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The story of the heroes and the critical new wireless device…

Titanic 1912: The original news reporting of the sinking of the Titanic

by Ken Rossignol

The best original photos and graphics that survive.

A 21st century reporter looks back at the most significant disaster to that day in the 20th century.

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KLAN: Killing America

by Ken Rossignol

5.0 stars – 1 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

The strife and horrors of the Civil War in America were raw with the wounds of the war lasting for decades; and affecting those who lived in both the North and the South. As the nation struggled to find unity, the forces of darkness and of those who wished to rule through intimidation and terror, spread their wicked ways under the cover of white sheets.
This is the story of the Ku Klux Klan and their chief brand: Lynchings, as told in the original newspaper stories from journals across the nation. Some are brief, telling only of a single attack while others are more comprehensive and detailed, telling the story with the inclusion of complex and emotional occurrences.
The attempt of the KKK to cloak the power of control over others with fear and violence is explained in some of these news stories. The chief advocate and leader of the Klan was interviewed by reporters and allowed fair access to give his side of the story. The heroism of various groups such as the NAACP and others who risked their lives standing up to thugs and criminals is also noted, as well as the words of those individuals and leaders who fought to eliminate the influence of the Ku Klux Klan.
While the KKK had as much right as any group to demonstrate and articulate their cause, the deceits and criminal actions employed by them separated their group from the legal actions of others.
For readers in the 21st Century who know little of the life and death of the KKK, the admonition to understand and know history in order to avoid repeating it, should be considered. Therefore, it is in that hope that this book has been prepared. WARNING: Authentic descriptions are vivid and brutal and the racially charged language of this historic news reports and commentary has not been modified. This material is for adults and parental guidance is appropriate.

One Reviewer Notes

“Ken Rossignol is a journalist by trade with the unique ability to bring yesterday’s news to today’s readers! The Ku Klux Klan came about shortly after the Civil War ended. The Klan’s hatred and dastardly deeds terrorized our nation for many decades. There have been many books written about this subject, but none from the perspective of a reporter. Rossignol has done a superb job!” — Bruce M. Caplan, RadioBookReviews.com

From The Author

In my own work in operating a weekly newspaper I had several brushes with Klan activity in Southern Maryland, however the connection with Klan-like actions and those who attempted to block by newspaper from reaching its reader was included in the opinion reached by the United States Court of Appeals.
In 2003, the Fourth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals ruled in my Civil Rights case brought under the 1983 Civil Rights Act, in my favor. The case is Rossignol v. Voorhaar
In this case a Sheriff, six deputies and a state’s attorney candidate conspired and carried out a plan to remove all available copies of my newspaper from newsstands the night before Election Day in order to prevent voters from reading critical articles prior to voting. The defendants appealed to the Supreme Court which turned down their appeal. The case was pursued by my attorneys Levine, Sullivan, Koch & Shultz of Washington, D.C.  The lead counsel on the case were Ashley Kissinger and Seth Berlin with Alice Neff Lucan assisting. The readers, advertisers and supporters of the newspaper along with my family made it possible for me to sustain six long years of litigation in order to protect the First Amendment rights of us all.  My thanks all of the above. – Ken Rossignol
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