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Kindle Nation Daily Bargain Book Alert: James Musgraves’ Catalina Ghost Stories is Our eBook of the Day at just 99 Cents, and Here’s a Free Sample

Here’s the set-up for James Musgrave’s Catalina Ghost Stories, just 99 cents on Kindle:

What would Natalie Wood do if she were a ghost returning to the scene of her death? Can a person be guilty of murder if he kills while walking in his sleep? Is the ghost of Cubs’ legendary hero, Hack Wilson, haunting the club house on Catalina? You’ll find out in this collection of haunting tales from the author and publisher of Horror on the Installment Plan.

Natalie Wood’s death has just been re-opened by the Los Angeles Police Department. What does Natalie’s ghost have to say? You’ll find out by reading “Natasha and the Captain,” a story that uses information gathered at the scene by eye-witnesses.

“Pearl Zane Grey” tells the story of how the famous writer of Westerns became trapped in the afterlife on Catalina, pursued by his nemesis and cowboy actor, Tom Mix. How these two have to compete will give you a new vision of the afterlife.

Lewis Hack Wilson was a victim of the new “dead ball” in 1931. Did this cause him to haunt the club house on Catalina where the Cubbies held Spring Training for many years? Find out in “The Dead Ball.”

In “The Somnambulist,” the real-life murder of 41-year-old Marie Weinfurtner is given a strange twist. What if her 25-year-old boyfriend were really innocent? This story shows what could happen if someone were able to kill in one’s sleep.

Finally, the story “Kafka and the Chewing Gum Man” is a surrealist exploration into bad karma and how ghosts can redeem themselves in the aburdity of our world.

Award-winning author, Jim Musgrave, will leave you with many thoughts of your own as you read these stories. They are filled with psychological and mystical implications that may cause you to take your own visit to Catalina to see if what the author has created is real.


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James Musgrave’s work has been recently featured in Best New Writing 2011, Hopewell Press, Titusville, N.J. He was also in a Bram Stoker Award Finalist volume of horror fiction, Beneath the Surface, 13 Shocking Tales of Terror, Shroud Publishing, San Francisco, CA and Thadd Presley’s Creature Feature.

His science fiction was recently published in SciFi Short Story Magazine, Baton Rouge, LA. He has also published three novels and two collections of short stories at CIC Publications. He teaches college English composition in San Diego where he lives with his wife Ellen.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of Catalina Ghost Stories by James Musgraves: