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Kindle Prime Eligible Books: Horror

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Transcendence: Chronicles from the Long Apocalypse – Book One

by Benjamin Wilkins
5.0 stars – 8 reviews
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The world ended in the seventies.
It just took fifty years for folks to notice.

In the rather exceptional small Iowa town of Fairfield, a disturbing vision of the future has been unleashed from the mind of first-time author Benjamin Wilkins, in which the world as we know it has broken down after years of ever-increasing incidents of perfectly normal folks suddenly going berserk and brutally killing everybody around them with their bare hands.

A terrifying new biological phenomenon is appearing all over the world. No one knows exactly how it started. No one knows how to stop it. But everybody knows more and more perfectly normal people are going berserk and committing obscene acts of physical violence on anybody they can get their hands on. With folks no longer willing to risk leaving their homes to go to work, the infrastructure we’ve all taken for granted our whole lives has finally broken down.

The power grids have failed. The water has stopped. The gas pumps have been shut off. There is no more government. No more law. Only three kinds of people have persevered: those who have resources, those who want to take those resources away, and those who go berserk.

Emmett Kessler sent his daughters Jennifer and Bobby-Leigh to live with their Transcendental Meditation practicing uncle in Fairfield, when he was incarcerated almost a decade ago. He’s put his time in lockup to good use, exploring a theory as to where the berserker phenomenon came from and who might be ultimately responsible for it, but he’ll have to get out his cell and find a way to survive in this new world before he can do anything about what he knows.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Bobby-Leigh must find their own way to survive, and somehow keep the secret that one of them is a berserker and could at any moment be triggered into a superhuman rage, ripping anybody and everybody around them apart.

Will the TM practice the girls’ yogi uncle taught them be enough to contain the demon inside and keep them whole against the blood pirates who now hunt the abandoned highways of Fairfield?

Or will they have to find their salvation somewhere else?

Transcendence is the first book of the Chronicles from the Long Apocalypse. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. The world has been ending for a while now, but it still has a long way to go.

If you’re looking for an incredible post-apocalyptic thriller that hasn’t been sterilized for a young adult audience–one that will rip your heart out and leave you begging for more–this book is what you’ve been waiting for!

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