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Kindle Nation Daily on Facebook: How to Get the Most Out of It, or How to Leave It Alone Without Missing Out on Any Freebies

When you clicked on our Kindle Nation Daily “Like” button at some point in the past couple of years, you were probably counting on Facebook to deliver our posts about free and bargain books, Kindle news and tips, and our weekly Kindle giveaway sweepstakes.

Unfortunately, right around the time that Facebook went public with its Wall Street IPO last Spring, the company’s delivery system became a lot less dependable. Some have questioned the ethics of Facebook’s change in approach, but for now we will avoid any editorializing and just focus on what you can do, as someone who “likes” us, to make sure you are getting our posts.

Because we like you too. A lot.

There are really just a few easy steps involved.

Step 1. Make sure you have “liked” our page.

Just go to our Kindle Nation Daily on Facebook page right here and click the “Like” button in the upper right (or the lower right of the screenshot above, except that it says “Liked.”)

Step 2. Check “Get Notifications” and/or “Show in News Feed.”

Once you’ve liked us, you can just click on the “Liked” button and a pull-down menu like the one at the right will appear on your screen.

You can click on either or both of the first two options here, depending on how you use Facebook:

  • If you’d like to receive a separate alert via email or mobile device when we post about free books and other events, click on “Get Notifications.”
  • If you’re prefer to see such posts in your News Feed so that you can either check them out, or decide they’re not for you and move on as they appear, click on “Show in News Feed.”
  • If you’re the type who likes to keep everything organized by category, you might want to try “Add to Interest Lists.”

It’s really that easy, and making your choices from the options above should improve dramatically on the deliverability of our posts to you — which. If you click on both “Get Notifications” and “Show in News Feed,” your “Liked” pull-down menu should look like the one at the right.

But because we’re looking to provide you with the greatest value with the least expenditure of time, we’re also going to share an options for getting all your Kindle Nation Daily freebies, bargains, tips, sweepstakes invitations and winner notifications, and other information in a single daily post!

Step 3. Or … get it All in a Single Daily eMail Edition of Our Kindle Nation Daily Digest

Whether Facebook still works for you or not, we’re happy to report that there is also a much more efficient option:

You can get all your news in a single daily email blast and maximize your chances to win a Kindle Fire HD sweepstakes by subscribing to Kindle Nation Daily Digest at http://bit.ly/KNDD-SignUp.

If you take that approach, there’s one more step that is very important to ensure deliverability. Please be sure to add our sending address 


to your address book or safe sender list so our free newsletter gets to your inbox.

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