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Kindle Prime Eligible Books: Business & Leadership

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The Juicy Guide to Entrepreneurship: Advice on How to Energize your Brand and Squeeze More Soul Into Your Business (The Juicy Guides)

by Maria Ross
4.8 stars - 12 reviews
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Congratulations! You’ve decided to work for yourself. And it’s pretty awesome. Not only are you doing what you love, but you get to work wherever you want, whenever you want. You’re floating on a cloud of endorphins, puppies and rainbows! And then, like the morning after too many glasses of Cabernet, it hits you: You have a great idea and you’re really good at what you do but you have no flipping idea how to attract attention, buzz or loyal fans, customers or clients. Guess what? Being a “solopreneur” isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would do it. But you’re not everyone. You’re smart, driven and have an amazing idea. You’re going to drive this damn wagon, just as soon as you figure out where somebody hid the keys. The Juicy Guide to Entrepreneurship: Advice on How to Energize your Brand and Squeeze More Soul into Your Businessaddresses universal hurdles in going solo. You've probably got a lot of questions about working for yourself. Little things you know would take your business from great idea to Successtown. If you’ve ever wished you could talk to someone who's launched and sustained a thriving business, this book is for you. You’ll walk away armed with helpful advice on: how to find new clients or customers in unexpected ways how to motivate yourself after a long break (hello, maternity leave or sabbatical!) how to prioritize your time and budget how to create an authentic brand that customers adore why you need to write a mission statement ...and more! About the Juicy Guide Series The Juicy Guide series is a more convenient version of asking an established entrepreneur to coffee. The best part? Witty and wise advice is doled out in delicious, bite-sized digital guides, perfect for busy people seeking a successful entrepreneurial lifestyle: those who crave freedom, independence and creativity by working for themselves. Whether you are launching a business, seeking to grow one to the next level, freelancing, starting a non-profit, marketing your art or marinating on your next big idea, these guides are chock full of insights you can use on your journey. The Juicy Guides are just the shot in the arm you need to move forward with your business, brand or big idea. Right now. Brand strategist, author, speaker and creator of Red Slice, a brand consultancy, Maria Ross serves as your virtual mentor, serving up her best content and advice from her years running her own business and helping others build theirs. Designed specifically for solo entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, freelancers, and even creative business people launching their writing, art or message into the world, these guides are like a virtual coffee date with someone who's been there.

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Inside the biggest scandal in the history of America’s $40 billion drug recovery industry: a predatory Malibu rehab guru—and the fearless female patient who exposed his empire of deceit.Chris Bathum was a respected therapist, addiction specialist, and founder of one of the fastest-growing...
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Bad Therapist (Exposure collection)
By: Evan Wright
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