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A Hybrid of Magical Realism & Fantasy, Jason Derr’s The Boston 395 Weaves an Interesting World For The Reader to Get Lost In – Just $2.99 on Kindle

The Boston 395

by Jason Derr

2 Rave Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

James Scottsdale did all the right things: he went to school and studied the right things, he had all the right friends, the love of a good woman and the support of his family. And then the economic crisis began and his secure life slipped and fractured.
Now, age 25, he lives on his mother’s couch, with no direction and his companions have evaporated with his money. All of that changes when The Boston 395 appears in his living room. The Boston 395 is like no train you have ever seen. Each stop exits into James’ life, revealing truths he would rather not deal with. Guided by The Conductor and populated by elements of his shattered persona, The Boston 395 will take James to places he never expected.THE BOSTON 395 is a novella, sitting in the literary arena of magical realism/fantasy. The book follows its own rules and weaves an interesting world for the reader to get lost in, and to wrestle with.

About The Author

I like to make things up, sometimes big things, sometimes small things. Always fun things and always stories. On rainy days I like to drink coffee, listen to jazz and imagine wonderful, dark and beautiful things. I like short stories and long stories. I like fantasy and science-fiction but not in the way you might think. I like horror stories, but not monsters and ghosts and people meeting grisly ends. I like the horror of the every day, the tragic that happens in an average day and the wonderful fantastic people who bravely confront that horror and make the world a better place. I think firemen and soldiers are heroes but I also think fathers, clergymen and women, mothers, grandmothers, peace makers and social workers are heroes. I studied Creative Writing at Eastern Washington University and I am happy for every moment of it. Check out Jason’s website at http://jasonauthor.wordpress.com/.

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