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The Christmas Heist: A Courtroom Adventure (Christmas Courtroom Trilogy Book 1)

by Landis Wade
4.9 stars – 34 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Defendant Henry Edmonds, a homeless man who believes he works for Santa Claus, is on trial for stealing a flash drive full of secrets, a flash drive which may hold the key to Christmas but which is zipped tight in an evidence bag. Several people want Edmonds in jail, including a man who says he works for an international toy company. Witness by witness the facts come out but who is to be believed and are there any True Believers? As the courtroom clock ticks down on Christmas Eve, it becomes clear that the fates of the defendant and Christmas are inextricably intertwined. A local newspaper reporter stirs things up by blogging about what he calls the “Trial of the Century” and tweets that the “Court’s Ruling Could Halt Christmas for Thousands.” Can an irascible judge looking toward retirement find it within himself to save Christmas?

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* * *

The Time Dancer

by Stevie McBride
Here’s the set-up:
Even though she’s been skipping her way into the future for as long as she can remember, Ellie Johnson has never seen anything quite as strange as the twisted pathways that are keeping her trapped on the top of a hill in the middle of the night.
Are they something to do with the bizarre plume of light that has landed in the middle of the forest? Or are they an effect of the Northern Lights that have come so far south they are distorting the world around them?
She’s determined to find out.
But when people start to disappear, she suddenly finds herself in a race against time.
Trying to use her unique talent to escape the barrier that is closing in around them. Hoping that she can save her companions from the strange creatures that are lurking in the woods. And desperate to discover whether these terrifying creatures are somehow inextricably linked to her ability to dance through Time…..

* * *

THAT UNEXPECTED KISS (Kissed By Fate Book 2)

by Tamara Ferguson
4.4 stars – 45 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

When Clues Link Julie’s Mother’s Twenty-Year-Old Disappearance To The Man Who Killed His Father, Can FBI Agent Dylan Keep Her Safe From A Vicious Predator?
FBI Agent Dylan Nash is in Wisconsin searching for his father’s killer. While working undercover as a game warden in the town of Crystal Rock, he meets special education teacher Julie Thompson, and he’s immediately attracted. But the problem with that? Not only does Julie work in Colorado, but she’s involved with another man.

While visiting her hometown, Julie and Dylan become friends, but she’s devastated to learn he’s dating her best friend Kate.


A few years later, when a teaching position opens at the new Crystal Visions school for children with disabilities, Julie accepts the job and moves back home.

Learning that a series of misunderstandings has kept them apart, Dylan finally confesses his feelings, claiming Julie with an unexpected kiss.

But twenty years ago, Dylan’s father was killed and Julie’s mother disappeared. Julie is obsessed with discovering the truth, and Dylan wants justice. When clues link her mother’s twenty-year-old disappearance to the man who shot his father, can Dylan keep Julie safe from a vicious predator?

* * *

The Loveless: Weird Tales From A Pandemic

by Laura A. Ellison
Here’s the set-up:
Short stories and poems inspired by The Loveless, a ‘cursed’ silent film from 1918 few people have ever seen and an obscure novel based on the film published in 1933. The film and novel are threads or main subjects in each story, the characters driven by their own fascination for the gothic world of The Loveless and pandemics past and present, with sometimes tragic and unexpected outcomes.

* * *

The Lazy Rabbit: Startling New Grim Modern Fable

by Wilkie J. Martin
3.7 stars – 6 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
An adorably illustrated sensational animal tale in which lazy Rabbit and sensible Vole join up to travel through a barren land where savage foxy bandits lurk. Follow their journey to find out the very real and grim consequences of bullying and laziness.A cautionary new fable about indolence and intimidation for ages 6-8, it is also an allegorical tale where the powerful ignoring all warnings about impending disaster that come from the small and weak, no matter how reasonable and true, and the dire consequences that result. Dyslexia friendly edition.If you like the original fables of the Brothers Grimm and Aesop, you’ll love the horrifying The Lazy Rabbit by Wilkie J. Martin.

* * *

The Witch Who Settled the Account (Pixie Point Bay Book 1): A Cozy Witch Mystery

by Emma Belmont
4.4 stars – 19 reviews
Here’s the set-up:
An amateur sleuth who’s also a witch, a lighthouse that’s alive, and a cat who hears the spirits. Murder has met its match.As the new owner of the Pixie Point Bay Lighthouse and B&B, Maris Seaver is finally ready to organize her finances. But while she’s at the town’s credit union, the manager mysteriously dies.Although suspects abound, the murderer has been clever. No one even knows how the man was killed.

* * *

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