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“An atmospheric, cozy mystery…an entertaining whodunit.” The Fog Ladies (A San Francisco Cozy Murder Mystery Book 1) by award-winning author Susan McCormick

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We all have a list of our dream man’s ideal qualities – even if it’s just in our head. Winona’s list is written in swirly script and laminated… (Not) The Boss of Me: A Billionaire Boss Romantic Comedy by Kenzie Reed

Can a former Marine find faith in a more hopeful future… one touched by joy? Janice Lynn’s uplifting small-town romance Wrapped Up in Christmas Joy

American women are being brutally murdered across Southeast Asia. Why is no one finding the killer? THE AMBASSADOR’S WIFE by Jake Needham

The Hows and Whys of Successful Baking with Over 200 Magnificent Recipes: BakeWise by Shirley O. Corriher

What if fate handed you a second chance? Liza Jonathan’s holiday romance: The Christmas We Knew by Liza Jonathan

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A chance encounter between a secretive billionaire and a plus-size PR expert could be the perfect solution to both their problems – or a delicious scandal in the making… Tell Me You’re Mine by J. S. Scott

Join eleven best-selling and award-winning authors under the mistletoe as they share bite-sized holiday romances: Christmas Actually

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Kindle Fire HD Giveaway Sweepstakes – Enter Here by October 7 to Win a Brand New 7″ Kindle Fire HD, sponsored by James Sanbourne, author of My Mormon Life; A Boy’s Struggle With Polygamy, Magic Underwear, and Racism

You’ve come to the right place to enter Kindle Nation Daily’s Kindle Fire HD Giveaway Sweepstakes!

Just scroll down to enter… and make sure you improve your chances to win Kindles and other valuable prizes by signing up for our Kindle Nation Daily Digest newsletter!

… but first, a word from this week’s Kindle Fire giveaway sweepstakes sponsor!

Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

In a deep torch lit cavern, beneath the Mormon temple, hundreds of barefoot, white clad youths wait in line to be plunged beneath the water in a bronze tank that rests on the backs of twelve gigantic bronze oxen. Each time they are lowered backwards into the water, a member of the Mormon priesthood evokes the name of a person who is dead.

My Mormon Life is the story of a boy, raised in the Mormon faith, who examines the beliefs of the church and comes to realize that what he is being taught by the church is not consistent with what seems to be the real world. In this process he takes the reader on the grand tour of Mormon beliefs, from baptism of the dead, to polygamy and Mormon underwear, survival food, and the separate policy toward Blacks. One by one the unique beliefs of Mormons are explored by the boy’s active mind, often leading to humorous conclusions. By following these explorations the reader will find the answers they are seeking about the Mormon Church and by the end of this story understand what it means to be a Mormon.

Ultimately the Mormon faith does not hold up to the scrutiny of this young boy’s mind and this leads to powerful questions about the whole process of forcing fanatical religious beliefs on the mind of a child.

Each week’s Kindle Fire HD giveaway sweepstakes is sponsored by one paid title. We encourage you to support our sponsors and thank you for considering them.


(This is a sponsored post.)

You Have Only Until Sunday to Enter for Week #2 of Our Brand New KINDLE FIRE Giveaway Sweepstakes, Sponsored by James Scott Bell, author of ONE MORE LIE

We are well into week #2 of our wild and crazy plan to give away a brand new Kindle Fire each week for the last 10 weeks of 2011, and it is clear that we are going to surpass the 1,491 entries we had in Week #1, when our GRAND PRIZE winner, Kindle Nation citizen Mitzi Trout of Wichita, KS was randomly selected from all the entries to win a KINDLE FIRE tablet. Her Fire is slated to ship on November 15, and Amazon has confirmed for us that Mitzi’s will arrive at her home on November 16!

What about yours?

Maybe yours will be awarded in Week #2, but of course you can’t win it if you don’t enter.

For the Week #2 Sweepstakes, the bestselling and award winning suspense writer James Scott Bell — author of a remarkable collection of a novella and three stories entitled One More Lie, among several of his books available on Kindle  — is helping us all out by as our sponsor. As Novel Rocket senior editor Ane Mulligan says, “James Scott Bell is at his best in One More Lie. Fast paced, this novella will leave you breathless to the unforeseen end. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. Novel Rocket and I give it our highest recommendation. It’s a must read!”

(And just in case you are wondering, James has already paid the full cost of that new Kindle Fire that could very well have your name on it. Every penny. What’s that? Did you ask me to repeat the links to James’ One More Lie and several of his books available on Kindle, because you understand how karma works in these matters? Okay then. Thanks for asking, and let’s be clear that while the cosmos works by its own rules, we of course have no way of knowing what you download from the Kindle Store.)

The Week #2 Sweepstakes runs until noon on Sunday October 23, and entry details can be found at the end of this post. But if you would like to guarantee that you are a winner when it comes to having great books to read, here’s the scoop on One More Lie:

 One More Lie

<>” height=”270″ /></strong></div>
<h2 style=

by James Scott Bell
5.0 stars – 3 Reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
From a “master of suspense” (Library Journal) and writer of ”heart-whamming” fiction (Publishers Weekly) comes an all new suspense collection by James Scott Bell.
In the novella, One More Lie, high flying divorce attorney Andrew Chamberlain is on top of the legal world. He buys his suits in Beverly Hills and wins his cases in court. But one day he’s approached by a friend to handle the split with his wife. That’s the day things start to go very wrong for Andrew Chamberlain . . . up to and including murder.
  • “James Scott Bell is at his best in One More Lie. Fast paced, this novella will leave you breathless to the unforeseen end. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. Novel Rocket and I give it our highest recommendation. It’s a must read!”Ane Mulligan, V. P./Sr. EditorNovel Rocket
PLUS, three stories full of the suspense twists James Scott Bell is known for:
  • “A Great Man” – The Reverend Mike Rickland was not expecting one of New Jersey’s most notorious mobsters to pay him a visit. All Angelo Scapelli wanted was to offer Mike’s church ten million dollars. On one condition.
  • “Some Hero” – Garth Himmelfarb, middle aged and paunchy, was only trying to work off a few pounds by jogging in his neighborhood. He didn’t expect to help a woman in distress, a beautiful woman, a woman he could be a hero for. He didn’t expect to step in to a situation that could get him beaten up or killed. But he did.
  • “How to Make Living as a Freelance Writer” – A struggling author, once popular, now on the way out, comes up with a last attempt to make enough money to live on as a writer . . . . and actually finds it. Let’s just say it’s not the “traditional” route.
  • “James Scott Bell is a master storyteller. In a few short words he can make you care about a character, cause you to wave your hands in warning as they speed toward disaster, or root for them to win the day.” – Susan May Warren, bestselling author
  • James Scott Bell is the #1 bestselling author of Plot & Structure (Writer’s Digest Books) and numerous novels and stories of suspense. Among these are Watch Your Back and Try Dying. Writing as K. Bennett he is also the author of the zombie legal thriller Pay Me in Flesh.

And here are the details on the Kindle Nation Week #2 KINDLE FIRE Giveaway Sweepstakes:

There’s no purchase required, but we do need you to go to our Kindle Nation Facebook page and “Like” us. Give the page a few seconds to load, because for some reason it takes a little longer. Then just follow the prompts to enter the sweepstakes, and you’re done!

Good luck! And happy reading!

Less Than 5 Days to Enter: Author Karen Cantwell is Sponsoring This Week’s KINDLE FIRE Giveaway Sweepstakes on Behalf of Her Novel TAKE THE MONKEYS AND RUN!

We’re very excited to kick off the first of 10 straight weeks of Kindle Fire Give-away sweepstakes here at Kindle Nation (details below), and we’re doing so with the generous help of author Karen Cantwell, who is allowing us to shine a spotlight on her hilarious Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Take the Monkeys and Run:

by Karen Cantwell
4 stars – 119 Reviews
Lending and Text-to-Speech: Enabled


Here’s the set-up:


Film lover Barbara Marr is a typical suburban mom living the typical suburban life in her sleepy little town of Rustic Woods, Virginia. Typical, that is until she sets out to find the missing link between a bizarre monkey sighting in her yard and the bone chilling middle-of-the-night fright fest at the strangely vacant house next door. When Barb talks her two friends into some seemingly innocent Charlie’s Angels-like sleuthing, they stumble upon way more than they bargained for and uncover a piece of neighborhood history that certain people would kill to keep on the cutting room floor.237 pages of laugh-out-loud fun.


“This fun if light novel’s quippy, hilarious narrator, Barbara Marr, has so much warmth and genuine gumption, you’d certainly want her on your criminal investigative team.” – Publishers Weekly
“The story is fast-paced, fun and with quite a few twists all rolled into one cute adventure.” – Socrate’s Book Reviews
“It was just plain fun to read.” Red Adept Reviews
“Take the Monkeys and Run by Karen Cantwell could easily become one of my favorite books of all time.” — Syria Says
“If you like a good mystery but want a refreshing new take with a bit of light fare, enough to make you laugh out loud, then Karen Cantwell’s Take the Monkeys and Run will take you there.” Reviewed by Lee Libro at Literary Magic


Each Sweepstakes is sponsored by one paid title. We encourage you to support our sponsors and thank you for considering them.


Now, about that KINDLE FIRE Sweepstakes!


We’ve been having so much fun that we have invited authors to join us in sponsoring more Kindle Fire give-away sweepstakes, and some of our favorite Kindle authors have stepped up already. So, starting this week, on our Kindle Nation Daily Facebook page, we will hold a Kindle Fire Sweepstakes every week from now through the holidays! That’s $2,000 worth of Kindle Fires that we will be unleashing — please don’t call the fire department on us!
There’s no purchase required, of course, but it is a great way for some of our author-sponsors to get exposure, so we hope you will give some real consideration to buying their books each week when you enter the contest.
The one thing you will have to do to enter is to go over to our Kindle Nation Daily Facebook page, give it a few extra seconds for the page to load, “Like” the page if you have not done so already, and fill out the Sweepstakes entry form (you’ll see a link to it in the left sidebar when the Sweepstakes goes live). 
And just in case you are wondering why we run the Sweepstakes through our Facebook page, there are two very good reasons:
  • First, it allows us to make use of a very professional but affordable third-party service that administers our Sweepstakes according to best practices and maintains full confidentiality for all information provided by participants; and
  • Second, it helps us to build our connection with you, our readers, through Facebook, which is the quickest, least expensive, and least intrusive way for us to let you know about Kindle-related news and bargains.
10 Brand New Kindle Fires! Here’s hoping that we will be sending one to you! 
And we’ll just chalk this up to the luck of the calendar, but it is worth noting here that if you happen to buy a brand new Kindle Fire while you are waiting to win a free unit through our Sweepstakes, you’ll have a sweet choice between giving the extra unit to someone you love or returning it to Amazon for a full refund, either directly or through Kindle Nation!

To qualify your entry must be received by 2011-Oct-16 12:00 EDT

DISCLOSURE: All entrants will be added to the author’s mailing list of the author and will receive a free subscription to the Kindle Nation email newsletter and email daily digest, from which they may opt out at any time. No other use will be made of participants’ contact and entry information, which will be held in the strictest confidentiality by the sponsors and the company administering the sweepstakes.
Official Rules

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. MANY WILL ENTER, ONE WILL WIN.1. How to Enter: This is an online sweepstakes only, co-sponsored by Kindle Nation and “the author” named in paragraph 7 below. The Sweepstakes is open to new or existing fans of Kindle Nation’s page and is administered entirely within an appropriate App created for this purpose. To become (or verify your status as) a fan of Kindle Nation, go to www.Facebook.com/KindleNation and “like” the page if you have not already done so. To enter the sweepstakes, submit your name, email address and birthday as indicated on the entry form. Merely liking or becoming a fan of Kindle Nation, commenting on its page or website, having entered into a past Kindle Nation sweepstakes, or sending an email message indicating your interest does not constitute entry into or participation in this sweepstakes.Each individual sweepstakes is separate and entry into one sweepstakes does not disqualify a person from entry into another sweepstakes. Each sweepstakes is limited to one entry per person and no more than one entry per email address. Submission of multiple entries may result in disqualification from the sweepstakes. Sponsors will not verify receipt of entries. Automated entries are prohibited, and any use of such automated devices or programs in association with this Sweepstakes will cause disqualification. Sponsor and its advertising and promotion agencies are not responsible for lost, late, illegible, misdirected or stolen entries or transmissions, or problems of any kind whether mechanical, human or electronic.

2. Eligibility: Open to residents of all countries except: Belgium, Norway, Sweden, India, Côte d’Ivoire/Ivory Coast, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. If you win and you reside in a country where Amazon does not ship the Kindle, you will receive an Amazon Gift Card of similar value ($199) in lieu of the Kindle Fire tablet device. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. All entries are void in Puerto Rico and where prohibited or restricted by law. Employees of Kindle Nation and its affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies, the judging organization, and immediate families in the same household are not eligible. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. This promotion shall only be construed and evaluated according to United States law. You are not authorized to participate in the Sweepstakes if you are located within and a legal resident of Belgium, Norway, Sweden, India, Côte d’Ivoire/Ivory Coast, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan or Syria.

3. Prizes: See section 4 for prize details and value of the prizes being offered. Odds of winning a prize depend on number of eligible entries received. Total value of all prizes is approximately $199. Prizes cannot be transferred or substituted except at Sponsor’s sole discretion, and Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if a stated prize is unavailable for any reason. Sponsor will pay any sales tax due for domestic delivery in the United States; otherwise prize winners are responsible for all taxes and import duties. Neither Sponsor nor its affiliates or subsidiaries will be responsible for any loss, liability or damages arising out of the winner’s acceptance or use of the prize.

4. Drawing and Awarding of Prizes: Winner will be determined by a random drawing from all eligible entries received online per the drawing schedule outlined. The winners will be notified by email from kindlenation@gmail.com and must respond directly via email to kindlenation@gmail.com within 24 hours to receive the winning prize. If a potential winner cannot be contacted within 24 hours of first attempt, prize will be forfeited and an alternate winner will be selected. There is one grand prize, total value approximately $199, consisting of a Kindle Fire tablet device.

5. Notification of Winners. Winners will be notified by email using the email address with which they have entered the sweepstakes. Email notification will come from kindlenation@gmail.com.
It is the sole responsibility of each participant to ensure that they will be able to receive, read, and respond to email notifications from kindlenation@gmail.com in a timely fashion.

6. Waiver of Responsibility or Liability. As a condition of entry and participation each entrant or participant releases Facebook, Kindle Nation, and the author from any and all responsibility or liability in association with the sweepstakes promotion and acknowledges that this sweepstakes promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Entrants or participants are providing contact and entry information only to the sponsors, Kindle Nation and the author, and to the company administering the sweepstakes, and not to Facebook.

7. The author who is co-sponsoring this Sweepstakes is Karen Cantwell, author of TAKE THE MONKEYS AND RUN.

DISCLOSURE: All entrants will be added to the author’s mailing list of the author and will receive a free subscription to the Kindle Nation email newsletter and email daily digest, from which they may opt out at any time. No other use will be made of participants’ contact and entry information, which will be held in the strictest confidentiality by the sponsors and the company administering the sweepstakes.