on Kindle!

Here’s the set-up:

In 1945, the semi-nude body of a woman is found in a two-bit Hollywood motel, a telephone cord wrapped around her throat; face frozen in a grimace of horror. The stolen car of a murdered motorist is parked in the motel parking lot, the owner lying broken and dead on the side of an Arizona highway.

Al Roberts confesses and has spent the last 29 years in prison. Now, nearly three decades after meekly confessing, the aged Roberts swears his innocence. Jimmy O’Brien, defense attorney to the dregs of the criminal world, must find out why.

Why did Roberts give a false confession? And why has he waited 29 years to tell the truth?

O’Brien digs into the past, igniting a powder-keg that threatens to expose the long-held secrets behind Detour, the iconic Hollywood film documenting Roberts’ story. Secrets that could destroy the underground aristocracy that has held power in Los Angeles, city of broken dreams, for years.

Jimmy’s ordeal takes him from the bleakness of Roberts’ prison cell to the seedy streets of Hollywood, frantically searching to find out who took this DETOUR TO MURDER.

Visit Amazon’s Jeff Sherratt Page

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Free Contemporary Titles in the Kindle Store

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IMPORTANT NOTE, MAY 13: IF THIS LIST IS TRUNCATED, YOU MAY VIEW THE ENTIRE LIST OF OVER 500 TITLES ON OUR SPECIAL KINDLE FREE BOOK PAGE: http://kindlenationdaily.com/kindle-nation-daily-free-and-bargain-book-listings/

Four Corners of the Sky
By: Michael Malone
Added: 05/13/2011 1:04:40am
The Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle
By: Joan O’Keefe
Added: 05/13/2011 1:04:37am
Gay Enough 1&2
By: German Alcala
Added: 05/12/2011 10:06:17pm
A Half Century of Conflict - Volume I
Added: 05/12/2011 9:10:39pm
Voodoo Cloud
By: Mathew Ferguson
Added: 05/12/2011 9:10:22pm
The Bow of Orange Ribbon - A Romance of New York
By: Amelia Edith Barr
Added: 05/12/2011 9:10:19pm
Psmith in the City (with linked TOC)
By: P. G. Wodehouse
Added: 05/12/2011 9:10:16pm
Adventures of a Motorcycle Despatch Rider During the First World War
By: W.H.L. Watson
Added: 05/12/2011 9:10:12pm
The mystery of the Big Ben
By: Fernando Trujillo Sanz
Added: 05/12/2011 9:10:05pm
Are You Positive?
By: Stephen Davis
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:58pm
All I Want
By: Shayne Parkinson
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:53pm
How To Live Forever ((A Very Fictional Guide))
By: Barry Burnett MD
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:49pm
#Conversationstoppers: Puns, Non Sequitors, Impossible Scenarios
By: Leon Shure
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:47pm
The Log of the Flying Fish (A Sci-Fi Pulp Classic!)
By: Harry Collingwood
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:39pm
The Curse of Scattershale Gulch, a Mick and Casey Mystery Novelette
By: Camille LaGuire
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:32pm
A Journey into the Interior of the Earth
By: Jules Verne
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:26pm
The Beetle: A Mystery
By: Richard Marsh
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:19pm
A History of Art for Beginners and Students
By: Clara Erskine Clement
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:15pm
Bouvard and P?cuchet
By: Gustave Flaubert
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:12pm
Manalive - New Century Kindle Format
By: G. K. Chesterton
Added: 05/12/2011 9:09:09pm
Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts - Interactive Menu, Index and Full Illustrations
By: Girl Scouts of the United States of America
Added: 05/12/2011 9:08:58pm
Remote Control
By: Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Added: 05/12/2011 9:08:49pm
The Time Machine **ORIGINAL VERSION**
By: H.G Wells
Added: 05/12/2011 9:08:46pm
King Alfred the Great of England
By: Jacob Abbott
Added: 05/12/2011 9:08:13pm
Roget's Thesaurus [Illustrated]
By: Peter Mark Roget
Added: 05/12/2011 9:08:10pm
The House of Whispers ($.99 Mystery Classics)
By: William Le Queux
Added: 05/12/2011 9:08:01pm
Harriet Tubman - The Moses of Her People
By: Sarah H. Bradford
Added: 05/12/2011 9:07:49pm
10,000 Dreams Interpreted
By: Gustavus Hindman Miller
Added: 05/12/2011 9:07:42pm
My Father's Dragon
By: Ruth Stiles Gannett
Added: 05/12/2011 9:07:35pm
Knots, Splices and Rope Work- ILLUSTRATED-
Added: 05/12/2011 9:07:29pm
By: William Shakespeare
Added: 05/12/2011 9:07:16pm
Historical Mysteries (Carefully formatted by Timeless Classic Books)
By: Andrew Lang
Added: 05/12/2011 9:06:59pm
Change the World: Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus
By: Michael B Slaughter
Added: 05/11/2011 1:03:11am
The Handbag's Tale
By: Louis Bertrand Shalako
Added: 05/10/2011 11:03:12pm
Henry Burp - Mind Your Manners
By: Mike Winn
Added: 05/10/2011 10:15:15pm
Nothing Happened: A Short Story
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:15:13pm
Within: A Short Story
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:15:10pm
A Dark Planetarium
By: Scott William Carter
Added: 05/10/2011 10:15:05pm
By: William Butler
Added: 05/10/2011 10:15:02pm
Fright Reaction: A Short Story
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:59pm
Ugent Questions 1: Five Flash Fiction Stories
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:57pm
Replaced: A Short Story
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:54pm
The Premonition
By: Kelvin O’Ralph
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:52pm
Fall Vol.3
By: Ela Lond
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:39pm
Pulsing: A Short Story
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:24pm
The Bridge Builder Of Arta
By: Neil Coghlan
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:16pm
Oklahoma Dust: A Short Story
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:14pm
The Pause Ghost: A Short Story
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:11pm
The Visit
By: William Butler
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:05pm
The Pit & The Merchant's Legacy (The Chronicles of the White Bull)
By: Andrew Warwick
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:03pm
Samuel Clemente Presents: Prerequisite Droppings (Comedic Essays)
By: Samuel Clemente
Added: 05/10/2011 10:14:00pm
Paintings on The Father Wall
By: Ami Braverman
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:58pm
Blackwyrm Digest One
By: Jason Walters, Dirk Vandereyken, Trevis Powell Lynn Tincher
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:46pm
Tommy Top Hat
By: Scott William Carter
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:43pm
The Redemption of Reckoning: Stories
By: Lotus Rose
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:37pm
Hard Creek Bridge: a short story
By: Isaac Sweeney
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:34pm
Hell and Back: A Short Story
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:31pm
The Allnighter
By: Stuart Connelly
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:29pm
Sidewalks: A Short Story
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:26pm
By: Darryl Ableman
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:22pm
By: Ted Stetson
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:19pm
In Odder Words
By: E.D. Lindquist
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:17pm
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:14pm
Blue Norther
By: Eric Wilder
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:11pm
Stealing Flowers
By: Edward St Amant
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:08pm
In the Company of Strangers
By: Jim Haffner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:13:06pm
By: Ian Woodhead
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:55pm
Astra: Synchronicity
By: Lisa Eskra
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:53pm
Balls Out: A Physical Challenge
By: Ace Waverly
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:51pm
Evergreen A Christmas Tale
By: Richard Taylor
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:48pm
DEAR JOAN (Optimized For Wireless Readers)
By: Francine Saint Marie
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:45pm
The Chambliss Tapes
By: Donald Capone
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:42pm
The Ultimate Investment, Achieving Life's Highest Returns, An Allegory
By: H. Bradley Stucki
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:40pm
By: Harry Shannon
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:37pm
Zombie Nights
By: Tom Lichtenberg
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:31pm
Advantage Disadvantage
By: Yale R. Jaffe
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:29pm
Food Fight-A Holiday Short Short Story
By: Christina F. York
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:24pm
The Thorn (The Chronicles of Gan)
By: Daron Fraley
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:16pm
All That Remains: A Short Story
By: Joshua Scribner
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:13pm
Butterfly Knight
By: Lotus Rose
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:11pm
The Ancient Lands:WarriorQuest, Search for the Ifa Scepter
By: Jason McCammon
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:05pm
Forgotten Canyon (A Treasure Hunters Short Story)
By: Lois D. Brown
Added: 05/10/2011 10:12:01pm
Beyond the Veil
By: Brian Rathbone
Added: 05/10/2011 10:11:58pm
The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems
By: William Thomas
Added: 05/10/2011 10:11:55pm
Like Cats and Dogs (Dark Bites)
By: Robert Ropars
Added: 05/10/2011 10:11:52pm
A Collection of Articles on Dating and Relationships
By: Darren G. Burton
Added: 05/10/2011 10:11:50pm
By: Darren G. Burton
Added: 05/10/2011 10:11:47pm
Acupressure Guide For Relieving Hangovers
By: MobileReference
Added: 05/10/2011 10:11:45pm
The Love Machine: The Erobotica Series - Novella One
By: Robyn McCoy
Added: 05/10/2011 10:11:40pm
The Watchers from within Moments, Revealed
By: Mark Paul Jacobs
Added: 05/10/2011 10:11:35pm

Make this a memorable Mother’s Day with Kathleen Shoop’s The Last Letter – 8 straight 5-star reviews and just 99 cents on Kindle!

Here’s the set-up for Kathleen Shoop’s The Last Letter, just 99 cents on Kindle:

Katherine wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t found the letter…

Katherine Arthur’s mother arrives on her doorstep, dying, forcing her to relive a past she wanted to forget. 

When Katherine was young, the Arthur family had been affluent city dwellers until shame sent them running for the prairie, into the unknown. Taking her family, including young Katherine, to live off the land was the last thing Jeanie Arthur had wanted.  But she would do her best to make a go of it. For Jeanie’s husband Frank, it had been a world of opportunity. Dreaming, lazy Frank. But, it was a society of uncertainty—a domain of natural disasters, temptation, hatred, even death.

Ten-year-old Katherine had loved her mother fiercely, put her trust in her completely, but when there was no other choice, and Jeanie resorted to extreme measures on the prairie to save her family, she tore Katherine’s world apart.

Now, seventeen years later, and far from the homestead, Katherine has found the truth:  she has discovered the last letter. After years of anger, can Katherine find it in her heart to understand why her mother made the decisions that changed them all? Can she forgive and finally begin to heal before it’s too late?

Kathleen Shoop, PhD, is a language arts coach in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Last Letter is her debut novel. 

She is published in four Chicken Soup for the Soul books and regularly places articles and essays in local magazines and newspapers. Kathleen is also married and the mother of two children. 

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:


Kindle Nation Daily Free Book Alert, Tuesday, March 8: Eight Brand New Freebies! plus … Angel Fire by Valmore Daniels (Today’s Sponsor)

Pay Fewer Taxes? Start a Business? Understand Your Tween Girl? Handle Tough Questions? Find Contentment? All this and more in this morning’s latest additions to our 220+ Free Book Alert listings….

But first, a word from … Today’s Sponsor

“My name is Darcy Anderson, and I am cursed with a dark power: Whenever my life is in danger, something inside me summons elemental fire to protect me. I cannot control this.”

Darcy Anderson has an uncontrollable dark power that reacts to deadly threats with lethal fire. This inner blaze is so powerful that it burned down Anderson’s house with her parents inside….

Angel Fire: The First Book of Fallen Angels
by Valmore Daniels
4.2 out of 5 stars 4 Reviews
Kindle Price: $2.99
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Don’t have a Kindle? Get yours here.

Very Real Fantasy”

Here’s the set-up:

The first of five novels in the Fallen Angels saga:

My name is Darcy Anderson, and I am cursed with a dark power: Whenever my life is in danger, something inside me summons elemental fire to protect me. I cannot control this.

One night, I was attacked in my home. The fire … it raged out of control. I survived the inferno, but my house burned to the ground – with my parents inside.

I was at a loss to explain to the courts what happened, and so they sent me to prison for ten years for manslaughter.

Now I’m out on parole, and all I want is to return to my home town and rebuild my life; but the man who attacked me is back to finish the job he started.

I can sense the power in me growing. If I can’t control it, it will control me and destroy everything – and everyone – I love.

Included is an excerpt of “The Gods of Dream” by fantasy author Daniel Arenson

What the Reviewers Say
“If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, realistic story of what could happen to someone with the inexplicable ability to call up fire (but not the ability to control it), this is a good read.”
–Tammi Rapp

“Valmore Daniels has written a complex and well-rounded character in Darcy Anderson, a woman who can set fire to things telepathically. The book opens with her leaving prison after doing 10 years for killing her parents in a fire which she accidentally started. The rest of the book focuses on Darcy coming to terms not only with what she did and her strange “affliction” but also the trials and tribulations of returning to her hometown where she’s essentially an outcast… I highly recommend this book. The Fallen Angels series is going to be terrific if this first book is any indication.”
–C J Archer

“This could be any family, yours, mine or a family down the street. Their history, their conflicts, their feelings, wants and needs are very real. One of the things that draw me to the urban fantasy genre is both having a human story along with fantastic elements, and I felt this story did that for me. I’m really looking forward to the next four books.”
–Susan S

About the Author
In true nomadic spirit, Valmore Daniels has lived on the coasts of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans, and dozens of points in between.

An insatiable thirst for new experiences has led him to work in several fields, including legal research, elderly care, oil & gas administration, web design, government service, human resources, and retail business management.

His enthusiasm for travel is only surpassed by his passion for telling tall tales. Visit him at www.ValmoreDaniels.com

Click here to download Angel Fire: The First Book of Fallen Angels (or a free sample) to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android-compatible, PC or Mac and start reading within 60 seconds!

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Just use the slider at right of your screen below to scroll through a complete, updated list of free contemporary Kindle titles, and click on an icon like this one (at right) to read a free sample right here in your browser! Titles are sorted in reverse chronological order so you can easily see new freebies.