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The 5-star story of Dougie Cohen, a tattooed punk rocker turned rookie San Francisco policeman, who is on a collision course with the reality of urban law enforcement…

“This is, hands down, one of the best books I have ever read.”
K. McKeown

Cop – A Novel 
by Daniel B. Silver
5.0 out of 5 stars  7 Reviews

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Gritty, funny, thought provoking”

(Ed. Note:  I’ve read a lot of gritty, stunningly realistic first-person narratives of the seamy, seedy side of urban life, and even lived some. Usually, if the material is great, I lower the bar a bit with regard to literary expectations and still enjoy and am enriched by what I am reading. But every now and then we come across someone with an amazing story to tell, and real gifts as a writer. Here’s a case in point: Daniel B. Silver. Don’t get me wrong: he’s not Jane Austen or Henry James. But he can flat out write. If this was 1956 and someone smart put Cop – A Novel into the hands of Lawrence Ferlinghetti or Gregory Corso and they read it, the inevitable result would be that they’d be calling him the Kop Kerouac and they’d be getting him to read at City Lights Bookstore and Allen Ginsburg would be calling him the Cop Messiah and …. well, please pardon my lapse into time travel, but this is just a great piece of writing and a brilliant, funny, dark look into the realities of a cop’s life. Check out the FREE sample, but don’t be surprised if you end up buying the book. And reading it. And loving it. –S.W.)

Here’s the set-up:

Author and law enforcement officer Daniel Silver tells the story of a tattooed punk rocker turned rookie San Francisco policeman, Dougie Cohen. In his first year on the job, the stresses, horrors and frustrations that Dougie encounters take their toll on his patience, health, sanity and love life. Dougie struggles with night terrors, addiction, disease and the loss of his former self to his new police persona. Dougie is on a collision course with the reality of urban law enforcement. He’ll either break, or accept the fundamentals of what it means to be a real cop.

What the Reviewers Say
“Realistic, insightful, touching, humorous and extremely entertaining. Exposes segments of our society that few know exist. Brings to light what city police deal with on a daily basis in the streets; no grand criminal conspiracies, just real life. Exceptionally talented new author with an intriguing writing style. A must read!”
J. Millspaugh

“A must read for anyone considering going into law enforcement. A must read for friends and family of LEO officers. The tales of a unique rookie cop learning the ropes in one of the most unique cities in the world. The author’s style is approachable for many different level readers, casual as well as the more discerning.”
–Jeremy Jones

“Realistic view of officer’s real life – an eye opener for those who have an officer friend or family member. Well written – tough but hopeful. Couldn’t put it down.”
C. Krumme

About the Author
Why did the author become an EMT on a transport ambulance before studying to become a 911 paramedic for three years followed by seven years – so far – as a cop? Because he believed “that the only way I was ever going to learn to write anything worth reading was to get my hands dirty.” To learn more about Daniel B. Silver…

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