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The purr-fect mystery: Will Ellie discover the identity of the culprit before the murderer sinks their claws into her? Hairballs And Homicide by Ruth J Hartman

Lydia Davenport is feeling rather left out. She has no handsome husband warming her bed, unlike her friends… A Lover For Lydia by Sahara Kelly

They tried to cut out her heart. Before Mercy was a vampire, she was a witch. They can’t get rid of her that easily… Bloody Hell: A Dark Urban Fantasy Story by Theophilus Monroe

With a killer dogging her heels and spirits worrying her mind, Baxley dreams of justice for the dead and solace for the living… Gone And Done It by Maggie Toussaint

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“Entertaining, well-structured, and beautifully illustrated–a winner” – Kirkus Reviews… Halloween With Snowman Paul by Yossi Lapid

A revolutionary way to support better health! The Plant Based Diet For Beginners by Sharon Foster

70-something Oreny “Big” Johnson has a problem. Actually, he has two. Or maybe three… James Snyder’s crime-fiction thriller Desolation Run

A heartwarming, cowboy, Christmas romance filled with second chances, holiday traditions and the magical promise of love… Sleigh Bells Ring by Jessica James

Over 2,400 pages of horror and paranormal goodness! Soul’s Day Boxset: Halloween Anthology by 19 bestselling authors

Rules are not made to be broken. But he will break them all in this heart-racing romantic thriller: BLOOD, LOVE AND LIES by Brooke Sivendra

All your favorite blue plate specials in one cookbook! The American Table: Classic Comfort Food from Across the Country by Larry Edwards

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DARK KNIGHTS 4 : The Dark Humor of Police Officers

by Robert L. Bryan
4.9 stars – 13 reviews
Everyday Price: $2.99
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Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

In even the toughest of jobs, and in the harshest of environments, what else can we rely upon to get us through the day but our sense of humor?
This is the fundamental premise behind Dark Knights 4 The Dark Humor of Police Officers: The Police Academy, a daring, illuminating, and deeply funny and sideways look at law enforcement in the USA, as well as at the eccentric and outrageous characters who work within and outside of the system.

You might have thought that the distinctive, instantly recognizable, and world-weary dark humor possessed only by big city cops is the product of many, many years on the force. You might have thought that the jokes they tell, their sideways view of life, and their whole perspective on people, the system they work in, and where the world is heading comes about at some point between the peak of their career and the final stretch before retirement. You’d be wrong: it begins at police academy.

Training to be a police officer, especially one preparing to patrol the mean streets of New York City, is one of the most physically and mentally exhausting processes anyone can go through. The shocks and surprises come thick and fast, and not everybody finds their way through to the other side or gets their badge at the end. As such, developing a sense of humor in line with your fellow officers – and a wit as quick as your instructors and superiors – isn’t just a good idea to get ahead, it’s essential for your survival on the job. From his work as a police academy instructor, patrol cop, and border patrol agent, Robert L. Bryan lifts the lid on the dark humor of the police force. By diving once again into the fray with yet another compendium, explores some of the oddest, funniest, and most memorable stories from his time working on the thin blue line.

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