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Kindle Nation Daily Free Book Alert, Sunday, January 30: 5 Brand New Freebies including After the Leaves Fall, a 5-star coming of age novel with a Christian twist, plus … “a skillful blend of naughty humor, irreverence and compassion” … and an undead daddy! … in Donna Butler’s Manifesting Daddy (Today’s Sponsor)

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Melanie has a mean case of depression. But life only gets more complicated when Daddy returns from the dead – and moves in next door!

“I think it would make an awesome chick flick with someone like Hillary Swank or Sandra Bullock as Melanie.” –Limey

Manifesting Daddy
by Donna Butler
5.0 Stars – 1 Review
Text-to-Speech: Enabled 
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Here’s the set-up…
In Manifesting Daddy, Donna Butler explores death, rebirth and reinvention with a skillful blend of naughty humor, irreverence and compassion.

Melanie Brodie is suffering from one mean case of depression. She’d love to end it all, but she has kids to consider, even if, in her mind, they and everyone else in her lousy, stinking life would be better off without her. Her shrink- a young, Chinese grad student who looks and talks like a skater boy- and her best friend, Juniper, who looks and talks like she just stepped out of Woodstock- are both eager to help. Sure, Dr. Park might curse or call her “dude” every now and then, but the kid makes a lot of sense. And when Juniper proposes a Manifesting Daddy ceremony, Melanie knows the poor woman means well. But only Juniper would think they could actually connect with the spirit of Melanie’s dead father-reincarnated no less- and draw him back into her life so that he could cure her depression. Only Juniper would consider that a perfectly reasonable solution.

Melanie, a self-described pushover, goes along with it. As does Marisol, her other childhood friend, a sexy Latina who attends the ceremony just for the chance to bicker with Juniper- something she’s loved to do since they were kids. Weeks later, when someone moves into the vacant house next door, Melanie assumes it’s just coincidence that they own an antique desk that looks vaguely familiar. And later, when she meets that new neighbor and he literally picks her up when she’s down, it’s still too soon to make a connection. As her friendship with Austin grows, her marriage falls apart, and still she refuses to question the intensity of their relationship. Only later, when faced with a glimpse of her own mortality does she realize where she’s seen those eyes before. 

If what Melanie suspects is true, all of the sanity and success she’s found, thanks to Austin, could go out the window. Because in coming back into her life, he’s come between not only her and her husband, but between her and Juniper too.

Five Star Review
The author is new, but there’s some really good writing in this book. Excellent characters. Very touching story. I think it would make an awesome chick flick with someone like Hillary Swank or Sandra Bullock as Melanie. 


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