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Kindle Store Bestsellers, Month-by-Month for the First 30 Months

There have been nights in my life when, in an effort to fall asleep without turning the light back on to read, I have relied not on counting sheep but on reciting silently to myself the regular starting lineups of each team in the American League for the 1961 season. It always worked, and I would usually doze off around the time I made my way around the nifty Indians infield of Vic Power, Johnny Temple, Woody Held and Bubba Phillips. I’ve always been a baseball guy, and like a lot of other fans I found that my memory works best for the first season that I paid attention to baseball, and that was ’61, a pretty cool year to become a fan. 

But I’m also a book guy, and things like bestseller lists can be as compelling for book people as batting averages and other stats are for baseball fans. So, just for fun and in case you want to any backfilling of your reading or drill down on the bestseller lists from the first 30 months of the Kindle Revolution, here they are. Click on any of these links to see the 100 bestselling titles in the Kindle Store for that month. I’m pretty sure that the Kindle Store has not gone out of stock on any of these, although the prices for some may have changed and the prices shown on these lists are, of course, the current prices for each book:

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