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Warren knows damn well, he shouldn’t be thinking of Cassandra in that way; after all, she is married and out of bounds to him… or is she?
The Complaisant Lover – Part One by Ju Ephraime

The Complaisant Lover – Part One

by Ju Ephraime
5.0 stars – 5 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Warren Melbourne had never before met a woman who turns him inside out like Cassandra Corwin. Every time he hears her voice or is within touching distance of her, he finds himself wanting to do all sorts of things with her. He knows damn well, he shouldn’t be thinking of her that way; after all, she is married and out of bounds to him, or is she?… out of bounds or even married?…

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One Hell Of A Prize (Western Historical Romance Book 2)

by Ju Ephraime
5.0 stars – 2 reviews
Everyday Price: $4.99
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Left alone by her new husband, Cheyenne Edson has carved out a life for herself in the Utah Territory. Since her husband has not returned in three long years, and the word around town is that she’s alone, she’s become the target of every foul-mouthed, randy cowhand around. She has nothing to protect herself from these predators but her old shotgun and her half-breed dog, Demon.
When the enigmatic stranger, Theodore “Tipp” McCloud, comes to her cabin and offers his help, Cheyenne’s first reaction is to draw on him. Tipp leaves, but he takes a piece of Cheyenne with him. She can’t get the handsome stranger out of her mind.
Cheyenne needn’t worried. Tipp isn’t going anywhere—not without the woman who has a walk like slow-pouring honey and a voice to match. He vows nothing or no one will keep him from tasting her honey—not threats of her shotgun, attacks by her demon dog, so aptly named, or if he has to take on the men who surround her like flies on Sherbet–Hell, he’s determined that prize is his!

Coira Ainsley works for a travel agency that specializes in luxury travel for rich clients. One prospective client draws her into another life… literally.
Ju Ephraime’s paranormal historical romance The Elusive Highlander

The Elusive Highlander

by Ju Ephraime

The Elusive Highlander
4.7 stars – 12 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:


He is a Scottish Laird who lives in a world of Druid magic and ancient customs, hand fasted to the sister of his rival clan, MacDougall. Alasdair thought he was doing the right thing trying to bring peace to the region. But he is murdered on the eve of his wedding. Not willing to accept his death, his mother, a Druid priestess, performs a geas to keep him alive. But something went awry because, as the last word of the geas was spoken, Alasdair is trapped in time where he wanders the earth for centuries. The only one who can bring him back home is his betrothed. He has given up on ever finding her until she walks into his office in twentieth century Manhattan.


Coira Ainsley is a happy-go-lucky young woman living in twenty-first century Manhattan. Her job as a travel agent takes her all over. She loves the work she does and is excellent at it. That is until she follows her client into his office and finds herself in the fourteenth century at Inveraray Keep in the Highlands of Scotland. At first, Coira thinks a prank is being played on her until she sees the giant, wearing nothing but a kilt and a studded leather strap across his massive chest approach her. Not one given to swooning, Coira finds herself welcoming the darkness that come over her as she loses consciousness, without learning that the naked giant is her betrothed from another time… another place. Will she give in and accept what has been pre-destined or will she fight to get back to the life she knows and loves?


“Detailed historical information, on point dialogue,and moving battle scenes form the perfect backdrop for this interesting historical romance.” Jason’s Review – New Haven Register

“Ephraime’s first book in her Highlander series is a fascinating,captivating read. She blends a fast-paced adventurous plot with magic and intrigue to form the perfect backdrop for a delightful romance. The interaction between the characters is refreshing and engaging, TOP PICK” – Stamford Chronicle

“Readers of romantic historical novels will like enjoy the romantic dialogue and the sexual tension between the two main characters in THE ELUSIVE HIGHLANDER.” – Romance with Heat
“Ju Ephraime scores another hit with her first historical romance.” – Sterling Reviews  

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Award-Winning Author Ju Ephraime Mixes up a Spicy Concoction of Warm Climate, Luscious Scenery, Sexy Characters And Let’s Not Forget a Nice Piece of Dark Chocolate… Unanimous Rave Reviews For A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany – Now $1.99 on Kindle

4.6 stars – 15 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Set in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, this is a story about love, passion and jealousy. Two men desire one woman and they’ll both do anything to claim her.

Charles thought he had an advantage working closely with Mel as he did. But he began to despair when Craig Holland appeared on the scene. Did he? Could he–stand a chance?
With his swarthy skin and golden eyes, Craig Holland could pretty much get any woman he wanted – but only one has captured his heart – Mel (Mellicent Molyneux). He wanted her to the exclusion of all else. If only he could get her to surrender to him, so he could unleash the passion he sensed hidden within her.

Mel (Mellicent Molyneux) had been pursued by men wherever she went. She had always been able to put them off with one of her condescending glances, until Craig Holland–The dark handsome plantation owner with the striking good looks and unusual eyes, had captured her heart with one smoldering glance. Should she surrender to his insatiable kisses and heated touch…? And then there was Charles…


“Known for her steamy, passionate, romance stories, Award Winning author, Ju Ephraime, has brought us once again, a story of desire, jealousy and lasting love, all set against the beautiful island of St. Lucia in the West Indies” – Readers’ Favorite

“In A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany, high-heat story teller, Ju Ephraime mixes up a spicy concoction of warm climate, luscious scenery, sexy characters, and let’s not forget a nice piece of dark chocolate…” 5 Star Amazon Review

“…It was a romantic boy meets girl story with some interesting twists and turns. You can’t put it down because you want to know what happens next while hoping for a happy ending…” 5 Star Amazon Review

Visit Ju Ephraime’s Amazon Author Page

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It’s Going to be a Hot, Steamy Summer With Ju Ephraime’s Romance Novel The Odor of Violet – Unanimous Rave Reviews!

The Odor of Violet

by Ju Ephraime

4.4 stars – 16 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

After losing his sight in a terrible accident, only to learn that the woman he was planning to marry did not love him enough to accept him, Damien Falconer was devastated. Struggling to cope with his disability, he isolated himself from society, allowing no one to get close to him, but his personal assistant, Jake. Upon learning Jake was soon to leave his employ and return to Scotland, Damien was forced to advertise for his replacement.
Among the applicants who answered his ad was Lisa Andrews, a registered nurse from Connecticut. But Damien was adamant that he would not be replacing Jake with a woman. His argument was, he did not feel comfortable with a woman doing the things that Jake did for him, but one whiff of Lisa’s unique scent and Damien found himself fighting a blistering physical attraction the likes of which he’d never known before. Should he hire her or should he ignore what his “other” senses were screaming at him, about this woman. Damien rustled with the question for several days, but in the end, he caved. And so began a hunger for a woman he couldn’t see…could only recognize by her unique scent…yet wanted like he’d never wanted anything before.

5-Star Amazon Reviews

“…It is one of the best passionate and erotic sex novels I have read; leaving an intoxicating taste that makes you feel good. I would highly recommend the book to anyone with an appreciative knowledge and interest in reading adult erotic novels.”

“…This is a well-written work that definitely isn’t for those who want their sex hidden behind doors and or curtains.”

Visit at Ju Ephraime’s blog at http://juephraime.blogspot.com/.
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Award Winning Author Ju Ephraime’s Gives Us Steamy, Hot, Passion in Loving Therese (LaCasse) … Readers Are Raving About This Sensual Romance Giving It 4.8 Stars – Pick Up A Copy Today And Thank Us Later!

Loving Therèse (LaCasse)

by Ju Ephraime

4.8 stars – 12 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Award-winning author of State of Ecstasy is back with her most sensuous and steamy novel yet.

Foxx LaCasse
Meet the soccer player, Foxx LaCasse. He is a player, on and off the field, until he met Therèse. He’s athletic, handsome and hot-blooded, with vengeance on his mind.

She’s an intensely passionate English woman, who refuses to follow convention and choose instead to select her man from the natives of the French Caribbean island of Martinique, Foxx LaCasse. But when she began to receive threatening notes, asking her to stay away from Foxx, she fled back to her home in England, without giving Foxx any explanation. Now two years later, Therèse is back on the island, trying to pick up from where they’d left off, but Foxx was having none of it. He had one goal in mind; to have his way with her, and discard her, as she had him, two years ago. But when he finally reunites with his beautiful, passionate, elusive target, he finds himself offering his protection among other things.
Filled with Ju Ephraime’s trademark sensuality, characters you love to hate and men you wish to love, Loving Therèse will have you enthralled with its unexpected plots and refreshing style, as these two destined lovers, recaptured and embraced their love.

Book Trailer

All About High Heat Romance: Book Trailer for Loving Therese

One Reviewer Notes

“Loving Therese” is set on the beautiful, french Caribbean island of Martinique. The author did a great job of describing the island in sounds and smells–from the lilting creole spoken by the natives, to the rich sound of the steel pans, the perfusion of the floral perfume and the oh so splendid cuisine.

Like the island on which it’s set, and its native Martiniquais, “loving Therese” serves up sumptuous fare, with an almost reckless passion that leaves your mouth watering. The story, and more importantly, Foxx and Therese’s relationship moves at a very realistic pace, with none of that unnecessary tedium you can sometimes get in romance novels.

Much like the name implies, there’s some [very hot] loving going on between Foxx and Therese. Thankfully, the author doesn’t go overboard with it, where the main characters are in bed on every other page like some romance authors are known to do, which quite honestly is a bit unrealistic. Foxx and Therese’s love and passion for each other is reminiscent of how relationships between two people who love each other tend to go. And in fact, I found that in “Loving Therese,” the very passionate love scenes flow naturally from the story’s progression.  All in all, an enjoyable read–one that has perhaps the best description of the male object of desire I’ve ever read in a romance novel (hint: PP: 15-16)!

Bon Appetit!”- Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

About The Author

I am an eternal optimist and an insatiable reader/writer, especially of high heat romance. I love a good, exciting story.

I write in several genres; however, my favorite is contemporary romance. I love reading historical romances, but I do not know if I would be able to write one. Also, I have read so many, they are beginning to blur together; what’s left to write about…but then again, one must never say never. I do love writing children’s books, and this I do for relaxation. I find it easy to slip back into my childhood, where I take the time to play.

My second novel in the LaCasse’s series, Loving Therese, is due out next week. For all my readers who have been patiently waiting to read about Foxx, Wolfe’s twin brother, it is finally, well almost finally, here! I hope you’ll get as much enjoyment in Foxx as I did in writing him. He’s fun, a first class soccer player, an insatiable lover, and his French is impeccable :).

The eBook will be priced at $2.99 for a very limited time. Unfortunately, I could not discount the print version. I will update with a link once it’s out. I do have 50 free copies to give away, so hit me with an email address by signing up for a free copy, first come, first served.

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Kindle Nation Daily Contemporary Romance Readers Alert! Ju Ephraime’s Sensual TEMPTATION TO SIN – 4.8 Stars with 15 Rave Reviews

Temptation To Sin

by Ju Ephraime

4.8 stars – 16 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Shannon believes life should be lived to the fullest..and she sets out to do just that!

Twenty-eight year old Shannon had been in a platonic relationship with her childhood sweetheart, for eight years. In the beginning, she’d thought she would be able to go through life, making do without the physical aspect of a sexual relation-ship, but after eight years of going through the motions, Shannon was ready to admit that she could no longer continue in this platonic relationship, so she sets off on a quest to find the man who could meet all of her needs.

Brent was very angry when he found out his friend was pining after a woman who was heartless enough to lead him on, build up his hopes, and then she walked out on him, without so much as a good bye. He was out for revenge. He vowed to teach that woman a lesson, by seducing her, and then he in turn would walk out on her, as she had done to his friend.

Unfortunately, “The best laid schemes of  mice and men, oft awry,” because after  setting up an elaborate plan to meet  Shannon and teach her a lesson, Brent had  gotten caught in his own net, and no matter  how hard he fought it, he just became  more entangled in the game of love. Now  he had to work on making Shannon fall in  love with him because he needed her love  like he needed air to breathe. The sparks  began to fly between Shannon and Brent  as they fought to resist the temptation of a  love that was inevitable.

One Reviewer Notes:

If you are looking for a hot steamy romance novel, then this book is the one. In the beginning I didn’t like the heroine until I read further into the book, and realized, her problem was very identifiable. When she met Brent, and the sparks began to fly, boy was it flying…it was hot. I was in good mess with this book. GREAT! I can’t wait for the sequel.

Mike Billow, Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

About The Author

Julia E. Antoine began writing at the age of 19. She formerly wrote short stories for the local radio station in her home town, which were read on the air at story time. She gave up writing when she moved to the United States, to attend college, where she has since earned several degrees, including two Masters and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University in Boston. During the course of her schooling, she has written and published a working curriculum for a career… Read more at Amazon’s Julia E. Antoine Page.
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