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Wonder and peril awaits you, the most strange and gruesome kind… Judicator, Leviathan by Serban Valentin Constantin Enache

Judicator, Leviathan

by Serban Valentin Constantin Enache
4.3 stars – 5 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
Episode 1 in the Judicator Series.
Hera is sent by the Inquisition to a feral planet on the fringes of the galactic East, there to investigate a Warp anomaly. She takes a Sergeant, a Super-mutant, and a Technomancer for the mission. They discover a tribe of primitive humans, pure of gene-stock, who worship a giant, alien craft made of beautiful, horned ivory. Hera’s team begins to explore the xeno construct, for within its caverns lies the source of the mysterious Warp signature. Wonder and peril awaits them, the most strange and gruesome kind…

Read this short story because:
Across the Principalities, few individuals shoulder so heavy a burden as rooting out diabolism, alien infiltrators, and sedition. All labor and sacrifice to protect Humanity – flesh, intellect, and soul. Hera is one such person, a Judicator with a spike of ice for a heart, steely mind, mismatched eyes of pale grey and brown, and laser-shaven skull. Though uncompromising, judicious, and loyal unto death, she carries a grave secret of the Dark Divine. Hera is marked with the crooked biskelion of Suthanat, the Elder Lord of Decay and Master of Unlife.

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