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by Alex Adena
4.6 stars – 14 Reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Annie Grace grew up as the daughter of a faith healing crusader who told her she could perform miracles. But 25 years later, after she has inherited her late father’s ministry, Annie’s only remaining conviction is that she is a fraud — a fear she must face when the district attorney confronts her about the ministry’s past. As a pesky television reporter hounds her and a U.S. senator subpoenas her to testify before Congress, Annie is forced to reveal the truth to herself and to the world. When she does, mysterious things begin to happen. What is the meaning of these signs and wonders?

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The Intruders

Kindle Daily Deal: The Intruders

  Stephen Coonts’s pulse-pounding thriller, The Intruders, puts fighter-pilot Jack Grafton on board an aircraft carrier, piloted by novices. 


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Kindle Nation Bargain Book Alert! Meet characters you’ll end up cheering for in Alex Adena’s SIGNS AND WONDERS – 4.6 Stars on 13 Straight Rave Reviews, Just 99 Cents on Kindle!

What do you do when you realize the past 30 years of your life has been a fraud?


by Alex Adena

4.6 stars – 13 Reviews

Lending: Enabled

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“Signs and Wonders” is a story about a woman who has to start from scratch and figure out what it means to have faith. That’s not easy for anybody … and Annie Grace is anything but normal. She’s been trained since childhood to be the star of her father’s faith-healing crusade.

What do you do when you realize the past 30 years of your life has been a fraud?

Even after Annie’s father passes away, she goes through the motions – trapped by a family legacy she no longer wants. Then things get even worse. She’s threatened by a district attorney fighting ghosts of his own and hounded by a tenacious reporter hunting for scandal, as well as being let down by people she thought she could trust.

When Annie’s life is about to hit bottom, signs begin to appear around her … then miraculous wonders. What does it all mean?

This short novel inspires us to ask questions about our faith, no matter what that faith might be. (Nope, it’s not a Christian romance novel!) Meet characters you’ll end up cheering for, and get a look into what motivates people — from revenge, greed and fear to kindness, compassion and selflessness.

This story is told with love and humor and a deep affection for Annie Grace, a woman with an intriguing past and an unpredictable future. Come along for a remarkable journey of redemption.


“Signs and Wonders” is a 29,000 word novella, perfect for an afternoon read.

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